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Xeon E7 servers run with the big dogs

Deep DiveDeep Dive Intel has come a long way in the server racket, and the new "Westmere-EX" Xeon E7 processor, launched in April and making its way into systems now, is arguably its most sophisticated processor for servers to date.

US Senators pen Act to ban location-based stalking

Two US senators have filed a new Act called the Location Privacy Protection Act, which would require stricter controls and more transparency for all cellular companies that collect location data.
Wireless Watch, 19 Jun 2011

Bitcoin collapses on malicious trade

The fragility of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer crypto-currency has been thrown into sharp relief when a large sell transaction sent the trade value of Bitcoins to zero.
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Jun 2011
fingers pointing at man

HP-Oracle: It’s war for sure, Miss Scarlett

HP vs OracleHP vs Oracle The hot war between HP and Oracle got quite a bit hotter last week as HP filed suit accusing Oracle of breaching contracts and demanding a jury trial in California. The Reg has been all over this story, with articles from our pal TPM (latest here ) and Andrew Orlowski (here).
Dan Olds, OrionX, 19 Jun 2011