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Mellanox uncloaks future InfiniBand switches

ISC'11Mellanox is previewing its next-generation InfiniBand switches with FDR afterburners that boost bandwidth up to 56Gb/sec.

Web authentication authority suffers security breach

Yet another web authentication authority has been attacked by hackers intent on minting counterfeit certificates that would allow them to spoof the authenticated pages of high-profile sites.
Dan Goodin, 21 Jun 2011

Google bypasses admin controls with latest Chrome IE

Google has released a new version of Chrome Frame – the Internet Explorer plug-in that turns Microsoft's browser into a Google browser – letting users install the plug-in even when they don't have administrator privileges on their machines.
Cade Metz, 21 Jun 2011

Upstairs, downstairs: IT goes into service

It seems as though everything these days is being provided as a service. Software, security, storage, platforms and infrastructures are all being rented by the seat, MIP or gigabyte.
Danny Bradbury, 21 Jun 2011

CSIRO opens Cape Grim pollution data

Amid Australia’s acrimonious debate over climate science, the country’s peak science body, CSIRO, has taken the bold step of making 35 years’ worth of atmospheric CO2 data directly available to the public.
Richard Chirgwin, 21 Jun 2011

Open barbarians poised to storm Apple's gate

Open...and ShutOpen source has a tendency to cannibalize and commoditize – and not just surrounding proprietary projects. As described by researcher Dirk Riehle, open source involves a process of continuous innovation and commoditization as communities form to wring inefficiencies from software markets. Interestingly, this same phenomenon happens all the time in the wider software world, and it forecasts diminished importance of closed platforms like Apple's iOS in favor of more open platforms like Android.
Matt Asay, 21 Jun 2011
Jura Impressa F-90

WTF are... connected appliances?

The ‘internet fridge’ is a much-loved staple of futurologists. In some rosy and not-too-far-off future, many kitchens will have one, magically replenishing itself so that you never need run out of black pudding or milk.
Nigel Whitfield, 21 Jun 2011

Elite UK police agency website downed by Lulzsec

The Serious Organised Crime Agency is facing serious embarrassment this morning - it was forced to take its website offline last night after an attack by LulzSec hackers.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2011

US air passenger cuffed over low-flying pants

A University of New Mexico football player was hauled off a US Airways flight last week after refusing to hitch up his sagging pants.
Lester Haines, 21 Jun 2011

Apple MacBook Air reportedly back... in black

An interesting snippet of recent Mac history: Apple experimented with a black coating for the MacBook Air, which, according to current whispers, may be made available in that colour when it's refreshed shortly.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2011

Nokia unveils Contractual Obligation Meego Phone

Nokia announced four new phones at an event in Singapore today, three aimed at emerging markets and one at collectors of esoteric dead-end mobile hardware. Nokia's long awaited debut Meego phone, the N9, was finally unveiled. Meego was Nokia's high-end future platform until four months ago. No new Symbian phones were announced, and Elop pronounced himself more hopeful that a Windows model will appear by the end of the year.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Jun 2011

Chinese official's affair goes very public

A Chinese official and his lover decided the best place to conduct their affair was over a micro-blogging service, blissfully unaware of the public nature of tweeted messages.
Bill Ray, 21 Jun 2011

Bangalore orders Street View spy cars to stop it

Bangalore police have asked Google to ground their fleet of Street View cars which had started taking pictures of the city.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2011

Brussels to banks: Prepare for tougher data breach rules

European Commissioner Viviane Reding has warned banks that they will be required to notify customers about data security breaches.
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Jun 2011
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CSC's iSoft takeover cleared

The European Commission has cleared CSC's takeover of iSoft - the key NHS supplier.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2011

Formula 1

Android App of the WeekIf you’re not a fan or motor sport and specifically that cavalcade of howling V8s, prima donna drivers, politics and general lunacy that is Formula 1 then this weeks app is not for you.
Alun Taylor, 21 Jun 2011


Malign fungal entities may be breeding and evolving in your dishwasher, boffins warn, saying that the deadly toadstool-esque kitchen triffid yeast creatures have already become almost unkillable and may soon mutate into frightful blobominations able to launch out their deadly spores to "colonise" unwary nearby humans with horrific consequences.
Lewis Page, 21 Jun 2011
BMW Mini Cooper Coupe

BMW intros revamped Mini as sporty MG-alike

Has BMW lost the plot? We have to wonder, given what it's been doing to the Mini of late. It's newsest attempt to extend the acme of small cars: a coupé model, introduced today.
Tony Smith, 21 Jun 2011

MIPS chip slips through Android compliance

A processor based on MIPS architecture has passed the Android Compatibility Test Suite, providing a welcome lifeline to the company whose share price has been in freefall lately.
Bill Ray, 21 Jun 2011
Cat 5 cable

Intel HPC plans need exascale I/O and storage

ISC'11Intel set itself an exascale computing target at ISC Hamburg, with radical implications for HPC networking and storage.
Chris Mellor, 21 Jun 2011
T-Mobile Vairy Touch II

Mobile providers less trustworthy than bankers, say punters

New research shows that when it comes to establishing trust and customer satisfaction, the mobile industry is judged less favourably than both the banking and insurance industries. Could it be any worse?
Caleb Cox, 21 Jun 2011

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

UpdatedThe UK's Office for National Statistics and Lockheed Martin are racing to check if hacker group LulzSec has got its hands on this year's census data.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2011

Sony Ericsson delays X10 Android update

Sony Ericsson has restated its intention to bring Gingerbread to the Xperia X10 phone. If your memory stretches back to March you’ll have heard a similar promise of “end Q2/early Q3” for this update to version 2.3 of the Android OS.
Bob Dormon, 21 Jun 2011

Dropbox security fubar infuriates customers

Storage and file-sharing vendor Dropbox made a huge cock-up during last weekend's upgrade leaving all of its user accounts unlocked.
Paul Kunert, 21 Jun 2011

Miracle Aliens-style indoor comms built for firefighters

So you're a firefighter of the near future. Your fire truck pulls up outside a burning building, and sure enough it turns out there are people still inside needing rescue. Firing up your breathing apparatus and unlimbering your axe, you charge in like generations of heroes before you.
Lewis Page, 21 Jun 2011
Alice: The Madness Returns

Alice: The Madness Returns

ReviewI have been waiting 11 years to be reunited with American McGee’s Alice and strangely enough, Alice: Madness Returns parallels this as we join our unbalanced heroine 11 years after her defeat of the Queen of Hearts and discharge from Rutledge Asylum.
Lucy Orr, 21 Jun 2011

Met arrest alleged Lulz hacker

Th Met's e-Crime unit has arrested a 19-year old alleged hacker in Essex on suspicion of involvement with network attacks and denial of service attacks.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2011

LightSquared shuffles away from GPS bands

LightSquared's national rollout has shifted frequencies to avoid interfering with GPS kit, taking early advantage of a deal with Inmarsat for 10MHz of bandwidth further down the dial.
Bill Ray, 21 Jun 2011

Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush

A young man who relieved himself in a Portland reservoir prompted the local water authority to flush 7.8 million gallons of drinking water down the toilet.
Lester Haines, 21 Jun 2011
Sputnik 0667

Sputnik retro PC puts bureau back on the desktop

Some mod-jobs are too cool to overlook and this old school PC set-up certainly qualifies giving a welcome return to the desktop bureau of old.
Caleb Cox, 21 Jun 2011

Tilera throws gauntlet at Intel's feet

Upstart mega-multicore chip maker Tilera has not yet started sampling its future Tile-Gx 3000 series of server processors, and companies have already locked in orders for the chips.

Euro commissioner tells Facebook it has nowhere to hide

InterviewEuropean Commissioner Viviane Reding was in the UK on Monday to warn banks that they will be required to immediately notify customers about data security breaches. The Register visited the Brussels justice minister and vice president at the Commission's London office yesterday lunchtime to learn more about her seemingly personal crusade to make the internet a better place for businesses and consumers.
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Jun 2011

Police probe Twitter child abuse images

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is investigating a Twitter account displaying child sex abuse images.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2011

Apple lets slip Time Capsule update

Apple has inadvertently confirmed the arrival of a rumoured update to its Time Capsule network storage device.
Bob Dormon, 21 Jun 2011

Network Solutions battered by DDoS and period features

Network Solutions has been hit by a DDoS attack which has left customers complaining they are unable to access the domain giant's servers.
Joe Fay, 21 Jun 2011

LulzSec disavows alleged Census hack

While the UK government might still be checking systems, it seems that LulzSec themselves have denied hacking the UK census.
John Oates, 21 Jun 2011

Mink coat thief conceals booty down knickers

A Minnesota woman who swiped a mink coat and stuffed it down her knickers managed to pull off probably the greatest merkin stunt in criminal history by concealing her substantial booty from cops for a full three days.
Lester Haines, 21 Jun 2011

BT, TalkTalk refused appeal against Digital Economy Act

BT And TalkTalk won't get another day in court against the Digital Economy Act, after the telcos were denied permission to appeal against the failure of their legal challenge to the Act earlier this year.
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Jun 2011

Apple dealers hit with Lion bar

Apple is bypassing the channel to sell the forthcoming Lion OS directly to biz customers in yet another blow to its beleaguered partner base, resellers have claimed.
Paul Kunert, 21 Jun 2011
iTablet Bluetooth Thumb-Keyboard

iTablet Bluetooth Thumb-Keyboard

Txt TakeDaily product reviews in 140 characters...
Caleb Cox, 21 Jun 2011

Back to gaslight, coal and steam power - it's the future

Boffins in the States say they've come up with a way of making fuel cells run on coal gas - the fuel of Victorian streetlights - and steam. Their plans would, they say, offer much lower carbon emissions than normal coal power: and much easier sequestration of exhaust gases as their technology would emit nearly pure CO2.
Lewis Page, 21 Jun 2011

Toshiba joins all-in-one PC fray

Toshiba has launched its first all in one PC, an unusual move for the company more readily associated with laptop computers. Laptop tech is becoming increasingly common in domestic PCs and it seems that Toshiba couldn't pass this opportunity by any longer.
Bob Dormon, 21 Jun 2011

Apple will 'own games industry'

Apple is set to increase its dominance in the games industry and could own the whole shebang in ten year's time.
Caleb Cox, 21 Jun 2011

Mozilla cranks out Firefox 5 with cross-platform 'Do Not Track' feature

Just three months after Mozilla pushed out what was its final big beast of a browser release in the form of the long-awaited Firefox 4, the next iteration of its popular surfing tool is now available online.
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Jun 2011

New Cassini pics of Saturnian 'Ice Queen' Helene

PicsNASA has released new pictures taken by the space probe Cassini in orbit around Saturn, ringed titan of the Outer System. The pictures show the small trojan ice moon Helene in close up.
Lewis Page, 21 Jun 2011
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HP lures SMBs with tweaked servers, switches

HP has released new – well, "tweaked" might be more accurate – entry-level servers and switches, and rolled out two appliances to run data warehousing and analytics applications.

Apple, Google, Microsoft seek gargantuan tax break

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and a host of US megacorps are lobbying hard for a massive tax break – and they're gaining powerful friends in business, government, and labor in support of that effort.
Rik Myslewski, 21 Jun 2011

Chip sales prognosis better than expected

Global semiconductor sales are rising despite the supply-change challenges poised by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the disruption of the PC market caused by tablets and smartphones.

Programmers urged to code with their tootsies

You can now employ two woefully underutilized parts of your body to speed your PC workflow: your tootsies.
Rik Myslewski, 21 Jun 2011

Hack attack kills thousands of Aussie websites

Thousands of Australian websites have irretrievably lost their data and email files following a malicious security hack on Australian domain registrar and web host Distribute.IT.
Natalie Apostolou, 21 Jun 2011

Google Chrome extension detects dangerous websites

Google has released an extension for its Chrome browser that helps developers and security testers identify websites that execute unsafe code on end user computers.
Dan Goodin, 21 Jun 2011

Fujitsu bounces back after Japanese tsunami

In March, IT conglomerate Fujitsu was unable and unwilling to make any projections about how its fiscal 2011 would turn out in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. But the situation has resolved itself enough for Fujitsu's top brass to make some prognostications.

WA duo rock Apple apps

West Australian tech start-up, Filter Squad, is behind two of the hottest discovery apps on the Apple market.
Natalie Apostolou, 21 Jun 2011

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