10th June 2011 Archive

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  • Fairfax looks for bids on auction site

    Old media might sell new media to save old media

    Business 10 00:01

  • Sex-rating social pages take off in Queensland

    A plague of rats in the north

    Bootnotes 10 01:00

  • RSA appoints security chief amid blistering criticism

    Welcome, Mr. Schwartz, and good luck

    Security 10 04:00

  • Intel teaches machines to build own device drivers

    Game theory versus clumsy coders

    Science 10 05:00

  • Nikon Coolpix P300 compact camera

    Manual dexterity

    Hardware 10 06:00

  • Xiotech unscabbards go-faster flash-mungous ISE blade

    Deadliest swordsman in all of Colorado Springs

    Storage 10 07:28

  • Council fined for randomly emailing personal data

    £120k slap for slipshod Surrey

    Government 10 08:01

  • Pollster: Performance has little to do with pay, bureaucracy

    30% of public-sector bods have no idea what they're doing

    Policy 10 08:28

  • Lulz warns NHS of sick security

    No waiting list for admin passwords

    Security 10 08:45

  • Lanarkshire wristslap after vulnerable adults' data lost

    ICO handbags council for losing handbag

    Policy 10 09:00

  • MS lines up bumper Patch Tuesday

    Apatcholypse Now

    Security 10 09:09

  • Nokia takes the Facebook wall physical with NFC

    While Barclaycard reminds us it exists

    Mobile 10 09:24

  • Can cloud save the NHS?

    Public sector looks for gentler cuts

    Cloud 10 09:30

  • Channel CFOs break free

    Kelway and Avnet finance bosses exit stage left

    The Channel 10 09:33

  • NAO calls for new ambulance data systems

    Targets mean multiple call-outs

    Government 10 09:45

  • Spanish police cuff three Anonymous hack suspects

    Cell capture

    Security 10 09:49

  • Facebook plonks Sofa in Web2.0 lounge

    Couch potato by Dutch design

    Applications 10 09:59

  • Midlands council laughs at zombie-apocalypse threat

    Are you prepared for invasion of the undead?

    Bootnotes 10 10:18

  • VDI is not the only fruit

    Trevor talks VDI

    Enterprise Tech 10 10:20

  • Dragon scoops Expansys into his Marlow den

    Staff leap overboard as company goes south

    The Channel 10 10:34

  • Carphone Warehouse offers BlackBerry tablet a day early

    PlayBook promo

    Tablets 10 10:39

  • HP refuses to resurrect global partner piss-up conference

    Why fly to the US when you can get boozed briefed locally

    The Channel 10 10:59

  • Chromebooks hit UK shelves pre-order pages

    A month's wait, at least

    Laptops 10 11:20

  • Is a Fusion-io bubble building up?

    Bubbling away nicely

    Storage 10 11:29

  • Apple wades in to defend developers

    Swings lawyers at Lodsys

    Law 10 11:41

  • Red Faction: Armageddon

    Appetite for destruction

    Games 10 12:00

  • Where do all the Free Schools go?

    Cloud app renders pin-stickers obsolete

    Cloud 10 12:22

  • Cabinet Office talks to Facebook & co about new ID system

    Online access to public services could be via social networks

    Government 10 12:23

  • Phishers LAMP web hosts

    Sites pwned repeatedly, survey finds

    Hosting 10 12:26

  • 4G auctions - illegal and immoral?

    Consultation responses a mixed bag

    Mobile 10 12:51

  • Reg hack cast adrift as Illuminati Online goes off-line

    The end of an era that really died a decade ago

    Hosting 10 13:10

  • Sophos says sorry over Google Analytics false alarm

    No harm done

    Security 10 13:16

  • E3 2011: the showstoppers

    Games! Games! And, thrice, games!

    Games 10 13:17

  • Mission critical computing for the masses

    Everyone benefits from networking advances

    Enterprise Tech 10 13:25

  • Cloud iTunes DESTROYS music business FOREVER!

    Says man. We disagree...

    Media 10 14:05

  • IPv6 on Mobile? Only if it's free

    Billing and filtering prevent IPng going mobile

    Phones 10 14:14

  • Speck TrimSleeve MacBook Air case

    Slide it in

    Laptops 10 15:00

  • Codemasters pulls website after hackers pwn customer database

    Game over

    Games 10 15:02

  • Two fined for mobile data theft

    £73,000 in fines and costs

    Law 10 15:10

  • IBM demos graphene circuits

    Future neuron for the other carbon-based life form?

    Hardware 10 15:48

  • Go Daddy to sell .xxx domains

    Jumps on bandwagon straight to hell

    Hosting 10 15:59

  • LTE iPhone 5 coming this fall?

    Don't hold your 4G breath

    Phones 10 17:24

  • Duke Nukem Forever rocks up on shelves

    It's party time

    Games 10 17:59

  • Red Hat's Oracle shot: The Unbreakable Database?

    JBoss part II

    Applications 10 19:58