24th June 2011 Archive

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  • Australia intros new IP regime

    Carrot and stick

    Law 24 00:01

  • Samsung Series 470 250GB 2.5in SSD

    Solid-state stunner

    Hardware 24 06:00

  • Rockstar shoots LA Noire onto PC

    Cop thriller jumps platforms

    Games 24 06:00

  • Oracle aims to drop storage bomb

    Unleashing the Hurdster

    Storage 24 06:34

  • Pentax Q takes mini system camera crown

    The world's smallest, honest

    Hardware 24 07:00

  • Seagate gets a disk into Archos HD vid tablet

    250 gigs: Might not be a Flash in the pan

    Tablets 24 08:02

  • Travelodge admits hack

    Mealy meet mouth

    Security 24 08:42

  • Samsung names date for UK 10in Android tablet release

    Worth hanging on a little longer?

    Tablets 24 08:56

  • Brocade in bigwig bow-out brouhaha

    Bye bye head finance guy

    Storage 24 09:02

  • So, how many rhinos does a tram weigh?

    Aussies answer ungulate poser

    Bootnotes 24 09:30

  • Galileo 'can deploy 24 satellites with existing funding'

    Euro sat nav can go worldwide if nothing goes wrong

    Science 24 09:44

  • 'Uncle of the internet' named ICANN chair

    Steve Crocker, man who wrote first ever RFC document

    Networks 24 09:54

  • Future of the cloud is hybrid

    Mix and match data centres

    Enterprise Tech 24 10:00

  • iPhone app remotely spies on Windows computers

    Will Apple Store's anti-spyware rules apply in this case?

    Mobile 24 10:05

  • LaCie drive jumps on Cloud bandwagon

    Networked file store gets an airing

    Hardware 24 10:21

  • Winklevoss twins are back in Facebook's face

    It's not over until the burly 20-fingered gondolier sings

    Law 24 10:32

  • Number-crunching in the Cloud

    Wave BY:BY to old-school data analytics

    Cloud 24 11:03

  • Voltaic solar charger takes tablets

    Sunny disposition

    Hardware 24 11:21

  • NASA's nuclear Mars tank arrives at launch site

    'Curiosity' united with aeroshell, rocket lander

    Science 24 11:27

  • Dungeon Siege III

    Crawl through the clichés

    Games 24 11:30

  • Kiwi gals swig shots of horse semen

    Worry over 'kids with long faces', reports publican

    Bootnotes 24 11:42

  • Microsoft delays big changes to Gold partner programme

    Postponement of revenue metric gives underachievers a break

    The Channel 24 11:51

  • Apple anticipates Air sales surge

    Suppliers foresee Autumn fan fest

    Laptops 24 12:02

  • Clustering SSD arrays for the Cloud

    SolidFire's cloudy take on memory arrays

    Storage 24 12:09

  • Solar panel selling scam shown up by sting

    No shade, Sherlock

    Science 24 12:13

  • Alpha.gov.uk preps for beta, prays for funding

    'ID assurance' scheme could need primary legislation

    Government 24 12:18

  • Woman dies of heart attack at own funeral

    Shock of resurrection proves fatal

    Bootnotes 24 12:30

  • dabs.com says sorry for delivery debacle

    Online dealer's system upgrade requires system upgrade

    The Channel 24 12:40

  • Software as a service: Separating the bells from the whistles

    Stack it high, sell it cheap

    Cloud 24 13:00

  • Brits stereotyped by app popularity chart

    Fair weather trends

    Phones 24 13:23

  • LG delays Optimus 2X Gingerbread update for Brits

    Autumn arrival?

    Phones 24 13:42

  • ITU Gen Sec: Why not speaking English can be a virtue

    Talks linguistics and cross-border security with El Reg

    Networks 24 13:50

  • Virgin mobile users get tariff tweak treats

    Loyalty bonus

    Mobile 24 13:52

  • All change in the Channel

    Resellers, distributors and vendors ring in the changes

    The Channel 24 14:18

  • NATO site hacked

    Bookshop opened

    Security 24 14:37

  • Sony to slim PlayStation 3 price

    Consoles competitivity concerns

    Games 24 15:07

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 hails from Paleolithic era

    Update teething troubles unearthed

    Software 24 16:31

  • LulzSec dumps hundreds of Arizona Police documents

    Border cops' private laundry aired

    Security 24 17:45

  • US patent reform jumps through second hoop

    It's only taken 59 years – so far

    Government 24 18:29

  • Google battles MicroSkype with 'open' VoIP protocol

    The Jingle in Ballmer's ear

    VoIP 24 18:33

  • Google Chrome extension busts Murdoch paywall

    Paid interwebs for free

    Media 24 19:38

  • Microsoft pounces as Mozilla shuns enterprise

    Firefox: It's not open for business

    Applications 24 23:48