17th June 2011 Archive

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  • What a mix-up: using different hypervisors

    The more the merrier?

    Data Centre 17 01:00

  • A$100m supercomputer project queried

    Auditor critical of Uni of Melbourne cluster of problems

    HPC 17 01:00

  • Fun and games in NZ politics

    Data breach claim and counter-claim

    Security 17 02:00

  • AMD trumpets next-gen GPU architecture

    The road to the Holodeck

    Hardware 17 04:44

  • Citigroup breach exposed more accounts than first claimed

    Revisionist pwnage report

    Security 17 04:45

  • Oracle and Itanic: Tech's nastiest ever row?

    And the pig enjoys it...

    Servers 17 04:49

  • TomTom Start 20 satnav

    Travelling light

    Science 17 06:00

  • Weird handheld keyboard comes with laser pointer

    And touchpad

    Hardware 17 06:00

  • Mozilla eyes multi-threaded webpage rendering

    One page. Many cores

    Developer 17 06:05

  • Lulzsec gets hacking downunder

    Pranksters release 62,000 email details

    Hosting 17 06:35

  • Meerkats face financial regulation

    Price comparison sites may be breaking financial advice regulations, says FSA

    Financial News 17 07:54

  • Panasonic preps outdoor Android slate

    Daylight readable display, anyone?

    Tablets 17 08:16

  • NetApp may serve app server flash cache

    'Won't catch us with our Flash pants down' says NetApp

    Storage 17 08:30

  • Sony teases tablet fans with bizarre 'mousetrap' vid

    Ad team goes to town

    Tablets 17 08:41

  • Does a flash motor act as a fanny magnet or not?

    What girls really think about boys, cars and money

    Science 17 09:26

  • Dell hails happier UK reseller relations

    Don't go to bed mad - stay up and fight

    The Channel 17 09:30

  • Licensed to bill: software vendors love virtualisation

    Intel's Dave Buchholz runs through the numbers

    Enterprise Tech 17 10:00

  • Yuri Gagarin lands at Royal Albert Hall

    'I must find a telephone to call Moscow'

    Science 17 10:00

  • US reveals Stuxnet-style vuln in Chinese SCADA 'ware

    Nothing must interrupt our supply of iPads and bras

    Security 17 10:13

  • Microsoft launches official Windows code kit for Kinect

    Set things in motion

    Games 17 10:16

  • Wireless networking without paying The Man, man

    Slow, short range, incompatible ... but it's pure

    Broadband 17 10:27

  • Gloomy forecast, job cuts, product delays at RIM

    Apple v BlackBerry fruit-fight going poorly

    Business 17 10:43

  • BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse

    The new nanovector viruses hide in the parity handshaking

    BOFH 17 11:09

  • ICO drops News of the Screws probe

    Missing emails might be missing, might not be

    Law 17 11:16

  • RedBubble CEO drops role at Aconex

    Hitler not so hipster

    Business 17 11:20

  • NAME that DONKEY: Bella bests Barbarella

    Inadvertent Twilight moment at Reg Asinine Affairs Bureau

    Bootnotes 17 11:30

  • BBC to stream news site to Samsung tellies

    Web repurposed for IPTV

    Hardware 17 11:44

  • Ten thousand OLEDs unite in live Earth replica

    World on display

    Hardware 17 11:49

  • Which apps belong in the cloud?

    Reg reader joins us, speaks from experience

    Reg Technology Panel 17 11:54

  • Inside the Royal Mail's Internal Cloud

    Back by public demand: this time it's private

    Cloud 17 12:00

  • Google: Our rapid load won't give you anything nasty

    You could get exploited without even saying yes

    Security 17 12:00

  • Nokia takes hit in High Court priority-calls patent battle

    Battle goes on, lawyers drool over war-chests

    Business 17 12:15

  • Kindle Store awash with auto-generated crap 'books'

    Bargain barrelscrape rubbish obscuring decent reads

    Media 17 12:24

  • Apple iMac 27in

    Don’t try this at home, kids

    Hardware 17 12:38

  • Samsung to refresh 7in Galaxy Tab this September

    Gingerbread baked in

    Tablets 17 12:41

  • Aunty squirts serendipity into TV apps

    Fondleslabs are now the "second TV"

    Media 17 12:50

  • NHS Trusts in the dark over CfH licence transfer

    Please shed light on our software budgets

    Government 17 13:04

  • Infosmack LIVE! with Michael Dell

    Oh yes

    Infosmack 17 13:36

  • ALK revamps CoPilot smartphone satnav

    Bing, Facebook, Wikipedia added and more

    Science 17 14:08

  • Refusal to unveil scuppers French refusal-to-unveil trial

    Blind justice finds itself in a blind alley

    Bootnotes 17 14:12

  • Captain Cyborg: Computers are alive, like bats or cows

    'I'm like Yuri Gagarin, me,' says moggy-chipping prof

    Science 17 14:48

  • True Utility FlyEye 7 LED torch

    Fiat lux

    Hardware 17 15:00

  • Brit CompSci student faces extradition to US over link site

    'He's just a geeky boy,' pleads mum

    Law 17 15:26

  • German DDoSer jailed for World Cup gambling extortion

    Frankfurter menaced bookies with rented bots

    Security 17 15:38

  • The world wants cloud coders. Where are the cloud coders?

    There's an open source project for that

    Developer 17 16:48

  • Oracle seeks 'billions' with Google Android suit

    'That's right. Billions. Tell the world. Billions'

    Developer 17 17:41

  • GlobalFoundries shuffles top brass

    Hey, AMD. Want some sloppy seconds?

    Financial News 17 18:23

  • Hacker wrists slapped for stealing Lady Gaga songs

    Trojan attack nets racy Kesha photos

    Security 17 19:46

  • Adobe offloads unwanted Linux AIR onto OEMs

    Mercy killing

    Developer 17 21:14

  • iOS 5 closes Apple's infamous homescreen webapp gap

    So says Xuzz

    Phones 17 21:27

  • Visual Studio infected with HTML5 by 'rogue faction'

    Passion in action

    Developer 17 23:57