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Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

BBC to serve Wimbledon finals in 3D

The BBC will broadcast the 2011 Wimbledon tennis tournament finals in 3D.
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iTunes Match is iPiracy, claims loopy Oz industry troll

You can’t make this stuff up: the new Apple iTunes Match service has been described as “legitimizing piracy” by an Australian lawyer.
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Sony shuts down site to investigate possible hack

Sony has temporarily shuttered yet another website following reports it may have suffered an attack by hackers.

Get your network ready for World IPv6 Day

Hands On Today is World IPv6 Day, so you might be wondering just how easy it is to run IPv6 on your own home network. The answer is that it’s surprisingly simple, and even if you can’t yet get IPv6 connectivity from your internet provider, it’s still possible to connect your PC – or indeed your whole network – to the IPv6 internet.

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry?

Comment Has Apple prophet Steve Jobs just foretold the end of the desktop hard drive?
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Google offers tunnel through Kazakh border

Google has rejected demands from the Kazakhstan government that all local search requests should go through servers located in the country.
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'Backward' resellers impede cloud progress. Yeah, right

Comment Comment I have conducted a lot of interviews recently with vendors, resellers and systems integrators about why it is proving so hard to motivate the traditional IT channel to get on board with cloud. There are some examples of success, but scaling up action beyond a minority of niche partners or risk takers seems to be …
Dale Vile, 08 2011
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Google: We ARE Big Culture

World Copyright Summit Google offered a vision of itself as the greatest cultural philanthropist in the world yesterday – a sort of Medici family for the 21st century. Everywhere Google went, it was bringing high culture to the masses.
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Facebook: 'We should've been more clear' on face-scanning tech

Facebook has tried to prevent yet another privacy row engulfing the social network by admitting it "should have been more clear" about the roll-out of its facial recognition technology.
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Breaking wave 'big as the USA' spied on Sun's surface

NASA boffins, staring into the Sun with a new space telescope, say they have detected unthinkably enormous waves rolling across the star's hot surface - as if a gigantic breaker of the sort beloved by surfers were scaled up to the size of the United States.
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RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'

Pakistani pilots flying modernised versions of the 1970s-vintage F-16 Falcon fighter have beaten the RAF's brand-new Eurofighter Typhoon superfighters during air combat exercises in Turkey, according to a Pakistani officer.
Mario Question

Most gamers are middle-aged adults: FACT

Kids love videogames, it goes without saying. However, according to a new study, there are more adults out there playing them, with the average gamer today almost 40 years old.
Caleb Cox, 08 2011
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Sony hack reveals password security is even worse than feared

An analysis of password re-use from data spilled via the Sony and Gawker hack reveals that consumer password security is even more lax than we might have feared.

Whitebox tablet sales surge smacks down iPad

Apple's stranglehold on the worldwide tablet market has loosened slightly, with whitebox or non-branded vendors taking over as the fastest-growing segment during the first quarter, according to research from beancounters at DisplaySearch.
Apple iPad 2

iOS 5 system files finger next-gen iPad, iPhone

Apple's developer-only pre-release version of iOS 5 contains tantalising references to future iPhones and iPads.
Sony NEX-C3 and HVL-F20S flash

Sony reveals next-gen NEX

With compact system cameras (CSC) fast becoming the snapper of choice among the photo enthusiasts, the race is on to make the smallest to broaden their appeal still further. Sony’s NEX range of APS-C compacts has always been dinky, but the latest addition, the NEX-C3 rounds off the boxy look of its predecessors with its polycarbonate body.
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May's terror review reveals state of unknowns

Home Secretary Theresa May has revealed the results of Lord Carlile's review of Prevent, the anti-terror program.
Windows 8

Win8: A beginner's guide to FondleWindows

Microsoft has unveiled the biggest design changes to Windows in the past 15 years, and probably the biggest redesign in its 26-year life. There are also implications for Windows developers – many of you will soon be obliged to learn the Ways of the Script Kiddie. These are huge changes and you should have a look yourself.
Wii U

Nintendo coughs to using Xbox, PS3 footage at Wii U event

All that glistens is not necessarily Nintendo, it seems, after news has broken that gameplay footage shown during its Wii U announcement was actually from Xbox 360 and PS3 games, rather than clips rendered by the new hardware.
Caleb Cox, 08 2011
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Apple 'spaceship' awaits landing clearance in Cupertino

Apple boss Steve Jobs has pitched Cupertino's City Council with plans to build a new company campus on the land it recently bought from Hewlett-Packard.
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Java update tackles multiple critical flaws

Oracle has released a cross-platform update for Java that addresses 17 vulnerabilities in the ubiquitous software platform.
Hannspree HannsPad

Hannspree Hannspad 10.1in Android tablet

Review Hannspree is primarily known for its somewhat gimmicky range of TVs and monitors – if you ever need a TV embedded in the stomach of a cuddly toy then Hannspree has just the thing for you. Its move into the tablet PC market was therefore rather unexpected. However the new Hannspad actually turns out to be quite a pleasant surprise.
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'Leccy price hike: Greens to blame as well as energy biz

Analysis UK consumers seem set to suffer a vicious round of electricity price rises in the near future: and for the first time the energy suppliers are not only blaming the gas market but openly pointing the finger at steadily escalating government green policies whose effect is to drive up utility bills.
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Hybrid vigour boosts Cloud formation

Cloud computing was always going to be about hybrid models, as we have already discussed (Cloud says No). This was brought up some three years ago by our colleagues at Freeform Dynamics.

Top telly tech fails to drive new set sales

The technologies telly makers are promoting in a bid to persuade punters to replace existing TVs are failing to excite consumers.
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Maximum fine raised to £2m for telcos that don't cough up network data

Ofcom can fine telecoms companies up to £2m for failing to hand over information about their networks, the media regulator has said.
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UK gov to bust fraudulent IT suppliers

The Coalition has concocted a four-pronged strategy to cut the £2.4bn problem stemming from public sector procurement fraud.
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Everything Everywhere goes all over the High Street

Orange and T-Mobile's joint sales tentacle Everything Everywhere is opening 30 new shops in the UK.
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An Adelaide-based entrepreneur has hit upon a novel method of fighting global warming: he intends to exterminate Australia's vast population of feral camels by means of gunfire from helicopters and jeeps, so preventing the beasts from unleashing a deadly planet-wrecking miasma of greenhouse gas from their rumbling guts.

Microsoft BPOS encourages jacuzzi use at Wise Group

Video Glasgow-based Wise Group has worked for a generation in Scotland to help get jobs for ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed.
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Pixmania users report scam-spam bombardment

Updated Several Reg readers have complained to us about receiving spam emails directed at addresses they had exclusively supplied to Pixmania, the online consumer electronics retailer.

Porridge for Ofcom IT boss in £500k software fraud

Jurgen Whitehouse, IT services boss at Ofcom, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison yesterday for defrauding the telecoms regulator out of more than half-a-million quid.

Explosion at Intel's 'Fab 32' Arizona chip plant

A small explosion injured seven people yesterday afternoon at Intel's wafer-baking factory in Chandler, Arizona.
Belkin Pleat Sleeve

Belkin Pleat Sleeve for Kindle

Txt Take Daily Product reviews in 140 characters...
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Pirate-bothering ACS:Law lawyer goes bankrupt

Andrew Crossley, the man/lawyer behind file-sharer-botherers ACS:Law, has been declared bankrupt.
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UK watchdog looking into Facebook face-tech row

Blighty's data regulator the Information Commissioners Office is talking to Facebook about the "privacy implications" of its facial recognition technology, The Register has learned.

Dell flashes roadmap, keeps product futures in its pants

Dell Storage Forum Dell's Storage Forum in Orlando is packed with 900 attendees, full of happy channel partners pleased with the Compellent integration process, enticed by the Fluid Data marketing idea. And yet there is a lack of pizazz, and no flat-out fantastic ideas.
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Greek police nab Pentagon hacking carding suspect

Greek police have arrested an 18-year-old suspected of hacking into systems run by Interpol, the FBI, and the Pentagon.
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Apple: First cult to lead world in semiconductor spending

Apple has become the world's largest OEM buyer of seminconductors, leaving both Hewlett-Packard and Samsung in the dust, according to industry research outfit IHS iSuppli.
Cade Metz, 08 2011
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Researcher slows PC sales growth prediction

Market watcher Gartner has reduced its forecast for the degree of growth it expects the global PC market to experience this year - largely thanks to a slowdown in consumer spending.
Hard Reg, 08 2011
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US bill would make concealing data breaches a crime

US-based companies would be required to report data breaches that threaten consumer privacy and could face stiff penalties for concealing them under federal legislation that was introduced in the Senate on Tuesday.

Appro wins 6 petaflops contract from DOE nuke labs

Niche supercomputer supplier Appro International has bagged the largest deal in its history, having won a massive contract from the US Department of Energy to supply up to 6 petaflops of raw computing power to three of its nuke labs for the next several years.
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Ex-Google engineer dubs Goofrastructure 'truly obsolete'

A former Google engineer who worked on a library at the heart of "nearly every Java server at Google" has dubbed the company's much-ballyhooed backend software "well and truly obsolete".
Cade Metz, 08 2011
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Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

Apple is famous for going to absurd lengths to enforce its patents and trademarks. It recently sued Amazon for calling its app store Appstore. And it has publicly lectured competitors to “create their own original technology, not steal ours”.
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HP threatens Oracle with legal action for jumping Itanic

HP has threatened legal action in response to Oracle's recent decision to withdraw support for its software on future Itanium processors.
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US senators draw a bead on Bitcoin

Two US senators have called on American authorities to crack down on the Bitcoin peer-to-peer online virtual “currency” after discovering it’s being used, rather like greenbacks in personal transactions, to buy drugs anonymously.
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DoC calls for security standards, co-operation

The US Department of Commerce is broadening its attention beyond the critical infrastructure sector, proposing security codes of conduct for the rest of the Internet economy.