9th June 2011 Archive

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  • Apple iCloud: Same old cage, new height

    You can access anytime you like but you can never leave

    Cloud 09 00:03

  • EMC forges secret VMAXe arrray

    Little Big Man

    Storage 09 00:23

  • Apple bars WinXP users from iCloud

    The past has no future on our internet

    Cloud 09 03:00

  • Is Microsoft's Javascript chief killing his .NET creation?

    From PC to internet runtime

    Developer 09 04:00

  • Judge rules against firm that lost $345k to bank trojan

    Victim failed to secure account credentials

    Security 09 05:00

  • Oracle whips out private cloud with blades

    No Sparc. Just Intel

    Cloud 09 06:00

  • HTC Flyer 7in Android tablet

    Palm pilot?

    Tablets 09 06:00

  • Whitehall fraud pilots save £12m

    Just £20,988m to go. This year

    Government 09 08:01

  • Violin scoops $40m, eyes global domination

    They'll all be very sorry at Fusion-io, thinks Basile

    Storage 09 08:30

  • Citibank hack lifted 200,000 names, emails, acct numbers

    US card holders' personals revealed

    Security 09 08:58

  • Mind the GAP: Alert system saves lives

    Azure to the rescue

    Cloud Developer 09 09:10

  • Amsterdam internet hub gets ready for 4G mobile VoIP

    AMS-IX now offering guaranteed IP links

    Networks 09 09:19

  • Psychology graduates remain poor for life, study shows

    It's not a science, it's a liberal art

    Science 09 09:37

  • Blu-ray sales to overtake DVD... next year

    Packaged media on last legs?

    Hardware 09 09:38

  • Cloud tuning: getting the network up to speed

    Get out of the slow lane

    Cloud 09 10:00

  • James Sherwood 1983-2011

    Much-liked ex-Reg writer passes on

    Games 09 10:10

  • Creators: EU cares about turnips more than copyright

    Brussels sprouts more ideas

    Media 09 10:14

  • PlayStation Vita priced up for UK punters

    Predictably poor exchange rates

    Games 09 10:29

  • Another Groupon ad complaint upheld

    Backlash: Eyelash slash trashed

    Business 09 10:36

  • EQu

    Pump up the volume

    Phones 09 10:44

  • Unique imagery of Shuttle docked to ISS released

    First and last chance to see

    Science 09 10:57

  • Sony restores online VoD shop Qriocity

    Normal service resumed?

    Media 09 10:57

  • HP assigns $2bn of finance in CIO cloud investment prod

    Let us take care of raising the cash

    Cloud 09 11:19

  • Dell: 10in Android dual-core tablet for China, not West

    So we'll get the quad-core model, yes?

    Tablets 09 11:26

  • Apple purges drunk-driving apps

    Speeding still OK, apparently

    Applications 09 11:28

  • Sony Ericsson reveals handsets for TwitBookers

    Walkman, Tweet man

    Phones 09 11:32

  • Boris-Bike firm penalised by £5m over system hiccups

    London rentacycle project not having smooth ride

    Business 09 11:43

  • MP claims NotW sleuths targeted royals, politicians, Blair

    Kate Middleton's privacy penetrated, claims paper

    Security 09 11:54

  • Hunted: The Demon's Forge

    Take a bow

    Games 09 12:00

  • Netherlands first European nation to adopt net neutrality

    Telcos wail as revenues snatched from paws

    Networks 09 12:13

  • British music collects 10 per cent more royalties

    Blighty rakes it in from NZ, Jamaica

    Media 09 12:26

  • London Ambulance Service downed by upgrade cockup

    999 operators driven back to pen and paper

    Policy 09 12:43

  • HTC does the ChaCha with Three and Vodafone

    Improved and contracted

    Mobile 09 12:56

  • BP world energy review: Chinese coal drives up CO2

    EU's emissions cuts paltry in comparison

    Science 09 12:57

  • Two new Ofcom board members appointed

    There is nothin' like a dame

    Networks 09 13:19

  • Cybercrime figures 'as true as sexual-conquest scores'

    I've slept with many ladies, and caught lots of viruses

    Security 09 13:38

  • Cloud: today, tomorrow, not yet

    Assessing how your business moves apps into the cloud

    Reg Technology Panel 09 13:49

  • Dell's dedupe story still unfolding

    Ocarina rocket scientists look to crack the block

    Storage 09 13:58

  • IBM to commercialize chip-design cluster tools

    You'll be able to provision a cluster 'in minutes'

    Servers 09 14:17

  • HP WebOS tablet to ship early July

    TouchPad inbound

    Tablets 09 14:23

  • Nokia CTO replaced by Professor of Karma

    It's deja vu, all over again

    Business 09 14:38

  • BioWare blows brains with intro cinematics for Star Wars MMO

    Old Republic gets CG makeover

    Games 09 14:46

  • Griffin Window Mount in-car phone holder

    Hands-free handsets

    Phones 09 15:00

  • Cornish cow plucked from jaws of death by Navy chopper

    'A Mooooving experience', says rapier-witted chief

    Bootnotes 09 15:00

  • Storage DEATHMATCH: Permabit v Isilon

    'Respectfully disagree with everything you say'

    Storage 09 15:23

  • World IPv6 Day fails to kill the internet

    Publicity stunt over, now the work begins

    Hosting 09 15:47

  • Win an HP TouchPad!

    One Reg reader just bagged fine HP kit – now it's your turn

    Site News 09 17:33

  • Apple backs down (a bit) on iOS subscription rules

    Thanks to Android. And the Financial Times

    Mobile 09 19:11

  • Microsoft loses Supreme patent fight over Word

    Have-it-both-ways defense fails

    Applications 09 19:35

  • A peek inside Apple's iCloud data center

    Teradata gear, maybe HP and NetApp

    Cloud 09 19:36

  • Intel invests in 'personal robot' future

    Today, healthcare. Tomorrow, perambulating laptops

    Financial News 09 20:17

  • Feds seize $15m from scareware monger's Swiss account

    Fugitive accused of bilking millions

    Security 09 21:01

  • Peeping Tom Mac spyware suspect cuffed

    Sleazy does it

    Security 09 22:27

  • Australian banks start replacing RSA tokens

    Singing from the same song-sheet

    Security 09 23:00

  • Google borgs display ad optimizer for $400m

    Bring on the regulators

    Media 09 23:32