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Inside the 'funky' history of Groupon's biggest shareholder

A decade before he helped found Groupon – the online daily-deals site that turned so many heads last week when it filed for an IPO valuing itself at $30bn – Eric Lefkofsky ran a startup called Starbelly.com.
Cade Metz, 11 Jun 2011

The New C++: Lay down your guns, knives, and clubs

"The world is built on C++," Herb Sutter tells The Reg. Considering he's one of the language's chief stewards, we question his impartiality. But he does have a point.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Jun 2011
Samsung UE40D6530

Samsung UE40D6530 LED 3D TV

ReviewWhen it comes to features, Samsung’s UE40D6530 40in LED telly doesn’t skimp on anything much. Freeview HD, 3D, Video on Demand, Skype, integrated web browser, social media apps, media streaming, PVR recording to external hard drive – it’s all here. This isn’t so much a TV as an all in one entertainment centre. And priced at £1099, Samsung is clearly planning to shift a lot of these puppies.
Steve May, 11 Jun 2011

A cloud hangs over the sysadmin

The IT job sector has been under increasing pressure. A couple of decades ago it was easy to imagine IT as a job for life, but outsourcing, offshoring and the dot-bomb brought wave upon wave of uncertainty to IT professionals.
Nathan Coates, 11 Jun 2011

Time to say goodbye to Risc / Itanium Unix?

Mission CriticalTwenty years ago open systems was the battle cry that shook the absurdly profitable proprietary mainframe and minicomputer markets.

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