8th July 2011 Archive

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  • Apple slices iPhone and iPad ad rates 'by 70%'

    Jobs bows to Google effect

    Media 08 00:05

  • Microsoft does collaboration with interwebs Word

    Another step closer to the desktop

    Applications 08 00:21

  • Optus busted for dodgy broadband ads

    ACCC fines telco A$5.26m for 'misleading' unlimited claims

    Business 08 01:00

  • Facebook video chat 'leaks' music plans

    Blogger spots hints in video calling app

    Business 08 01:00

  • Facebook dev rules tweaked after US antitrust complaint

    Real beef over virtual goods

    Media 08 01:05

  • Quiet, astronomers at work

    Aus government cuts radio silence deal for SKA

    Science 08 01:30

  • eBay boosts mobile payments with Zong acquisition

    PayPal in your pocket for US$240 million

    Business 08 02:00

  • iiNet stiffens backbone with 100Gig Ethernet

    Win for Juniper

    Networks 08 02:30

  • HTC ChaCha Qwerty Android smartphone

    Facebook favourite?

    Phones 08 06:00

  • Nintendo lumbered with lawsuit in 3DS patent row

    Going glasses-free is costly

    Games 08 07:28

  • FOIA requests climb to levels last seen when Act came in

    But a quarter get knocked back

    Government 08 08:00

  • UK Channel insolvency rates soar to nine-year high

    Trying to make a hardware living? You're 'dead'

    The Channel 08 08:26

  • Solitary critical Windows update to star in modest Patch Tuesday

    Four square

    Security 08 08:49

  • Sony to can MiniDisc Walkman

    19-year-old player no longer has legs

    Hardware 08 08:56

  • MTI acquires GSS

    Storage integrator snaps up security shop

    The Channel 08 09:02

  • Press body looks at its naughty bits as hacking scandal grinds on

    PCC to review journos' code, backtracks on prior report clearing NotW

    Law 08 09:15

  • OCZ fails to kill off Blue Screen Of Death issue

    SandForce-powered SSDs still failing

    Storage 08 09:21

  • PM promises change as police interview ex-spokesman

    Email hack on dead UK soldier revealed

    Government 08 09:54

  • M-Edge e-Luminator Touch

    Lights up e-books. Lights up books too

    Tablets 08 10:00

  • Will News of the Screws reappear as Sunday.co.uk?

    Is mysterious Sun On Sunday domain name a red herring?

    Management 08 10:02

  • Coulson arrested

    PM's spokesman, and another man, banged up

    Law 08 10:33

  • Doom guy: tablets, phones to be gaming platforms of the future

    Mobile kit will soon be more powerful than consoles, says Carmack

    Games 08 10:39

  • NHS told: freeze all Microsoft spend

    Coalition re-centralises purchasing

    Applications 08 10:53

  • Moles say Mac OS X Lion to bound in next week

    Updated MacBook Airs too?

    Software 08 11:07

  • Whiptail cracks on: VCs pump it full of flash cash

    Plans to demolish disk arrays

    Storage 08 11:24

  • Parmo v poutine: The ultimate post-pub nosh deathmatch

    Middlesbrough battles Canada for supersaturated supremacy

    SPB 08 11:57

  • Samsung BD-D8900 Blu-ray player and DVR combo

    Perfect combination?

    Hardware 08 12:00

  • Portuguese hackers strike back at Moody's downgrade

    Sub prime dishonour

    Security 08 12:03

  • The Infosmack on: Designing for VMware

    Deep dive

    Infosmack 08 12:08

  • Schmidt preaches 'deep integration' desire with Facebook, Twitter

    As Google+ ambitions come into view

    Applications 08 13:19

  • HP may replace 3PAR hardware

    Rumour mill grinds out another one

    Storage 08 13:51

  • Unemployment rate inches up in the US

    IT sector hangs out Help Wanted sign

    Financial News 08 14:28

  • SNIA Archiving for data protection in the modern data centre

    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

    Storage 08 14:33

  • Baidu rejigs business units, operations boss quits

    Biggest Chinese search engine rotates execs

    Applications 08 14:37

  • London could face cuts for not sharing services

    City has so far made just £1.2m savings out of £300m annual target...

    Government 08 14:53

  • Canuck ultralight pilot drops in on strip club

    Lands in parking lot for a flying visit

    Bootnotes 08 15:11

  • JVC sees double with sexy dual iDevice dock

    Two's company

    Hardware 08 15:23

  • Oracle resellers: 'Give us our cash and make it snappy'

    Oracle playing scrooge with rebates

    The Channel 08 15:37

  • Atlantis blasts off on last shuttle mission

    It's The Final Countdown, nah nah naah naaaaah....

    Science 08 15:40

  • Dev's iPhone cable melts after iOS 5 upgrade

    'I am the Lord of Hellfire, and I bring you...'

    Phones 08 16:01

  • MS to launch R2-D2 Xbox 360 and Kinect

    Pushing buttons for Star Wars fans

    Games 08 16:12

  • Java cloud spins Jenkins Eclipse tool

    Back at you, Oracle

    Developer 08 17:07

  • Dell's faulty PC legal woes worsen (again)

    Ailing Optiplex? Lawyers feel your pain

    Data Centre 08 18:19

  • Feds seize kit from Apple Store spyware artist

    Stealth face cams win Secret Service visit

    Security 08 20:57

  • Google gives in: Schmidt to face US antitrust grilling

    Half relents, sends one of top two

    Software 08 23:35

  • Apple patent: 'Pour' your data from iPhone to iPad

    Or flick it from fondleslab to device across room

    Phones 08 23:37