30th June 2011 Archive

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  • Digital content faces rating scrutiny

    Classification reforms usher in red tape for new media

    Government 30 00:30

  • Atom smasher claims Hadoop cloud migration victory

    Big-data love in the datacenter

    Servers 30 00:36

  • Twitter co-founder quits day job

    Stone reunites with Williams for Obvious start-ups

    Business 30 01:00

  • AppSense in HP tie-up

    Win pushes UK vendor towards NASDAQ future

    Virtualization 30 02:30

  • Chess crown stripped in plagiarism furore

    Computer champion copied code

    Bootnotes 30 02:31

  • CA coughs up $330m in cash for apps dev house

    Interactive TKO borged

    Financial News 30 02:46

  • Microsoft floats 'site-ready' IE10 preview

    Firefox kerfuffle rolls on

    Applications 30 03:10

  • IBM boffins claim phase change memory breakthrough

    Catch my drift

    Hardware 30 04:26

  • Hackers steal personal data of military, gov personnel

    Please don't feed the spear phishers

    Security 30 05:03

  • Digital Rupert’s bumper $545m loss

    MySpace sold to Specific Media with Timberlake as star investor

    Business 30 05:10

  • Yahoo! tech boss gazes beyond Hadoop

    MapReduce goes only so fast

    Business 30 05:16

  • Koreans visit Tesco through subway hoardings

    Fresh fruit and veg from the underground

    Phones 30 06:00

  • Lenovo Thinkpad X220T 12.5in tablet PC

    A fondleslab too far?

    Tablets 30 06:05

  • Oracle's Java plan trapped in last century

    Clouds leave Ellison behind

    Developer 30 06:09

  • Lloyds aims 15,000 job cuts at IT and back office

    Banking group to withdraw from 15 countries

    Business 30 08:38

  • 17 flock to see Gordon Ramsay turkey

    Love's Kitchen takes £121 in opening week

    Bootnotes 30 08:46

  • Efficiency and Reform Group 'has saved over £3bn'

    It's all about understanding

    Government 30 09:24

  • How that Oracle and Pillar earn-out really works

    Losses need reversing

    Storage 30 09:25

  • German vulture detective hits turbulence

    Bird-brained search-and-rescue scavenger

    Bootnotes 30 09:26

  • HP TouchPad 9.7in WebOS tablet

    The true alternative to Android and Apple?

    Tablets 30 09:42

  • Everything is converging on the network

    Keep traffic moving

    Data Centre 30 10:00

  • Spikes in demand get lost in the cloud

    Which service is best?

    Data Centre 30 10:00

  • Wholesaler swallows VADition whole

    Exclusive Networks Group pats belly

    The Channel 30 10:05

  • Apple's white MacBook drought set to flip to gush

    Entry-level device to flood European channels next week

    Laptops 30 10:06

  • Lego lover builds big Barad-dûr replica

    Tower record?

    Hardware 30 10:13

  • Olympus rewrites Pen system camera specs

    Mini, Lite and flagship models announced

    Hardware 30 10:24

  • Brainscan breakthrough: Working robot limbs come closer

    Brains in jars controlling cyber colossi, too, of course

    Science 30 10:25

  • Feds on trail of LulzSec raid Ohio house

    And Lulzers turn on m_nerva

    Security 30 10:26

  • The Cube: Apple's daftest, strangest romance

    Ten years on, we remember the bonkers box

    Vintage 30 10:40

  • New plan: Send humans into space, keep the robots on Earth

    Usual space exploration model topsy-turvinated by ESA

    Science 30 11:41

  • Skype brings cross-platform video to Android

    No more pretending to be in the office

    Mobile 30 11:43

  • Patriot hackers disrupt al-Qaeda websites

    Ellen Degeneres teaches bombers to bake cupcakes

    Government 30 11:45

  • Strike hits police, ICO and the Rev

    HMRC not looking good either

    Government 30 11:48

  • Feds shut down poker site

    With a bit of help from wee Channel Island

    Financial News 30 11:59

  • Pricey Apple Thunderbolt cable inner chippery exposed

    40 quid for wires... and 12 chips

    Hardware 30 12:02

  • T-Mobile to tout 'truly unlimited' mobile data plan

    Surf's up

    Mobile 30 12:13

  • Star Wars fans want Sony sued over game shutdown

    Fear of loss, a path to the dark side is

    Games 30 12:29

  • The freakonomics of smut: Does it actually cause rape?

    Plenty of reasons for thugs never to leave the house

    Law 30 12:42

  • Radio society responds to radio selloff

    Difficult details, dodgy premise

    Broadband 30 12:46

  • Spam volumes show massive drop - but why?

    Botnets switched to denial of service duties. Yay!

    Security 30 12:52

  • Gov piles pressure on News Corp in BSkyB bid

    We're watching you, matey

    Media 30 13:12

  • Solix offers application euthanasia services

    Application morticians, when apps become ExAPPS

    Storage 30 13:25

  • Microsoft: Office 365 outages 'will' happen

    Installs cash-back scheme to counter crappiness

    Applications 30 13:59

  • Wimbledon grunters turned down by viewers

    Served over the 'net

    Hardware 30 14:18

  • Big Blue offers staff Apples

    Hey, You! It's Macs not ThinkPads

    Hardware 30 14:25

  • Reg Hardware launches review looker-upper

    Catch up on your kit-test reading

    Site News 30 14:30

  • Amazon throws tax hissy-fit, dumps California affiliates

    Taxes are for the little people. And Wal-Mart...

    Financial News 30 14:50

  • Moderatrix kisses the Reg goodbye

    Commentard scourge says emotional farewell

    Site News 30 15:00

  • Intel takes CPU market share from AMD in Q1

    Catches chipset bug bullet in teeth

    Hardware 30 15:29

  • Ballmer leaves investors speechless in Seattle

    He won't go quietly, huh

    Financial News 30 15:44

  • AMD gets in Intel's grille with desktop Fusion rollout

    'We win', howls AMD

    Hardware 30 17:24

  • Xboxer SWATTED by armed cops after online spat

    When games get (really) ugly

    Security 30 19:21

  • Gartner forecast reinflates IT spending balloon

    Cloud cash promised

    Business 30 20:23

  • Testing time for updated Javascript standard

    Improved web apps interop promised

    Software 30 20:34

  • Google's epic graph cruncher mimicked with open source

    And then there was GoldenOrb

    Software 30 20:36

  • Microsoft bags two more Android patent deals

    The rising cost of 'free'

    Mobile 30 21:50

  • Insider says doom looms at RIM

    BlackBerry apps 'suck', dev tools '%&@!$#%'

    Mobile 30 22:50

  • NBN Co launches satellite services

    Rural Oz gets 6Mbps

    Broadband 30 23:30