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Auf Wiedersehen, Hipster Hitler

What started as a row over tasteless art is now engulfing RedBubble co-founder Martin Hosking in a conflict-of-interest furore as well.
Natalie Apostolou, 06 Jun 2011
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Windows 8: Microsoft’s high-stakes .NET tablet gamble

There is a long discussion over on the official Silverlight forum about Microsoft's Windows 8 demo at D9 and what was said, and not said; and another over on Channel 9, Microsoft's video-centric community site for developers.
Tim Anderson, 06 Jun 2011

Scality shows off its mighty RING

French supplier Scality has updated its RING software with a major release which proves, it claims, that object-based storage can be faster than SAN or NAS for unstructured data operations.
Chris Mellor, 06 Jun 2011
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Strange portents in the storage world

Big changes are afoot in the storage world, with IDC's storage tracker showing NetApp outgrowing everybody, Dell fading and HDS coming on strong. EMC is still top dog but HP and IBM are faltering.
Chris Mellor, 06 Jun 2011
Kogan Agora Chrome OS netbook

Aussie vendor pledges to ship 'first' Chrome laptop this week

Want a notebook based on Google's Chrome OS? Want it this week? Aussie online retailer Kogan is promising Brits just that.
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2011

Virgin IT dept shocked by donkey-shagging Taliban

Four Virgin Atlantic employees at Gatwick airport were sacked after a video purportedly showing a member of the Taliban having sex with a donkey was emailed to the airline's entire IT department.
Lester Haines, 06 Jun 2011

Oxfam's 'Grow' world hunger plan: More peasants

CommentOxfam's latest campaign, "Grow", seems so lovely and cuddly that to criticise it is almost like torturing puppies. What could be wrong with trying to feed the hungry and thus make the world a better place? Alas, if wishes were kings we could all be monarchs for the day and what's wrong with the campaign is not the initial wish but the list of damn fool things it intends to do.
Tim Worstall, 06 Jun 2011

Japan seeks unheard-of new uses for cell location data

Japanese operator NTT Docomo plans to use its store of location data to work out where to build more houses, and how many people get stuck during an earthquake.
Bill Ray, 06 Jun 2011

Google acting as a 'political tool', says China

China has issued a clear warning against Google's plans to grow its business in the People's Republic and labelled the company a "political tool" after hacking claims the company made against Beijing last week.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jun 2011
Consoles & Gadgets Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller

Xbox 360 sales reach Sony-smashing milestone

Microsoft has revealed it passed the 55m mark for sales of the Xbox 360 console last week, putting it ahead of the PS3 in the overall global sales standing.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jun 2011

Sandi Toksvig puts the 'n' into cuts - on the Beeb

The BBC has defended a joke by The News Quiz presenter Sandi Toksvig which, according to the Daily Mail, may have irreparably undermined the very bedrock of decency on which Middle England stands.
Lester Haines, 06 Jun 2011
LG Optimus 3D

LG Optimus 3D dual core Android smartphone

ReviewFancy a Nintendo 3DS so you can play 3D games on the move but don’t have the pocket space for a console and a mobile? LG has come up with an alternative in the (sizeable) shape of its Optimus 3D. Like the Nintendo games machine, this phone offers 3D without those darn glasses you need at the cinema. And it also has twin cameras, so you can shoot 3D stills and video.
David Phelan, 06 Jun 2011

FBI affiliates hacked by LulzSec

Mischief-making hacking group LulzSec hacked into the systems of an FBI-affiliated public-private partnership organisation, defacing its website and leaking its email database in the process.
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2011

Google grabs social networking trawler PostRank

Google has bought PostRank – an analytics firm which claims to make sense from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.
John Oates, 06 Jun 2011

IDC slashes PC sales forecast for 2011

IDC today nearly halved its worldwide PC shipment growth forecast for 2011 on the back of continued sluggish consumer demand in mature markets.
Paul Kunert, 06 Jun 2011

'Dodgy Android apps are breaking our phones' - Motorola

Motorola's CEO reckons 70 per cent of smartphone returns are caused by third-party applications dragging down their devices, thanks to the openness of the Android platform.
Bill Ray, 06 Jun 2011
2D Glasses

Movie-goer punts 3D-to-2D cinema specs

Are you regularly forced to sit through 3D kids' flicks in the cinema, generating inevitable headaches and eyestrain, powerless to do anything except hide behind your popcorn and cower at the daunting visuals?
Caleb Cox, 06 Jun 2011
For Sale sign detail

HP enterprise bigshot packs it in after just three months

Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that the SVP and GM of sales for its enterprise server, storage and networking (ESSN) division across EMEA has resigned just three months after taking on the role.
Paul Kunert, 06 Jun 2011
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo outs eShop update for 3DS

Nintendo has launched the eShop for 3DS, offering 3D versions of games from yesteryear, as well as movie trailers and details of upcoming releases.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jun 2011

Apple hit by new competition complaint as iCloud launches

A German music site has lodged a competition complaint against Apple ahead of its iCloud launch later today.
John Oates, 06 Jun 2011

Boffins develop working MALE PILL

Stateside boffins think that they may have delivered a long-sought boon: a male oral contraceptive without undesirable side effects.
Lewis Page, 06 Jun 2011

Tech 'tecs quiz Yorkshireman in Facebook hack probe

Police have arrested and questioned a Yorkshire man over allegations that he hacked into social networking website Facebook.
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2011
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Mellanox forges switch-hitting ConnectX-3 adapters

Networking chip, adapter card and switch maker Mellanox is rounding out its converged InfiniBand-Ethernet product line with the debut of the ConnectX-3 integrated circuits and network adapter cards built using the chips.

Gov fails to have knowledge of itself on websites

The Cabinet Office has missed a key deadline for the release of information on the number of central government websites in operation.
Speck SeeThru

Speck SeeThru MacBook Air cover

Txt TakeDaily Product reviews in 140 characters...
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2011

Cameron calls for ISP-level parental censorship tools

Prime Minister David Cameron has warned ISPs to be more robust with their plans to provide better tools to help parents censor sexualised content online, or else the government could step in with its own regulation measures.
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Jun 2011

Desktop virtualisation: Yes, it's cheaper

OpinionYes, a virtualised desktop environment can save you money - and trouble - if you do it right. Get it wrong and it can cost you more, so it's worth planning properly before jumping in feet-first.
Mike Banahan, 06 Jun 2011

Adobe rushes out patch for all-platform Flash vuln

Adobe has fixed a potentially serious cross-platform security bug in its Flash Player software with an out-of-sequence security update.
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2011
Consoles & Gadgets Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller

Microsoft drops Halo 4 hint ahead of E3 keynote

Microsoft has let slip its E3 lineup ahead of this afternoon's keynote, with the topic of Halo 4 high on the agenda, apparently.
Caleb Cox, 06 Jun 2011

Oracle cranks Red Hat Linux clone to 6.1

If you needed a demonstration that Oracle is not CentOS, then look no further than the fact that only two weeks after Red Hat announced its Enterprise Linux 6.1 update, software giant Oracle has kicked out its Linux 6.1 clone. This is despite Red Hat's attempts to slow down the RHEL cloners and others – such as Oracle and the former Novell – that offer technical support for RHEL distributions.

Stolen RSA data used to hack defense contractor

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin has confirmed that a recent attack on its network was aided by the theft of confidential data relating to RSA SecurID tokens employees use to access sensitive corporate and government computer systems.
Dan Goodin, 06 Jun 2011

HP erects common storage platform

HP has announced Store360, common storage services software that uses underlying ProLiant and BladeSystem hardware, with storage personalities layered on top.
Chris Mellor, 06 Jun 2011

Apple opens iCloud to world+dog

Apple's new iCloud will be the online repository for Contacts, Calendars, Mail, Photos, and iTunes. Less expected – but hoped for – was news that the cloudy storage locker will also be available to third-party developers to provide document storage and retrieval for their apps.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jun 2011
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Mac OS X Lion debuts in July as $29.99 upgrade

Mac OS X Lion – the next incarnation of Apple's desktop, notebook, and server operating system – will go on sale in July at a price of $29.99.
Cade Metz, 06 Jun 2011

HP welds data center containers into EcoPODs

Hewlett-Packard is still one of the big believers in containerized data centers, and the reason is simple: A select number of customers who are focused on power efficiency, speed of deployment, or both pay HP money to weld these things together and slap a coat of paint on them.

1000 day wait for Sarah Palin emails nearly over

After close to 1,000 days, the Alaska governor's office is finally set to release more than 24,000 pages of emails sent and received by former Gov. Sarah Palin during her first 21 months in office.
Dan Goodin, 06 Jun 2011

eBay buy signals retail-as-a-service cloud

eBay has bought a tiny PHP specialist as a precursor to rolling out a massive cloud commerce platform-as-a-service for retailers, complete with an app-store fed by web developers.
Gavin Clarke, 06 Jun 2011

Two fat atoms get the nod

If you’re the kind of person to lay out more than US$8,000 on a periodic table coffee table, The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has bad news for you: it’s obsolete.
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Jun 2011

Apple uncloaks top 10 tools of iOS 5

Apple has taken the wraps off iOS 5, touting a set of new features that range from the interesting, such Twitter integration and an entirely new messaging infrastructure, to the "What took you so long?", such as using your device's camera from the lock screen and tabbed browsing in Safari. The operating system is due for arrival on devices this fall.
Rik Myslewski, 06 Jun 2011

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