14th June 2011 Archive

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  • Aussie censor bans Dead or Alive

    So not PG … backflips after pressure

    Games 14 00:01

  • Bitcoin slump follows senators’ threats

    Correlation or causation?

    Financial News 14 00:58

  • Site appeals feds' unprecedented domain seizure

    'Operation in our Sites' challenged

    Hosting 14 01:11

  • Xeround reinvents MySQL atop Amazon cloud

    NoSQL. Without the No

    Cloud 14 02:43

  • Intel, AMD in HP notebook smackdown

    Which is faster? 'You tell me' says AMD

    Hardware 14 05:00

  • Intel 510 250GB Sata 3 SSD

    Performance benefits

    Hardware 14 06:00

  • Patrick Byrne: 'See, I told you America's economy was busted'

    The battle beyond naked shorts

    Financial News 14 06:13

  • Teen sells Perl cloud startup to ActiveState

    Mojolicious Phenona

    Cloud 14 06:56

  • Big data can be deduplicated

    Isilon view disputed

    Storage 14 07:47

  • Nokia and Apple bury patent beef

    You drop your lawyers and I'll drop mine

    Mobile 14 08:48

  • Microsoft squeaks on Google Nortel sale

    Sold company should honour old agreements

    Broadband 14 08:49

  • Metro Bank in schoolboy email error snafu

    bcc fail for stripling bank

    Security 14 08:50

  • Samsung pips rivals with 1TB internal 2.5-inch drive

    Top of the leapfrog league

    Storage 14 09:07

  • Businesses believe tribunal system favours employees

    81% of companies said claimants had 'tried it on'

    Small Biz 14 09:19

  • LulzSec hacks US Senate

    Bethesda also bashed in latest attack

    Security 14 09:26

  • Dam Busters dog dubbed 'Digger'

    Guy Gibson's mutt rebranded for the US movie market

    Hardware 14 09:36

  • BT ramps up fibre-optic roll-out plan

    5m homes with potential access by June

    Broadband 14 09:43

  • Dolphin Browser HD

    The Dan Marino of mobile web browsers

    Phones 14 10:00

  • Wassup with systems and service management?

    You tell us

    Reg Technology Panel 14 10:00

  • ARM server hero Calxeda lines up software super friends

    Preparing to battle The Atom

    Servers 14 10:00

  • Cable & Wireless in talks to acquire 2e2

    Private equity backers holding out for £450m

    The Channel 14 10:00

  • Neal's Yard Remedies its supply chain

    With IT department of one

    Doing Better Business 14 10:30

  • Anonymous vows to attack Federal Reserve

    Blames bankers for impoverishing millions

    Security 14 10:32

  • Guy spills on girl in weird Huawei tablet teaser

    Gadget users exchange fluids

    Tablets 14 10:33

  • Creationists are infiltrating US geology circles

    Grand Canyon? Caused by Noah's Flood, that

    Science 14 10:35

  • Carphone Warehouse considers retailing future

    Big yellow boxes slipping into the red

    Mobile 14 11:00

  • Quantum recruits sales heavy hitter

    Marketing splits from sales

    Storage 14 11:05

  • BT earmarks 66 more exchanges for fibre-to-the-cabinet upgrade

    Bucket and spade required

    Broadband 14 11:27

  • Capgemini goes French

    Another acquisition

    The Channel 14 11:31

  • NFC pioneer packs in proximity payments

    Bling Nation failed in bring in the bling

    Broadband 14 11:35

  • VMware unfurls fresh Spring Java 'vFabric'

    Priced by the VM

    Virtualization 14 12:00

  • Duke Nukem Forever

    What were we waiting for, Christmas?

    Games 14 12:00

  • EA: early Battlefield 3 buyers will gain no advantage

    Bye-bye boycott?

    Games 14 12:02

  • Facebook hurls insults, punctuation at growth slump report

    'People... wrong. Every. Single. Time!'... bitch

    Media 14 12:18

  • Stand by for more big, windfarm-driven 'leccy price rises

    Think it's bad now? Just wait, says Grid

    Science 14 13:02

  • Facebook value hits $100bn, to go public in Q1 2012

    Waiting for the burp... bitch

    Financial News 14 13:03

  • Cambridge startup launches world's first white space radio

    16Mb/s, 10km range, battery-powered and licence-free... just not legal

    Broadband 14 13:26

  • Yorks PC maker goes titsup owing £1m+

    Little chance of payout as PC maker faceplants

    The Channel 14 13:48

  • Video vigilantes in trouble again

    CCTV leaks leads to ICO slap

    Law 14 13:53

  • Careless tweets cost lives, warns MoD

    Vid campaign against the perils of social networking

    Bootnotes 14 14:21

  • Quantum pounces on Pancetera

    Go go for VM backup to DXi

    Virtualization 14 14:27

  • Commons hit by rash of laptop thefts

    One politico also has charm stolen

    Government 14 14:52

  • Belkin FlipBlade mobile tablet stand

    Rest your reader

    Tablets 14 15:00

  • VMware eats Digital Fuel

    Will p*ss fire and put the heat on IT budgets

    Virtualization 14 15:01

  • European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal across EU

    Ministers want Europe-wide legal net for cybercrookery

    Security 14 15:11

  • A sysadmin's top ten tales of woe

    The IT troubles I have seen

    Enterprise Tech 14 15:30

  • No Gingerbread snack for Desire owners, says HTC

    We didn't put enough Ram in, admits manufacturer

    Phones 14 15:47

  • Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade

    Physicists say sunspot cycle is 'going into hibernation'

    Science 14 17:00

  • Duke Nukem sniffs out a number one

    Chart topper scores better on PlayStation

    Games 14 18:09

  • AMD promises 10 teraflop notebooks by 2020

    Demos next year's Trinity and talks elephants

    Laptops 14 18:31

  • World's biggest ad agency keelhauls 2000 'pirate' sites

    No, not Google

    Media 14 18:54

  • Malware abusing Windows Autorun plummets

    You'll never guess why

    Security 14 19:06

  • Citigroup hack exploited easy-to-detect web flaw

    Brute force attack exposes 200,000 accounts

    Security 14 21:25

  • Google Instant Pages: Search sites rendered before you click

    Webmasters, beware fake traffic

    Media 14 21:47

  • IBM: Palmisano mulls Big Blue line of succession

    We have a plan. Almost

    Servers 14 22:30

  • NBN downstream wholesale arrives, courtesy of Nextgen

    Entry-level for smaller ISPs

    Broadband 14 23:05

  • 'Harmony' for open source contributors on horizon

    Just don't mention the Canonical bit

    Developer 14 23:49