6th July 2011 Archive

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  • The Web isn’t dead in Australia

    Nuggets from ACMA’s regular data dump

    Broadband 06 Jul 00:30

  • Telstra overhauls structure ... again

    Creates sexy new apps and digital investment arm

    Business 06 Jul 05:54

  • Philips 221TE2L 21.5in monitor and Freeview TV combo

    Double vision?

    Hardware 06 Jul 06:00

  • Major Comet investor backs sale

    But only if the price is right

    Data Centre 06 Jul 07:30

  • Flashy Intel flash specs leak

    Uh oh, Powerpoint all over the floor

    Storage 06 Jul 07:33

  • Servers: My place or yours?

    Home and Away fixtures

    Data Centre 06 Jul 08:00

  • Apple users complain over MobileMe 'censorware'

    EU crisis emails null rooted by Cupertino

    Security 06 Jul 08:00

  • Ofcom slaps Channel 5 for loud PlayStation ads


    Hardware 06 Jul 08:05

  • Sunspot decline could mean decades of cold UK winters

    Ice-skating on the Thames to make a comeback?

    Science 06 Jul 08:07

  • UK gov chews over Amazon Book Depository engulfment

    Any issues here, does anyone think?

    Government 06 Jul 08:30

  • Security giants join forces to train cops on cybercrime

    Tech-savvy iPlods will be better able to fend off attacks

    Law 06 Jul 09:00

  • New company to lead UK police ICT procurement

    Top cops in charge of IT pros - bound to work well

    Law 06 Jul 09:02

  • Ofcom maps state of UK broadband

    Where to move for the best speeds - and where to avoid

    Broadband 06 Jul 09:04

  • Google dumps all 11+ million .co.cc sites from its results

    Bigger than .org or .uk - but mostly spam and phish

    Networks 06 Jul 09:30

  • Panasonic opens TV app developer programme

    Code for the goggle box

    Hardware 06 Jul 09:45

  • New Yorkers battle giant blindness-causing plants

    Botanical SWAT teams confront triffid-esque menace

    Science 06 Jul 10:19

  • iPhone 4, iPad mole faces 30 years' federal porridge

    Insider leaked fondleslab secrets in trading scam

    Law 06 Jul 10:26

  • Virgin Media to integrate Spotify across multiple platforms

    Tunes up TVs, PCs and mobiles

    Hardware 06 Jul 10:44

  • Cryptographer Len Sassaman, RIP

    CodeCon founder remembered

    Bootnotes 06 Jul 10:48

  • Sony says no to YouView

    Telly maker not keen on 'Freeview for IPTV' scheme

    Hardware 06 Jul 10:49

  • Italian and Swiss cops cuff 15 Anonymous suspects

    Hacktivist suspects vanned – including 5 kids

    Security 06 Jul 11:12

  • Tape and dedupe: So not happening

    Why not?

    Storage 06 Jul 11:31

  • Google explains Gaia Theory: A butterfly flaps its wings …

    Sarah Hunter strikes again

    Bootnotes 06 Jul 11:31

  • NOTW hack-hackage: Inside the personal data press mess

    Publish and be damned. Well, not damned exactly

    Law 06 Jul 11:36

  • Mystery of David Attenborough's garden skull cracked

    1879 murder victim's lost head found in star's backyard

    Bootnotes 06 Jul 11:44

  • VC Moulton refuses to stay stationary, gets into stationery

    Better Capital inks Spicers deal, suddenly owns pen

    The Channel 06 Jul 11:57

  • Volvo S60 DRIVe

    Sprightly yet economical

    Science 06 Jul 12:00

  • BSkyB/News Corp merger: Wait for the cops, says Ofcom

    UK.gov watching police NotW hack probe 'closely'

    Government 06 Jul 12:45

  • Twitter hacker flings poo at PayPal

    Avatar hack payback after account freeze fracas

    Security 06 Jul 13:13

  • Cameron backs public inquiry into NotW hacking claims

    'It is absolutely disgusting, what has taken place'

    Government 06 Jul 13:18

  • Lights go out at Telecity in London data outage

    Hosting? We've prepared the guest suite for Mr Cockup

    Networks 06 Jul 14:01

  • Virtualised desktops: provisioning done the MS way

    Two paths to IT happiness

    Desktop Strategy 06 Jul 15:06

  • Dodgy weather threatens Atlantis launch

    30% chance Friday will see last ever shuttle liftoff

    Science 06 Jul 15:08

  • Next iPhone to sport thinner, lighter casing, says paper

    Year-end sales target: 25m units, apparently

    Phones 06 Jul 15:47

  • Coder cracks iPad 2 jailbreak block

    Take your iDevice out of the Walled Garden

    Tablets 06 Jul 16:07

  • Facebook gets awesome with Skype

    Hot from Palo Alto. Yow

    Media 06 Jul 18:02

  • Behind Microsoft's $15 Samsung Android royalty claim

    Redmond's win-win patent strategy

    Software 06 Jul 19:28

  • Cray stuffs 46 mobile Intel chips into microserver

    Packed, racked, and ruggedized

    Servers 06 Jul 20:41

  • Oracle VDI now mates with both Solaris and Linux

    Kicks off iPad affair

    Virtualization 06 Jul 21:01

  • Aus group buying technology gets SingTel funding

    Dealised set to go global with digital brains trust board

    Business 06 Jul 23:00

  • Boffins build nanowire lasers from nappy-rash cream

    Spread here for ultraviolet diodes

    Science 06 Jul 23:21

  • Spotify trumpets move to US (and little else)

    European invasion

    Software 06 Jul 23:44