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Diary of a cameraman at the last shuttle launch

PhotosGordon Laing is the editor of CameraLabs.com, where an extended version of this story originally appeared.
Gordon Laing, 11 Jul 2011

Atlantis hooks up with ISS

Space shuttle Atlantis docked with the International Space Station at 15:07 GMT yesterday, on its final visit to the orbiting outpost as the US prepares to wrap the shuttle programme.
Lester Haines, 11 Jul 2011

Intel 320 SSD bug causes forum despair

Users are reporting that Intel 320 SSDs are dying, and power cycle limitations appear to be at fault. The company had not issued a fix at time of writing.
Chris Mellor, 11 Jul 2011

News International grabs SunOnSunday.co.uk domain

News International bought the sunonsunday.co.uk and thesunonsunday.co.uk domain names late last week, after they had originally been grabbed by unknown individuals as the phone-hacking scandal engulfed the News of the World Sunday tabloid.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jul 2011

So, LOHAN: What's it to be?

The El Reg Special Projects Bureau team is greatly obliged to all of you who chipped in with suggestions as to just what our audacious rocket-powered spaceplane project should be called.
Lester Haines, 11 Jul 2011

Apple said to have 3G-enabled iPod in pipeline

Apple may be gearing up to release a version of the iPod Touch with 3G cellular connectivity built-in.
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2011
Burg 5 watch phone

Burg 5 watch phone

Geek Treat of the WeekConsidering I grew up with Inspector Gadget, Knight Rider and Warren Beatty's portrayal of Dick Tracy, it's unsurprising that I've always craved a watch that doubles up as a phone. A 'photch' perhaps?
Caleb Cox, 11 Jul 2011

How scareware scumbags avoid getting flagged by banks

A study of cybercrime economics shows that peddlers of rogue antivirus scams rely on legitimate banks to run their businesses, carefully ensuring that the volume of chargebacks they incur stay just on the right side of being flagged-up as obviously fraudulent.
John Leyden, 11 Jul 2011
HTC Sensation

HTC says smartphone bootloader unlock software out next month

HTC will begin releasing unlocked version of its Android smartphones' bootloader code next month.
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2011

Cambridge IT guy 'was the Spanish Guy Fawkes', say cops

A Cambridge IT worker known locally as "Cyril" was actually a wanted terrorist who plotted to kill the King of Spain, according to police.
Lewis Page, 11 Jul 2011

Culture sec consults Ofcom, OFT on BSkyB merger

UpdatedCulture secretary Jeremy Hunt is writing to Ofcom and the Office of Fair Trading today to seek advice from the regulators over the proposed merger of television broadcaster BSkyB with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp empire.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jul 2011

Google+ disk space cockup creates notification spam-storm

Google+ blitzed early adopters of the social networking service with spammy notifications over the weekend following a technical glitch. The Chocolate Factory said the problem was due to the service having run out of disk space.
John Leyden, 11 Jul 2011

Yahoo! reads! your! emails!

Yahoo! is being criticised for the new Ts & Cs for its webmail service, which give it the right to scan your emails as well as making you responsible for telling anyone who might be emailing you, but the ICO has no problem with the changes.
John Oates, 11 Jul 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

Researcher ups fondleslab forecast

Don't write off the tablet, just because retailers ordered fewer of them in the first three months of 2011 than they did in the final three months of 2010.
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2011
Game's Panther stock

Game gears up for Mac OS X Lion release with... Panther

Looking forward to Lion, but think it's too advanced an operating system for you? Pop over to Game's shop in Swindon's Regent Street, which is still flogging copies of Mac OS X 10.3 circa 2003.
Hard Reg, 11 Jul 2011
For sale: £50m in used notes

Wikileaks loses briefly-open Icelandic payment channel

So WikiLeaks and Julian Assange™ have been frustrated again: on the money front that is. They're back to cash, Bitcoin and bank transfers as a method of receiving donations.
Tim Worstall, 11 Jul 2011

MS security centre search poisoned with infectious smut

Microsoft has disabled the search results on its Security Centre after malware-spreaders abused the function to promote shady pornographic websites serving Trojans as well as cheap thrills.
John Leyden, 11 Jul 2011
Samsung RF711

Samsung RF711 17.3in Core i7 laptop

ReviewIt’s not unusual for desktop replacements to have a bit of heft, but Samsung’s RF711 positively throws caution to the wind. Tipping the scales at an obese 2.9kg and measuring 416mm across (almost one-and-a-half feet), it’s only a laptop in the sense that the screen folds down to cover the keyboard when you’ve finished using it. In short, it looks like a prop from The Borrowers – use it on your lap and you can expect to lose circulation to your feet.
Dave Stevenson, 11 Jul 2011

Chambers of Commerce say UK recovery is weak

The UK's economic recovery remains weak and the Coalition has failed to tackle the underlying reasons.
John Oates, 11 Jul 2011
B&W C5

B&W outs its first in-ear 'phones

World+Dog prefers wedged-in earphones - 70 per cent of the headphone market, apparently - so posh audio kit maker Bowers & Wilkins has come up with a pair.
Hard Reg, 11 Jul 2011

GOLDENBALLSUP! Beckham website defaced

David Beckham's website was hacked and defaced on Sunday in an attack timed to coincide with the birth of his first daughter.
John Leyden, 11 Jul 2011

Redstone looks to future after tough fiscal 2011

Networking integrator Redstone is hailing the return of its mojo after getting through a year of significant upheaval.
Paul Kunert, 11 Jul 2011

Novell jobs slashed by stepmother Attachmate

Novell's new owners Attachmate have swung the axe far and wide, with massive staff cuts right across the organisation.
Paul Kunert, 11 Jul 2011

Adaptec adds DRAM cache to entry-level RAID

DRAM-caching boosts entry-level Adaptec RAID controller performance past software RAID and cache-less host bus adapters.
Chris Mellor, 11 Jul 2011
Broken CD with wrench

Before 'the cloud' was cool: Virtualising the un-virtualisable

Buzzwords often have very short lifetimes in IT. Today it's cloud computing, but there would be no infinitely scalable cloud without the previous "big new thing": virtualisation. We take it for granted now, but it's worth remembering that it is still quite a new and relatively immature technology, with a long way to go.
Liam Proven, 11 Jul 2011

Hitchhiking snails scoffed, pooped out alive by birds

Scientists have discovered that certain species of Japanese snail can not only survive being eaten and then excreted by birds, they actually benefit from the process in many cases by finding themselves deposited in new uncropped habitats.
Lewis Page, 11 Jul 2011

Sweaties decode ultimate mystery of chips

Scottish boffins have decoded the full genome for the humble potato, opening the door for a new world of Scottish cuisine.
John Oates, 11 Jul 2011

Android up, Symbian down

Android is the clear winner in the market for smartphone operating systems, showing big year-on-year jumps across Western Europe and in the US.
Hard Reg, 11 Jul 2011

Hunt refers News Corp/BSkyB bid to Competition Commish

News Corp's planned bid to merge with BSkyB will be referred to the Competition Commission, the culture secretary Jeremy Hunt confirmed in the House of Commons this afternoon.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jul 2011

Unix still data center darling, says survey

UpdatedUnix systems may not be all the rage that they were two decades ago, but in nearly eight out of 10 data centers based on them, their use is either holding steady or increasing.

HPC storage purchasing exposed!

In a recent HPCwire report, Nicole Hemsoth discloses the back story behind a major storage purchase by Utah’s Center for HPC (CHPC).
Dan Olds, 11 Jul 2011
SGI logo hardware close-up

Cisco needs to slash 5,000 jobs, says analyst

Cisco may fire up to 5,000 staff this August under a restructuring plan, according to analyst Brian Marshall at Gleacher and Co.
Paul Kunert, 11 Jul 2011

Monolithic supers nab power efficiency crown

Old-school monolithic, massively parallel supercomputers based on Power and Sparc processors hold their own in flops-per-watt comparisons against the new hotness: hybrid machines that combine x64 processors and GPU coprocessors.
Joe Tucci and Pat Gelsinger

EMC boss: There can be only one

The EMC succession is out in the open now, with Tucci talking to the Wall Street business media and financial analysts opining about the merits of Pat "Product" Gelsinger or David "Greenback" Goulden.
Chris Mellor, 11 Jul 2011

Apple flings patent lawsuit at HTC (again)

Apple has ratcheted up its attack on Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC, filing a second patent-infringement complaint that, if successful, could bar HTC products from being imported into the US.
Rik Myslewski, 11 Jul 2011

Aussie carbon tax in actually-makes-sense shocker

CommentSo Oz has finally announced the details of its carbon tax plan, and actually, compared to the normal dogs' dinners that come out of the political process, it's not all that bad. Must be something to do with the way that the Green Party only gets to influence it rather than actually write it.
Tim Worstall, 11 Jul 2011

Foxtel gets closer to Austar swoop

The phone-hacking scandal might have slammed the brakes on Murdoch's bid for BSkyB in the UK, but in Australia Foxtel is getting closer to creating a national Australian Pay-TV monopoly with the acquisition of rival Austar.
Natalie Apostolou, 11 Jul 2011

Ballmer begs partners to love Microsoft clouds

Steve Ballmer wants to rally business partners around Microsoft's flagship internet and mobile initiatives, but in the process, he reveals just how far Microsoft has to go and how much the company relies on decision-makers outside of its control.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Jul 2011

Heroku: A development cloud for all seasons

Heroku began life as an online service for building, hosting, and readily scaling Ruby on Rails applications. But the "platform cloud" has since expanded beyond the decidedly hip net programming language, embracing two other decidedly hip options: Node.js and Clojure.
Cade Metz, 11 Jul 2011

Apple ordered to pay $8m over playlist patents

A federal jury has ordered Apple to pay a patent-holding firm $8m for violating two patents, after a protracted battle in the Eastern District of Texas, a jurisdiction notorious for handing down decisions friendly to patent holders.
Rik Myslewski, 11 Jul 2011

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