12th July 2011 Archive

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  • Website FAIL flings freebies at Kiwi punters

    Dick Smith coughs up free tech gear

    Business 12 Jul 00:00

  • Quickflix hires another ex-Telstra exec

    Readies for digital

    Business 12 Jul 01:00

  • ACCC calls for input on wholesale rules

    Define ‘discrimination’

    Broadband 12 Jul 03:38

  • Data centres become carbon tax scare-story

    Your rackspace will cost you more!

    Cloud 12 Jul 04:00

  • IBM heaves new System z minis at mainframe shops

    Hooking fat Xeon blades into 'system of systems'

    Servers 12 Jul 04:01

  • Contour GPS Bluetooth camcorder

    Extreme sports shooter with iPhone viewing

    Hardware 12 Jul 06:00

  • UK court dishes out 13 years' porridge to e-fraudsters

    Cyber-cops: £1m phishermen had 40 bogus bank sites

    Security 12 Jul 08:01

  • Putting the Square Kilometre Array on a Cloud

    Should be enough to get free Amazon shipping, anyway

    Cloud 12 Jul 08:24

  • ISS and Atlantis crews face 'daunting' box-shifting job

    'Nauts must shift 4 tons of shopping, 2½ tons of station bins

    Science 12 Jul 08:25

  • BBW: Over 900 police staff caught misusing databases

    Cops check squeezes, neighbours, pass info to crims

    Law 12 Jul 09:27

  • Go Daddy no-no means No Daddy is no-go

    High-ranking gripe nemesis nabbed by target

    Networks 12 Jul 09:34

  • Dinner Spinner

    Bring me vicious mustards to pierce the tongue like Cardigan's lancers

    Phones 12 Jul 10:00

  • Assange™ in court to fight extradition order

    WikiLeaks' boss appeal hearing begins

    Law 12 Jul 10:08

  • Brussels acts to ensure arrival of new, unknown legal highs

    Crackdown should mean boost for Chinese synthi-drug labs

    Government 12 Jul 10:21

  • MS to WinXP diehards: Just under 3 more years' support

    'Eventually, there comes a time to give us more money'

    Operating Systems 12 Jul 10:33

  • Computacenter Germany pips UK operation in growth stakes

    But for you, Fritz, the glory will be short-lived

    The Channel 12 Jul 10:35

  • 'Being cyber-stalked is as bad as being raped, or in a war'

    Amazing claim from, erm, a new cyberstalk research centre

    Bootnotes 12 Jul 10:56

  • Sunday Times accused of blagging Gordon Brown's records

    Murdoch's troubles fail to die with NotW

    Security 12 Jul 11:05

  • Sony pitches portable HDD for TVs, PS3

    SuperSpeed spinner

    Hardware 12 Jul 11:08

  • 'I caught a virus from Murdoch's organ' – famous secret hooker

    Malware de Jour also hit Girl With One-Track Mind

    Security 12 Jul 11:18

  • Netflix Europe debut set for January 2012

    Spanish movie industry exec spills beans

    Hardware 12 Jul 11:32

  • Virtualising your critical apps

    Experts line up to offer help

    Data Centre 12 Jul 11:33

  • Cisco may slash 10,000 jobs

    Company-wide axe massacre set for next month

    Data Networking 12 Jul 11:36

  • HP TouchSmart 610 touchscreen all-in-one PC

    Quite literally, laid back

    Hardware 12 Jul 12:00

  • 'Unconvincing' Met top cop Yates: My phone was hacked

    But I didn't think it was worth investigating

    Law 12 Jul 12:31

  • Zycko flogged to management team

    Networking distie founder Sweet cashes in

    The Channel 12 Jul 12:55

  • Citrix swallows OpenStack ally Cloud.com

    Cross-platform promise

    Cloud 12 Jul 13:00

  • 'Meltdown Monday' Anonymous hackers leak military mails

    AntiSec hacktivists blasted for breaking own manifesto

    Security 12 Jul 13:08

  • US Marine gets date with Meg Griffin on YouTube

    'Do it for your country', Justin Timberlake urges

    Bootnotes 12 Jul 13:23

  • Hunt splashes £56.9m broadband cash on Wales

    'Frustrated? Urge your member to fatten up your pipe'

    Government 12 Jul 14:03

  • Elpida aims to issue $1bn of paper to fund re-tooling

    DRAM it, we've been left behind

    Storage 12 Jul 14:26

  • McAfee head vanishes, replaced by two more

    Security management à la Lernaean hydra

    Business 12 Jul 15:31

  • Interwebs IDE hits the mother Node

    Joyent on Cloud9

    Cloud 12 Jul 16:00

  • BlackBerry-style LG Android phone outed

    An Optimus for pros, apparently

    Phones 12 Jul 16:08

  • Heat sink breakthrough threatens ventblockers

    Death to dust, curtains for crud

    Hardware 12 Jul 18:51

  • VMware launches vSphere 5 into the clear blue sky

    'We run 50 per cent of everything'

    Cloud 12 Jul 18:53

  • Microsoft: HP, eBay polishing Azure cloud-in-a-box (honest)

    Deadlines reset, evaluations ongoing

    Cloud 12 Jul 19:25

  • NASA 'nauts wrap last spacewalk of shuttle era

    Clapped-out ISS ammonia unit stowed aboard Atlantis

    Science 12 Jul 20:13

  • Ruby daddy Matsumoto joins Heroku Rails crusade

    Some time in cloud land

    Cloud 12 Jul 21:14

  • HTC 'dismayed' by Apple's bizarre patent allegations

    Assertions only a lawyer could love

    Mobile 12 Jul 21:42

  • New NZ copyright law means ISPs could cash in

    Illegal downloaders on your network? Charge the content owners

    Networks 12 Jul 23:00