13th July 2011 Archive

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  • AFACT escalating threats against ISPs: reports

    Talk loudly and carry a bigger stick

    Law 13 00:01

  • -


    Bootnotes 13 00:40

  • Coke cans used to build sound-wave 'superlens'

    French boffins in tinny acoustic focus triumph

    Science 13 01:00

  • VMware taxes your virtual memory

    The hidden cost of vSphere 5

    Cloud 13 04:11

  • Apple's chief patent lawyer exits, says report

    A Chip for a BJ

    Media 13 04:25

  • Marathon for iPad

    'Frog blast the vent core!'

    Games 13 06:00

  • Videotree VideoSpa bathroom TV

    Spray and display

    Hardware 13 06:00

  • Yell and Microsoft ink SMB deal

    Doesn't matter that Yell previously sold itself to Google

    Cloud 13 07:30

  • Long-lost IT bigwig found in Surrey forest

    'Great way of positioning capital' says Tarzan of the Channel

    The Channel 13 08:00

  • Euro court: eBay etc can be liable in fake tat cases

    Online marts to cop it if they take 'active role'

    Law 13 08:15

  • 'Bluetooth sniper' Windows vuln fix in light Patch Tuesday

    Unpatched machines can be crashed wirelessly

    Security 13 08:27

  • Western Digital to offer Windows-based small storage

    Wants a piece of that Soho pie action ... mmm

    Storage 13 08:30

  • Microsoft gives glimpse of Windows Server 8

    Forget vSphere, feel our Hyper-V love

    Cloud 13 08:39

  • Google sets up €4.5m academic legal institute in Berlin

    Euro law must 'catch up' with using other people's stuff

    Law 13 09:00

  • German cops hunt HUGE ERECTION-inducing SPIDER

    13cm Brazilian arachnid leaves victims panting, priapic

    Bootnotes 13 09:03

  • Coalition renames GCHQ internet spook-tech plans

    IMP is dead: Long live the £2bn CCDP

    Government 13 09:14

  • .XXX to launch nothing-but-smut unsafe search

    Hostile porno lords fear dominance

    Hosting 13 10:00

  • Anonymous spaffs Monsanto employees' details

    Targets Canadian oil sands for 'Tarmageddon', too

    Security 13 10:19

  • UK smartphone market growth stalls

    Potential upgraders not being persuaded to do so

    Phones 13 10:26

  • Elton John rouses Atlantis crew - with Rocket Man

    'Nauts toil to empty station bins, unload deliveries

    Science 13 10:40

  • LG debuts eye-tracking no-specs 3D screen

    Monitor in 'interesting story' shock

    Hardware 13 10:58

  • Microsoft kills Windows Vista SP1 support

    Update to proper, working Vista! We call it 'Windows 7'

    Operating Systems 13 10:59

  • Triceratops horn find supports meteor extinction theory

    Hell Creek fossil not actually coated in iridium, but ...

    Science 13 11:19

  • vSphere 5 takes on HP with virtual storage appliance

    Now there is more than one VMware-certified offering

    Storage 13 11:22

  • Beeb flogs Doctor Who episodes via Facebook

    Secure browsing has to be disabled to view pay-Cybermen

    Media 13 11:27

  • Data ownership becomes fuzzy in the cloud

    Stand up for your rights

    Cloud 13 11:30

  • China Telecom plans iPhone launch, says report

    Jesus mobe coming to more of the People

    Mobile 13 11:36

  • Lexus CT200h hybrid

    Too posh to rush?

    Science 13 12:00

  • Sony launches 3D adverts channel for Bravia tellies

    Are 3D TV owners really so desperate for content?

    Hardware 13 12:13

  • US court test for rights not to hand over crypto keys

    EFF pushing for digital Fifth Amendment

    Law 13 12:15

  • Console gaming giant goes into handjobs

    Electronic Arts buys Bejeweled maker PopCap

    Business 13 12:38

  • Moto cold shoulders upgrade-hungry Xoom users

    No help for Brits stuck with Android 3.0 as Yanks get 3.2

    Tablets 13 13:44

  • Many parents are only on Facebook to stalk their kids

    Try to friend offspring without speaking to them

    Security 13 13:46

  • News Corp kills BSkyB bid amid 'difficult climate'

    But will besmirched Murdoch try again in 2012?

    Media 13 13:50

  • Bischoff's bargain-basement breakout battle at Acer

    Fujitsu vet wrestles mighty landslide of cheapo boxes

    The Channel 13 13:59

  • Netflix splits DVD, streaming offers in 60% price hike

    Think of it as a discount on a thing you never use!

    Media 13 14:51

  • Oracle alarmed as Avnet TS loses Bharat

    'We are really surprised', say Ellison's men

    The Channel 13 15:14

  • Cisco gooses switching, virtual I/O for blades

    Servers not yet crossing Sandy Bridge

    Servers 13 16:01

  • Ballmer's breaking point: Is Windows 8 already too late?

    Office 365 politics

    Microbite 13 16:30

  • Google's Facebook: It rocks, but who cares?

    Better isn't always better

    Media 13 17:00

  • Bangs for bucks: Our lightning tour of cloudonomics

    How to measure a piece of string

    Cloud 13 18:00

  • VMware: We will virtualize entire world in six years

    Deeper and deeper penetration

    Virtualization 13 18:40

  • W3C moves to snuff Apple web patents

    Er, Steve. HTML5 is royalty free

    Media 13 18:53

  • Database high priest mud-wrestles Facebook

    Rubbishes MySQL. Bitchslaps NoSQL

    Software 13 21:11

  • Google top brass (and Zuck) hit Google+ privacy button

    Do as we say, not as we do

    Security 13 21:37

  • PayPal teaches Androids to swap cash

    Touch, vibrate, pay up

    Mobile 13 22:41

  • vSphere 5.0 – up close and virtual

    The Infosmack on flagship VMware product

    Virtualization 13 22:59

  • Berkeley Lab preps 100 Gbps prototype network

    Level 3 and Ciena on board

    HPC 13 23:00