27th June 2011 Archive

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  • Four National Broadband Network myths

    Fetching out the four-by-clue

    Broadband 27 00:07

  • Travelodge still doesn't know who hacked it

    I knew that Mr and Mrs Smith were up to something

    Security 27 08:51

  • Court orders trader to repay customers after failure to deliver goods

    Other users get refunds after shipments were months late

    The Channel 27 09:05

  • Acer Android 3.1 update leaks out early

    Honeycomb goodness for all

    Tablets 27 09:11

  • Does Office 365 keep its promises?

    The verdict from people who know

    Cloud 27 09:22

  • SLAs keep demands for business applications under control

    Measure out the portions

    Data Centre 27 09:30

  • Google kills sickly health, energy projects

    Doctor Evil won't see you now

    Developer 27 09:37

  • Cambridge gets a white (space) wash

    Industry gangs up to prove licence-free radio

    Broadband 27 10:00

  • Asus $199 MeeGo netbook out next month

    Eee PC 701 successor at last?

    Laptops 27 10:37

  • US Spec-Ops offered camouflage for a specific site

    Take a snap, print out uniform you need for the job

    Science 27 10:43

  • PS3 hacker Hotz accepts job at Facebook

    Status: Landed a surprise job

    Mobile 27 10:44

  • Lego Star Wars to be celebrated in TV special

    'New and fun direction' for sci-fi series

    Hardware 27 10:45

  • Facebook elbows past Microsoft in UK

    More visitors than everyone except Google

    Applications 27 10:51

  • Samsung NC110 matte-screen netbook

    Innovation, we've heard of it

    Laptops 27 11:00

  • Denmark gets its own NFC consortium

    We can't let Google into our customers' pockets

    Mobile 27 11:04

  • Opera boss walks off stage, citing musical differences

    Gives up job, keeps shares

    Applications 27 11:06

  • You have to have standards – or do you?

    1 livre of pate, half a pound of cheese and 200g salty biscuits please

    Servers 27 11:18

  • 'Robots can save America', says Obama

    'As C-in-C I can assure you the machines seem peaceful'

    Government 27 11:33

  • HTC to follow LG with 3D smartphone

    All about Evo

    Phones 27 11:35

  • Councils and police to publish speed camera data

    DfT to set up central hub for guides to finding information

    Government 27 12:14

  • Automation begins with keeping track of your assets

    Knowledge is power

    Data Centre 27 12:29

  • Groupon faces multitude of legal headaches in US

    Mo' money off, mo' problems

    Financial News 27 12:30

  • Russian payment processing boss held over DDoS-for-hire plot

    Purported pill-pusher pinched

    Security 27 12:32

  • Vatican launches second website in just 2000 years

    Cunning choice of launch date to avoid server outages

    Media 27 12:36

  • MobileMe web app features shapeshift into Apple's iCloud

    iWeb and others fail to make the cut

    Cloud 27 12:41

  • Go Daddy on the block for $2.5bn

    Going once, going twice ...

    Hosting 27 12:45


    Science out on a limb

    Hardware 27 13:14

  • Side-lined suppliers beat on Police procurement deal

    Sprint ii: To buy or not to buy

    The Channel 27 13:25

  • ALK tells CoPilot owners no free upgrade to new release

    Limited-time big discount instead

    Science 27 13:37

  • Liverpool cops compulsively snooped footballer's record

    200+ police peeks at Gerrard's file

    Law 27 14:02

  • Wiltshire Council on its Windows 7 roll-out

    Data Centre 27 14:27

  • German chemical giant depending on biscuit-based security

    But El Reg testing recommends savoury over sweet

    Mobile 27 14:36

  • Oracle cranks Sun Fire servers with Xeon E7s

    Dense, in a good way

    Servers 27 15:07

  • Filer maker BlueArc refiles for IPO

    One hundred meeellion dollars wanted

    Storage 27 15:26

  • 600 tonne asteroid in low pass above Falkland Islands - TONIGHT

    Will be nearer Islanders, Brit garrison than Japan is

    Science 27 15:39

  • Carphone Warehouse makes Euro bill shock boob

    'Experts' in error

    Mobile 27 15:55

  • Avast still focused on Windows, despite new Mac security app

    Czech firm aims to checkmate VXers

    Security 27 15:56

  • Wildfire shuts down Los Alamos nuke lab

    Wind shifts on supercomputer behemoth

    HPC 27 16:49

  • Microsoft nails second Android device maker

    Patent dealing

    Operating Systems 27 16:53

  • US Supremes dump violent video game ban

    Urinating on virtual burning cops deemed free speech

    Software 27 17:29

  • Hackers pierce network with jerry-rigged mouse

    Mission Impossible meets Logitech

    Security 27 18:06

  • Fusion motherboards beat AMD chips to market

    Asus, MSI, Gigabyte leap on APU bandwagon

    Hardware 27 19:27

  • All aboard the flash array train?

    Tickets please, storage vendors

    Storage 27 22:21

  • Google turns over user data in 94% of US demands

    Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft? Who knows?

    Security 27 22:27

  • China Tel gets busy Down Under

    Sets up shop in Sydney ... very quietly

    Business 27 22:45

  • Commercial math attracts NBN Co’s attention

    No, we don’t mean “creative accounting”

    Business 27 22:46