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Google and Microsoft sued over interwebs street maps

A tiny Louisiana-based company has accused Microsoft, Google, and AOL of infringing on its 3D imaging patents in their various street mapping efforts.
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Kazaa founder Bermeister returns, with key cloud patents

Brilliant Digital Entertainment subsidiary Kinetech has its eyes on the digital music industry, announcing that it has been granted three US patents covering content discovery and rights enforcement.
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ESA unveils billion pixel camera that will map the Milky Way

The European Space Agency has announced the completion of the camera that’s to be used in its Gaia mission: a billion-pixel mosaic comprising 106 individual CCDs in a 0.5x1 meter array.

Deep inside AMD's master plan to topple Intel

AMD's new graphics architecture isn't merely about painting prettier pictures. It's about changing the way computers compute.
Manic Miner

Bug-Byte Manic Miner

Antique Code Show For me, 1983 was all about Flashdance but getting Manic Miner for my ZX Spectrum on Christmas morning was almost as good as some burgundy legwarmers.
Lucy Orr, 07 2011
Cat 5 cable

WTO: China being naughty over rare-earth exports

China's a naughty boy then according to the World Trade Organisation: they have just lost a case about their restrictions on the exports of raw materials. This has implications for every tecchie's favourite metals, the rare earths.
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ICO: Volunteer to be audited by us, we might not bust you

The Information Commissioner's Office said more companies should offer themselves up for voluntary audits.
Mobile Broadband - Orange

Orange puts budget smartphones on the map

While Samsung has been busy unveiling handsets in Sweden, Orange has revealed a budget Android smartphone named after its capital city, as well a couple of others also named after places in Europe.
Caleb Cox, 07 2011
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Nice try, Amazon: 'One-click' payment too obvious to patent

A payment system devised by online retail giant Amazon is too obvious to patent, the European Patent Office (EPO) has ruled.
For Sale sign detail

Phoenix IT Group bags industry veteran Courtley as CEO

Phoenix IT Group has appointed industry veteran and former Fujitsu Services UK boss Dave Courtley as CEO replacing current incumbent Nick Robinson who is set to retire later this month.
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Culture Minister Vaizey on Google, freetards and website-blocking

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey shed some light on the murkier corners of the Digital Economy Act in a speech yesterday. He swung out at "music industry armchair critics" and BT, shed some light on industry web-blocking discussions, and gave an indication on what's to come.
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Gov coughs extra £81m for firefighter command & control

The government has said it is to invest £81m in fire and rescue authorities in England to "improve the resilience, efficiency and technology in their control services" following a damning report into FiReControl by the National Audit office.
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Zuck brushes aside dull 750m Facebook sign-ups metric

Facebook's stalkerbase grew by one-third in the past year, boss Mark Zuckerberg confirmed yesterday as he announced a video chat deal with Skype.
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Internet fraud laundryman gets two years in cooler

An internet fraudster was sentenced to two years prison yesterday for his part in a gang which pocketed hundreds of thousands of pounds from various web-based scams.
Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 to gain double-res display - but not until 2012

Another day, another iPad 3 rumour, this time that while the gadget will indeed sport a display with a higher resolution than the iPad 2 has, other specs will not change.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

iOS App of the Week I’ve tried a number of ‘remote desktop’ apps that allow you to control a Mac or a PC from an iPhone or iPad, but their performance over a wireless network has always been too sluggish for them to be of much practical use.
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ANONYMOUS: Behind the mask, inside the Hivemind

On a frigidly cold morning in early 2008, two dozen complete strangers arranged to meet for the first time. They had travelled from all over the metro area, some taking over two hours to reach their destination. Coffee and doughnuts were sacrificed to the ritual of placing online handles to faces. The first meeting of the Edmonton chapter of Project Chanology had officially begun.
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Rustock zombies halved as clean-up efforts continue

The zombie machines which formerly powered the infamous Rustock botnet are down to half their original number, according to Microsoft.
HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad costs more to make than Apple iPad 2

HP's TouchPad tablet may sport a very similar spec to the Apple iPad 2 - parimarily the 9.7in, 768 x 1024 IPS LCD panel they both share - but Apple got the best deal on parts.
Hard Reg, 07 2011

New Tosh R&D centres to look into advanced disk tech

Toshiba is setting up development centres in Ome, Tokyo, to research advanced disk drive technology and hopefully increase disk drive capacities.
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Only jailbroken iPhones, iPads can be safe from latest vuln

The latest jailbreak for iPhones, published on Wednesday, exploits a zero-day bug in iOS that only users of jailbroken devices will be able to fix, security experts warn.
PlayStation Network

Sony pains pre-owned game punters with PSN Pass

Sony has officially announced the PSN Pass, a network tollbooth for "premium" online services.
Caleb Cox, 07 2011
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El Reg to unleash rocket-powered spaceplane

The El Reg Special Projects Bureau (SPB) is pleased to announce we've finally come up with what we reckon is a worthy successor to our Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) project.
Nintendo 3DS

LG dooms then un-dooms portable games consoles

The head of LG's mobile phone division no longer thinks there's no future for handheld games consoles, it seems.
Hard Reg, 07 2011
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Feds cuff programmer in alleged trading-ware theft

Chunlai Yang, a 49-year old Chinese-born American, has been charged with stealing proprietary software code.
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HuffPo goes UK: But shills and pols writing for free isn't new

So HuffPo UK has launched and, my word, it is the future of journalism, isn't it? New, fresh faces telling us about the world in new and interesting ways...
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'Transparent' PM dishes up more public datasets

The Cabinet Office's digital-by-default mantra got a boost today, with the government promising to publish various datasets on the National Health Service, schools, criminal courts and transport online.
fingers pointing at man

Home Office to review future of Sprint ii framework

The Home Office will review the controversial Sprint ii procurement framework once the newly created police ICT company is up and running next spring, giving hope to many suppliers that blue light business will be back in their future.
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Virgin and Spotify: A step forward for digital music

Analysis Two years ago I wondered if the ISP and music industries were even worth saving – given that they'd contributed so much to consumer unhappiness, a lack of innovation and anything resembling entrepreneurship.
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s 14in Core i5 laptop

Review I have always been a fan of ThinkPads, ever since my father brought home a beaten 560e featuring a 150MHz Pentium which was rejected from the corporate pool due to travel abuse. Even though half of its 1GB disk was bad sectors I ran it well into this century and with all the cheap tat that is flooding the market these days, I've not used anything that felt quite the same.

OCZ sets up its flash stall in the enterprise bazaar

OCZ is taking on Fusion-io in the enterprise flash array market and adding a flash-disk drive hybrid to its range for workstation use. This SSD company is powering up into the enterprise from its consumer flash beginnings.
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Going Critical

Regcast The first wave of virtualisation projects are done and dusted, with many applications consolidated and running (reasonably) well. But in a lot of cases the business is still looking for more - faster response times, better availability, quickfire provisioning and on-demand capacity.
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Universal Music passwords exposed by Anonymous hack

Universal Music websites suffered a breach that exposed the usernames and passwords of fans of bands who had signed up for updates on their favourite musicians.
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Apple App Store passes 15bn download mark

Apple says that it has passed the 15 billion download mark at its App Store for iOS devices.
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Google: Go public on Profiles or we'll delete you

Comment Google's efforts to get more Web2.0-social online have had an interesting but not altogether surprising side-effect: Profiles will no longer be hidden from view as of the end of this month.
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Apple fails to get US 'App Store' trademark injunction

Apple's claim that it owns the trademark "app store" has been dismissed by a US court.
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Windows security begins at the desktop

The risks of desktop computing are now well known. They stem from the growth in financially motivated malware, which aims to steal from the user or from the user's employer.
Virgin Media

Virgin gives early adopters benefit of recent price cut

In a rare moment of magnanimity - for the consumer electronics boz - Virgin Media is apparently compensating early adopters for a subsequent price cut.
Hard Reg, 07 2011
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News of the World TO CLOSE

This Sunday's News of the World will be the last ever.

Avnet TS senior veep Coburn exits amid divisional tweak

Avnet Technology Solutions' senior veep EMEA Gary Coburn has left the distributor following a divisional tweak designed to reduce management costs.
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SAP locks down co-CEOs

Germany application software giant SAP has locked in its current co-CEOs to run the company for the next six years, making a commitment to the long-term strategy and tag-team management of the company.
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Oracle coughs up Java 7 release candidate

Oracle has published the first release candidate for JDK 7, the long-awaited next version of Java set to officially debut on July 28.
Cade Metz, 07 2011

ARM daddy simulates human brain with million-chip super

While everyone in the IT racket is trying to figure out how many Intel Xeon and Atom chips can be replaced by ARM processors, Steve Furber, the main designer of the 32-bit ARM RISC processor at Acorn in the 1980s and now the ICL professor of engineering at the University of Manchester, is asking a different question, and that is: how many neurons can an ARM chip simulate?
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Microsoft muzzles IE chief's 'native HTML' nonsense

Microsoft has abandoned its nonsensical effort to recast HTML as a native Windows technology. We can once again applaud the company's long overdue embrace of the latest web standards.
Cade Metz, 07 2011