6th June 2011 Archive

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  • Auf Wiedersehen, Hipster Hitler

    RedBubble don’t Reich you

    Bootnotes 06 02:22

  • Windows 8: Microsoft’s high-stakes .NET tablet gamble

    No room in the HTML/Javascript lifeboat

    Operating Systems 06 03:00

  • Scality shows off its mighty RING

    'Our ring is resilient and self-healing'

    Storage 06 08:01

  • Strange portents in the storage world

    IDC minstrels tell of the vanished giant Dell

    Storage 06 08:58

  • Aussie vendor pledges to ship 'first' Chrome laptop this week

    To Pommies, too

    Laptops 06 09:09

  • Virgin IT dept shocked by donkey-shagging Taliban

    Four battle airline in porn spam-shot sack rumpus

    Management 06 09:26

  • Oxfam's 'Grow' world hunger plan: More peasants

    Hippie-crats correct on axing farm subsidies, tho

    Government 06 10:06

  • Japan seeks unheard-of new uses for cell location data

    Big Brother by no means the only interested party

    Mobile 06 10:29

  • Google acting as a 'political tool', says China

    'Chimerical' spear-phish story breathed on by the Dragon

    Government 06 10:43

  • Xbox 360 sales reach Sony-smashing milestone

    Microsoft has X-factor in popularity contest

    Games 06 10:51

  • Sandi Toksvig puts the 'n' into cuts - on the Beeb

    Only children who can spell properly could be offended

    Media 06 11:00

  • LG Optimus 3D dual core Android smartphone

    Outstanding display?

    Phones 06 11:01

  • FBI affiliates hacked by LulzSec

    Mischiefcreants, password-reusing 'hat swap mud

    Security 06 11:13

  • Google grabs social networking trawler PostRank

    May land rich catch of slippery, malodorous marketeers

    Business 06 11:31

  • IDC slashes PC sales forecast for 2011

    Fear the fondle slab!

    Hardware 06 11:41

  • 'Dodgy Android apps are breaking our phones' - Motorola

    Claim 70% of duff handset returns caused by crapps

    Mobile 06 11:58

  • Movie-goer punts 3D-to-2D cinema specs

    Changing dimensions

    Hardware 06 12:21

  • HP enterprise bigshot packs it in after just three months

    No replacement yet lined up for vanishing Frenchman

    The Channel 06 12:51

  • Nintendo outs eShop update for 3DS

    Weekly content promised

    Games 06 13:01

  • Apple hit by new competition complaint as iCloud launches

    Germans' streams choked off by fondleslab stranglehold

    Media 06 13:15

  • Boffins develop working MALE PILL

    For mice and (maybe soon) men

    Science 06 13:39

  • Tech 'tecs quiz Yorkshireman in Facebook hack probe

    'Ecky thoomp! Rum 'un pwns t' social network?

    Security 06 14:08

  • Mellanox forges switch-hitting ConnectX-3 adapters

    The server companion to SwitchX switch chips

    Data Networking 06 14:29

  • Gov fails to have knowledge of itself on websites

    Mandarins unable to achieve release

    Government 06 14:46

  • Speck SeeThru MacBook Air cover

    Colour your metal

    Laptops 06 15:00

  • Cameron calls for ISP-level parental censorship tools

    Save our online nippers from porn and - worse - ads

    Networks 06 15:09

  • Desktop virtualisation: Yes, it's cheaper

    PCs burn through the money

    Enterprise Tech 06 15:29

  • Adobe rushes out patch for all-platform Flash vuln

    Came out on Sunday - must be important

    Security 06 15:35

  • Microsoft drops Halo 4 hint ahead of E3 keynote

    Cock-up or conspiracy?

    Games 06 16:09

  • Oracle cranks Red Hat Linux clone to 6.1

    Ellison laughs at anti-cloning tactics

    The Channel 06 17:31

  • Stolen RSA data used to hack defense contractor

    SecurID woes catch up to Lockheed Martin

    Security 06 18:52

  • HP erects common storage platform

    Ibrix, LeftHand, and StoreOnce embraced

    Storage 06 18:58

  • Apple opens iCloud to world+dog

    Jobs: 'It's not as crap as MobileMe. Promise'

    Cloud 06 20:47

  • Mac OS X Lion debuts in July as $29.99 upgrade

    Jobs claims 250 new features, 3,000 new APIs

    Software 06 21:39

  • HP welds data center containers into EcoPODs

    69 kilowatts per rack

    Servers 06 21:43

  • 1000 day wait for Sarah Palin emails nearly over

    Transparency delayed...

    Security 06 22:20

  • eBay buy signals retail-as-a-service cloud

    X.Commerce marks the spot

    Cloud 06 22:59

  • Two fat atoms get the nod

    Super-sizing the periodic table

    Science 06 23:35

  • Apple uncloaks top 10 tools of iOS 5

    Devs get it now. Users this fall

    Mobile 06 23:51