22nd June 2011 Archive

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  • Japan quake to hit supply chain for rest of 2011

    Semiconductor sales slow following production delays

    The Channel 22 00:04

  • EFF backs away from Bitcoin

    As the Mt Gox outage drags on

    Security 22 00:21

  • FBI fat-thumbs data centre raid

    Don’t know which rack? Take ‘em all

    Hosting 22 00:21

  • Nano-materials could recharge phones from keyboard taps

    Next, could tyre-kickers recharge ‘leccy cars?

    Science 22 01:20

  • Apple's cloud chief floats away

    'I've looked at clouds from both sides now'

    Cloud 22 04:00

  • The real reason most source is closed? Open is hard

    We have the desire. But not the means

    Software 22 05:00

  • Nokia E6 smartphone

    Back in business?

    Phones 22 06:00

  • Firing back at LulzSec

    Hack or hoax?

    Security 22 06:25

  • SMEs get hit harder in a market crisis, say biz profs

    Panicking money-men see big firms as safer

    Small Biz 22 08:51

  • Euro space truck consigned to flaming death

    Johannes Kepler burns up over Pacific

    Science 22 09:17

  • Alleged LulzSec hacker still inside

    Questioning continues

    Security 22 09:27

  • Ministry of Justice signs for info security service

    BAE Systems Detica on board

    Government 22 09:31

  • ITV player streams onto Android

    Emmerdale palm

    Phones 22 09:36

  • Cybercops close to domain conduct deal

    Useless guidelines for harmless registrars

    Hosting 22 09:37

  • Norwegian diplomats brush up on black metal

    Exporting local culture to the world

    Bootnotes 22 09:49

  • OCZ Vertex bashes users with Blue Screen of Death

    Ain't no thing

    Storage 22 10:23

  • Comet in bad way after big losses

    Retail giant to close or sell stores, cuts HQ headcount

    The Channel 22 10:26

  • Bluetooth goes 3D with Apple

    We hope you'll like our new direction

    Phones 22 10:49

  • Netizens mobilise to recover precious stolen guitar

    Have you seen this vintage Gibson Les Paul?

    Bootnotes 22 10:51

  • Name and shame fat cat bureaucrats, Number 10 told

    Show me the moggy

    Government 22 11:07

  • NHS IT boss walks out and steps back

    Sick of it

    Government 22 11:10

  • Endeavour commander Mark Kelly quits NASA

    'Not an easy decision', admits veteran astronaut

    Science 22 11:13

  • iPhone 5 gets iPad 2 chip and souped-up snapper

    Insiders blab to Bloomberg

    Phones 22 11:27

  • MeeGo and the Great Betrayal Myths of tech history

    Twitter fanbois demand resurrection of burned-out platform

    Mobile 22 11:41

  • ESA to launch suborbital test spaceplane in 2013

    Lifting-body robo ship to come down 'as if from orbit'

    Science 22 11:47

  • Sony Ericsson announces trio of talkers

    Two new Androids on the way

    Phones 22 11:48

  • OCZ, SanDisk in flash scrap

    Anything you can do I can do better

    Storage 22 11:56

  • Child of Eden


    Games 22 12:00

  • Your NFC tap-pay phone: Soon a movie or train ticket too

    What else is in wallets apart from cash? No, not condoms

    Broadband 22 12:29

  • UK taxpayer 'fleeced' in spectrum selloff windfall

    MP Watson gets stuck into the auction

    Mobile 22 12:34

  • Apple's new Final Cut Pro X 'not actually for pros'

    'Rebuilt from ground up' application has fans too

    Applications 22 12:38

  • 'Four million Amazon Tablets' ready for autumn - report

    Kindle fondle slab blab

    Business 22 12:48

  • Eclipse splashes Indigo release for Java devs

    The e4 future, however, is still on hold

    Developer 22 13:00

  • Post Office going tap-cash in 2012

    Jingle of tills gradually falls silent across the land

    Business 22 13:07

  • BBC iPlayer graces BT's Vision

    Content subscribers?

    Hardware 22 13:28

  • Tape lives! Quantum books library deal with HP

    HP to OEM midsize, 8 petabyte data fridge

    Storage 22 13:32

  • Flying Keymouse II takes to the air

    Pointing not waving

    Hardware 22 13:34

  • US plan to hold EU passenger data for 15 yrs 'unlawful'

    Database likely to be used against non-serious crimes

    Government 22 14:20

  • Booze for wrinklies: Good or bad?

    Pseudo-boffins wrangle over old-timers' drinking

    Science 22 14:36

  • Dealers' outrage at Microsoft Office 365 cloud-sales plans

    'We lose control of the client'

    The Channel 22 14:45

  • Xen virt-wizards jump ship from Citrix to start 'Bromium'

    Agnostic hypervisors to finally deliver IT security?

    Virtualization 22 14:57

  • Magicbox Torque touchpad DECT phone

    Designer cordless

    Phones 22 15:00

  • Top500 founders talk big

    K Computer Tops Competition by 3x

    HPC 22 15:00

  • Server admin kit spans heaven and data center

    Bladelogic man goes to Scalextremes

    Cloud 22 15:00

  • ITIL struggles to catch up with private cloud

    Framework needs to keep fit

    Cloud 22 15:57

  • Blade servers 101

    The pluses and minuses

    Data Centre 22 16:17

  • VMware moves vSphere 5.0 to launch pad

    'Next step forward in cloud infrastructure'

    Virtualization 22 16:26

  • Judge lets Apple keep secrets from Samsung

    You show me yours...

    Phones 22 16:41

  • Malicious software downloads invade WordPress

    Mandatory password reset enforced

    Security 22 17:37

  • Apple's next iPhone planned for September, says report

    Faster processor and better camera

    Mobile 22 17:56

  • RIM cuts PlayBook sales forecast, report says

    Summer sales boost on improved models

    Mobile 22 18:09

  • Amazon marries MapReduce with VM auctions

    Bid for Big Data crunches

    Cloud 22 18:27

  • UK man charged with attack that shut down SOCA site

    Investigation of Ryan Cleary continues

    Security 22 19:23

  • Cloud no cure for IT department haters

    Go ahead, install Salesforce. Please

    Cloud 22 19:50

  • Want to keep Android apps from spying on you?

    WhisperCore to the rescue (some restrictions apply)

    Security 22 20:44

  • Microsoft: 'You can get your data onto Azure for free!'

    Getting it off? Not free

    Cloud Developer 22 20:47

  • Infosmack gets down and dirty with blades and racks

    Deep dive into server technologies

    Infosmack 22 21:11

  • Telstra announces copper retirement agreement

    Point of no return for National Broadband Network?

    Broadband 22 23:19

  • Alca-Lu dumped by Singapore NBN

    Replaced by rival ZTE

    Business 22 23:21