1st June 2011 Archive

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  • Twitpic T&Cs spark teacup storm

    Your pics are our pics: so what's new?

    Bootnotes 01 Jun 00:07

  • Australia launches digital blueprint

    'NBN the only solution'

    Broadband 01 Jun 00:30

  • US Supremes add 'willful blindness' to patent law

    Deep fryer leads to higher standard of proof

    Law 01 Jun 03:28

  • Server makers wrap iron around Nvidia GPUs

    How many Teslas can you screw into a chassis?

    HPC 01 Jun 04:00

  • IPO finally begins peer review pilot to test patent applications

    Getting experts to wade in on invention claims

    Small Biz 01 Jun 06:00

  • Logitech Z906 5.1 surround speakers kit

    A blast for PCs and consoles

    Hardware 01 Jun 06:00

  • Space shuttle Endeavour's long journey is over

    Touches down at end of final mission

    Science 01 Jun 07:20

  • Seagate, WD should put a gun to Brussels' head

    How can the EC meddle in acquisitions beyond its borders?

    Storage 01 Jun 08:06

  • EMC and NetApp on a roll

    Storage pure plays kicking ass

    Storage 01 Jun 09:08

  • 3D printer produces working house keys

    Bolt from the blueprint

    Hardware 01 Jun 09:29

  • Tru unveils iPad local rate data-pricing for UK, US and Oz

    'Local anywhere' outfit does fondleslabs

    Mobile 01 Jun 09:33

  • Canadian prof: Wikipedia makes kids study harder

    Provided you use it as an exam, not an info source

    Bootnotes 01 Jun 10:06

  • El Reg pays by phone – mmmm, free cookies!

    Slow tap dance for UK's first contactless payments

    Mobile 01 Jun 10:15

  • Boeing reveals partners for MoD logistics

    Seven companies join defence business in military IT programme

    The Channel 01 Jun 10:18

  • Verity Stob and the super subjunction

    Excuse me, Miss, but your pronouns need upgrading

    Verity Stob 01 Jun 10:28

  • Speck ToughSkin iPhone 4 case

    True grip

    Phones 01 Jun 11:00

  • Notorious Russian spammer 'admits child abuse'

    Used basement of his St Petersburg office as 'dungeon', say cops

    Security 01 Jun 11:03

  • FCC demands AT&T prove spectrum scarcity claims

    Emperor's clothes looking a little sheer

    Mobile 01 Jun 11:06

  • Google's Eric Schmidt 'screwed up' over social network FAIL

    Facebook do evil, we don't do evil, but we know evil. Ergo, we're evil, right?

    Applications 01 Jun 11:12

  • Engineering students design tent for camping on Mars

    Meteor and radiation proof, less need to drink own urine

    Science 01 Jun 11:41

  • Acer tweaks tablet with MeeGo move

    Mobile Linux fondleslab joins Iconia ranks

    Tablets 01 Jun 11:46

  • Mesh Computers goes titsup

    Chill wind blows up North Circular

    The Channel 01 Jun 11:55

  • Acer Iconia Tab A500 10in Android tablet

    Well-connected Honeycomb fondleslab

    Tablets 01 Jun 12:00

  • Privacy group wins $500k from Google Buzz settlement

    That's a whole lotta wholesome, EPIC beans

    Law 01 Jun 12:11

  • Stealth-cam software snaps laptop looter

    What a mug

    Laptops 01 Jun 12:15

  • Space shuttle Endeavour: 'An incredible ship'

    25 missions and 122 million miles for 'amazing vehicle'

    Science 01 Jun 12:23

  • Biodegradable products are often worse for the planet

    Maybe choose a plastic cup, not a cardboard one

    Science 01 Jun 12:55

  • IBM guns down Neon's mainframe accelerator in Texas


    HPC 01 Jun 13:06

  • Wave of Trojans breaks over Android

    Fake security updates and other Windows malware-style trickery

    Security 01 Jun 13:24

  • Barnsley clamps down on foul-mouthed fu*king locals

    On-the-spot fines for verbal miscreants

    Bootnotes 01 Jun 13:40

  • Twitter bags internet advertising outfit

    Micro-blogging site buys AdGrok, tightens loose screws

    Financial News 01 Jun 14:07

  • Nokia betas some DLNA love

    Throw it up onto the big screen

    Mobile 01 Jun 14:18

  • What is UltraViolet™ and why should you care?

    Tesco buys into Hollywood's masterplan

    Bootnotes 01 Jun 14:33

  • Google open sources $68.2m realtime comm platform

    Audio and video chatter inside the browser

    Software 01 Jun 14:46

  • Earth receives picture postcard of Milky Way

    Spiral galaxy bears uncanny resemblance to our own home

    Science 01 Jun 14:57

  • Remastered Broken Sword slides onto iOS

    Point and tap

    Games 01 Jun 15:07

  • Second defence contractor targeted in RSA SecurID-based hack

    L-3 Communications also blames token-based attack...

    Security 01 Jun 15:20

  • Police ROBOT attacks and BURNS DOWN HOUSE

    Fugitive tracked by heat sensors escapes in conflag

    Bootnotes 01 Jun 15:32

  • Acer writes off $150m as audit finds 'abnormalities'

    EMEA warehouses bulging with kit

    The Channel 01 Jun 15:33

  • Yahoo! downs! mail! servers! for! essential! and extensive! work!

    Some users frozen out of inboxes due to 'scheduled maintenance'

    Broadband 01 Jun 16:01

  • Mac trojan evades Apple's brand new security fix

    Welcome to the mass market, Cupertino

    Security 01 Jun 16:53

  • Google rolls its Facebook mimic onto rest of web

    Zuckerberg envy extended

    Media 01 Jun 19:14

  • Google Apps end love for Firefox 3.5, IE7, and Safari 3

    Only newest (and next to newest) browsers

    The Channel 01 Jun 19:48

  • Marathon Facebook scam targets Mac, Windows users

    Social network slow to kill equal opportunity attack

    Security 01 Jun 21:11

  • NYSE Euronext fluffs financial cloud

    Amazon for hedge funds

    Cloud 01 Jun 21:23

  • Oracle drops OpenOffice on Apache, shuns forkers

    LibreOffice re-unification rejected

    Applications 01 Jun 21:55