7th June 2011 Archive

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  • Twitter cock-up confession deflates Weiner

    Member of Congress

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 00:11

  • Huawei gets true blue with Oz board

    One Liberal, one Labor and a sailor all get a seat

    Financial News 07 Jun 02:30

  • No space @ MySpace

    Horne departs the unsocial network

    Media 07 Jun 03:00

  • Australian spectrum plan a win for carriers

    Emergency services elbowed up to 800 MHz band

    Mobile 07 Jun 03:30

  • App Engine: Google's deepest secrets as a service

    The software scales. But will the Google rulebook?

    Cloud 07 Jun 03:50

  • Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast

    Keep your head in the clouds

    Software 07 Jun 04:00

  • Embotics shoots low with V-Commander Cloud Edition

    vCloud on the cheap for SMBs

    Cloud 07 Jun 05:00

  • Men pocket $1.5m in alleged ATM skimming spree

    Feds charge men with aggravated ID theft

    Security 07 Jun 06:00

  • Aliph Jawbone Era motion sensing Bluetooth headset

    Do the shake 'n' chat

    Hardware 07 Jun 07:00

  • Can virtualisation and cloud create flexible, scalable HPC environments?

    Reg reader says yes

    HPC 07 Jun 07:33

  • New Bluetooth profiles for heart rate, body temp kit

    Sticker can message you your kid's temperature

    Broadband 07 Jun 08:40

  • Spot-the-fake site launched

    ***GENUINE*** bargain

    Small Biz 07 Jun 08:55

  • NHS Direct

    Nurse, the screen...

    Phones 07 Jun 09:00

  • New 'liquid smart metal' can go hard or floppy

    Self-healing too. Insert mimetic polyalloy reference here

    Science 07 Jun 09:24

  • Apple iOS 5 and iCloud examined

    We rate the key announcements

    Phones 07 Jun 09:33

  • Rockstar publishes LA Noire e-book giveaway

    A novel gesture

    Games 07 Jun 09:35

  • Microsoft reveals revamped Xbox dashboard

    Remote control out; gesture, voice recognition in

    Games 07 Jun 09:46

  • Somerset council review criticises Southwest One

    Report says joint venture with IBM 'could do better'

    The Channel 07 Jun 09:58

  • RSA makes token offer to worried customers

    Terribly sorry

    Security 07 Jun 10:08

  • Phoenix IT sales up but op profit down

    The highs and low of moving to the cloud

    The Channel 07 Jun 10:22

  • Dynamic ninjas kill off free DNS service

    Go premium or GTFO, website owners

    Networks 07 Jun 10:23

  • Calyx Software seals two reseller acquisitions for £6m

    VC Jon Moulton splashes the cash

    The Channel 07 Jun 10:24

  • Sony unveils PlayStation telly

    PS Vita - 2G PSP - too

    Hardware 07 Jun 10:32

  • FT sticks it to Apple

    We don't need no steenking iTunes

    Mobile 07 Jun 10:52

  • Texas cinema texter becomes foul-mouthed movie star

    Gobby customer feels full force of mobe rule

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 10:58

  • Virgin Media gets VAT refund from HMRC

    Now owes taxman £23.6m

    Broadband 07 Jun 11:00

  • Belching cattle apocalypse menace sniffed in cowpats

    Bullshit science - but in a good way

    Science 07 Jun 11:04

  • The Impact of Cloud on IT

    'All change' or 'Steady as she goes'?

    Cloud 07 Jun 11:14

  • Transition leaves frustrated corporates locked out of Google Groups

    Catch 22.0

    CIO 07 Jun 11:25

  • Chinese 'Twitter' breaks out of China

    Sina Weibo to take on global customers (who want to toe the Party line)

    Mobile 07 Jun 11:41

  • Germans completely humourless: Official

    Survey confirms stone-faced national stereotype

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 11:43

  • 'Great Reversal' as world's forests stage a comeback

    Great news for treehuggers as burgeoning woods suck CO2

    Science 07 Jun 11:52

  • HP talks storage, convergence, integration

    Blogger overload

    Storage 07 Jun 11:59

  • Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

    Pop to the shops

    Science 07 Jun 12:00

  • Attorney General threatens Twitter injunction-busters

    'Not something I particularly want to do'

    Law 07 Jun 12:01

  • Skype hangs up on users yet again

    More problems, less chat

    VoIP 07 Jun 12:04

  • Play.com pummelled over purported piracy permissiveness

    Etailer spanked for 'dodgy' software sales

    Small Biz 07 Jun 12:26

  • Paramount sets Star Trek phasers to Move

    I vote we blast 'em

    Games 07 Jun 12:27

  • Brit censor stamps on The Human Centipede

    'Unacceptable' horror sequel DVD refused certificate

    Bootnotes 07 Jun 12:56

  • Cisco UK partner boss gets new role in the cloud

    Permanent replacement more than a month away

    The Channel 07 Jun 13:36

  • BBC Freesat tech switch zaps HD channels from 'old' boxes

    Shift to DVB-S2 sets punters a-grumbing

    Hardware 07 Jun 13:48

  • Apple embraces 'n' extends messaging

    iWalledGarden or iSilo? That'll do nicely

    Applications 07 Jun 13:55

  • Facebook quietly switches on facial recognition tech by default

    Tag, you're it. Zuckerberg amps up data-farming mission creep

    Applications 07 Jun 13:56

  • Tory terror changes promise moon on stick

    Doctors to predict future-bombers, blacklist for UK internet

    Government 07 Jun 14:07

  • Microsoft fingered for Nokia's bleak future

    Shares fall on ratings downgrade

    Mobile 07 Jun 14:46

  • Griffin Cabinet Mount for iPad

    Kitchen tablet

    Laptops and Tablets 07 Jun 15:00

  • Feds turn one in four black-hat hackers into snitches

    Cracktivists beware...

    Security 07 Jun 15:01

  • 3D-printed bikini goes on sale

    Bristol fashion

    Hardware 07 Jun 15:50

  • IBM tunes Xeon E7 appliances for VMware hypervisor

    And HANA loves SAP

    Servers 07 Jun 16:33

  • Infosmack delivers burgers and bullets

    Got it taped

    Infosmack 07 Jun 16:44

  • Fujitsu's Windows Azure cloud debuts this August

    Whither HP and Dell?

    Cloud 07 Jun 17:15

  • Apple releases iTunes 10.3 with beta iCloud

    Jobsian purchases shared across multiple devices

    Cloud 07 Jun 18:04

  • Intel enlists universities in security wars

    All research to be shared and open sourced

    Security 07 Jun 18:56

  • Microsoft goes bot herder hunting in streets of Russia

    Rustock operators on notice

    Security 07 Jun 19:26

  • Nintendo takes control with next-gen games console

    Warm welcome for Wii U

    Games 07 Jun 22:05

  • Canadian Conservative Party website defaced

    Reports of PM choking on hashbrowns greatly exaggerated

    Security 07 Jun 22:18

  • HP plugs CloudSystem into Amazon and other heavens

    Where blades go to die

    Cloud 07 Jun 22:45

  • Apple iCloud: Steve Jobs' own private internet

    It's like Google. Minus the web

    Cloud 07 Jun 22:51

  • Microsoft iCOMP extends anti-Google push to Australia

    Calls for regulator inquiry into search

    Financial News 07 Jun 22:52

  • Hackers jailbreak iOS 5 in under 24 hours

    Like clockwork

    Security 07 Jun 23:01

  • Computers locking up kids in NSW

    COPS can’t get anything right

    Government 07 Jun 23:50