21st June 2011 Archive

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  • Mellanox uncloaks future InfiniBand switches

    FDR afterburners

    HPC 21 Jun 00:18

  • Web authentication authority suffers security breach

    Counterfeit certificates sought for high-profile sites

    Networks 21 Jun 00:22

  • Google bypasses admin controls with latest Chrome IE

    'Screw your BOFH. Install our plug-in'

    Applications 21 Jun 00:53

  • Upstairs, downstairs: IT goes into service

    Everything on a tray

    Desktop Virtualisation 21 Jun 01:00

  • CSIRO opens Cape Grim pollution data

    Also opens new solar power demonstrator

    Science 21 Jun 01:30

  • Open barbarians poised to storm Apple's gate

    Steve Jobs in denial?

    Developer 21 Jun 04:00

  • WTF are... connected appliances?

    I want my automated kitchen, and I want it now

    Hardware 21 Jun 06:00

  • Elite UK police agency website downed by Lulzsec

    SOCA left eggfaced by DDoS

    Security 21 Jun 07:40

  • US air passenger cuffed over low-flying pants

    'So low his genitals were almost showing'

    Bootnotes 21 Jun 08:27

  • Apple MacBook Air reportedly back... in black

    iPod-like multi-coloured Macs in the offing?

    Laptops and Tablets 21 Jun 08:55

  • Nokia unveils Contractual Obligation Meego Phone

    No dates for Windows as burning-platform orphan debuts

    Mobile 21 Jun 09:02

  • Chinese official's affair goes very public

    You mean tweets aren't private?

    Bootnotes 21 Jun 09:08

  • Bangalore orders Street View spy cars to stop it

    City cops halt Google image-trawlers

    Government 21 Jun 09:13

  • Brussels to banks: Prepare for tougher data breach rules

    Shocked commissioner hopes to improve consumer confidence online

    Security 21 Jun 09:16

  • CSC's iSoft takeover cleared

    Green light for key NHS supplier

    The Channel 21 Jun 09:19

  • Formula 1

    Petrolhead paradise

    Phones 21 Jun 10:00


    Don't approach without a biohaz suit and a flamethrower

    Science 21 Jun 10:15

  • BMW intros revamped Mini as sporty MG-alike


    Science 21 Jun 10:23

  • MIPS chip slips through Android compliance

    Green robot no longer an ARM exclusive

    Mobile 21 Jun 10:24

  • Intel HPC plans need exascale I/O and storage

    Balancing HPC compute, networking and storage

    HPC 21 Jun 10:32

  • Mobile providers less trustworthy than bankers, say punters

    And another thing...

    Mobile 21 Jun 10:50

  • Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

    They've got form, let's be honest

    Government 21 Jun 11:01

  • Sony Ericsson delays X10 Android update

    Gingerbread still cooking

    Phones 21 Jun 11:25

  • They shoot mainframes, don't they?

    Rethinking big iron for the data centre

    HPC 21 Jun 11:30

  • Dropbox security fubar infuriates customers

    Code update calamity compounded by closed mouth

    Cloud 21 Jun 11:30

  • Miracle Aliens-style indoor comms built for firefighters

    Trail of relay routers auto-laid from belt dispensers

    Broadband 21 Jun 11:33

  • Alice: The Madness Returns


    Games 21 Jun 12:00

  • Met arrest alleged Lulz hacker

    Essex boy picked up

    Security 21 Jun 12:14

  • LightSquared shuffles away from GPS bands

    Slides into Inmarsat for the sake of sat nav

    Mobile 21 Jun 12:46

  • Bloke pissing in reservoir prompts 8m gallon flush

    'Do you want to drink pee?' asks Portland water official

    Bootnotes 21 Jun 12:47

  • Sputnik retro PC puts bureau back on the desktop

    Part of the furniture

    Hardware 21 Jun 12:51

  • Tilera throws gauntlet at Intel's feet

    36-core Tile-Gx server chip crosses Sandy Bridge

    Servers 21 Jun 12:52

  • Euro commissioner tells Facebook it has nowhere to hide

    Offshore servers no defence, Reding tells El Reg

    Government 21 Jun 13:03

  • Police probe Twitter child abuse images

    Micro-blogging gets nastier

    Law 21 Jun 13:46

  • Apple lets slip Time Capsule update

    Buy now? Buy later

    Hardware 21 Jun 13:52

  • Network Solutions battered by DDoS and period features

    Sporadic service since yesterday

    Networks 21 Jun 14:05

  • LulzSec disavows alleged Census hack

    And denies leader's arrested

    Security 21 Jun 14:16

  • Mink coat thief conceals booty down knickers

    Hides mock muff from cops for a sensational three days

    Bootnotes 21 Jun 14:21

  • BT, TalkTalk refused appeal against Digital Economy Act

    Judicial review judgment remains intact

    Law 21 Jun 14:33

  • Apple dealers hit with Lion bar

    Resellers overlooked as next gen OS is released

    Small Biz 21 Jun 14:40

  • iTablet Bluetooth Thumb-Keyboard

    Touched from behind

    Hardware 21 Jun 15:00

  • Back to gaslight, coal and steam power - it's the future

    Boffins unveil self-decoking steampunk fuel cell

    Science 21 Jun 15:14

  • Toshiba joins all-in-one PC fray

    The iMac effect?

    Hardware 21 Jun 15:28

  • Apple will 'own games industry'

    Content delivery is king

    Games 21 Jun 15:45

  • Mozilla cranks out Firefox 5 with cross-platform 'Do Not Track' feature

    Get off my cloud

    Applications 21 Jun 15:46

  • New Cassini pics of Saturnian 'Ice Queen' Helene

    Moon face that launched rather fewer than a thousand ships

    Science 21 Jun 16:01

  • HP lures SMBs with tweaked servers, switches

    Debuts AppSystem analytics appliances

    Servers 21 Jun 17:51

  • Apple, Google, Microsoft seek gargantuan tax break

    Congress debates jobs and Jobs

    Government 21 Jun 19:06

  • Chip sales prognosis better than expected

    Tablet, smartphone boom offsets PC bust

    The Channel 21 Jun 19:34

  • Programmers urged to code with their tootsies

    'Feets, don't fail me now!'

    Hardware 21 Jun 21:13

  • Hack attack kills thousands of Aussie websites

    AFP investigates potential industrial espionage

    Security 21 Jun 22:00

  • Google Chrome extension detects dangerous websites

    'DOM Snitch' observes web apps in realtime

    Security 21 Jun 22:01

  • Fujitsu bounces back after Japanese tsunami

    Fair weather forecast

    The Channel 21 Jun 22:50

  • WA duo rock Apple apps

    Discovr how to make app store less broken

    Applications 21 Jun 23:00