24th May 2011 Archive

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  • i3 touts sewer as NBN saviour

    Cue rehash of internet toilet jokes

    Broadband 24 00:05

  • LinkedIn cookie vulnerable, claims researcher

    The user is gone but the session lingers on

    Security 24 00:05

  • Telstra turns on 4G

    On track for first to market

    Mobile 24 01:30

  • Google borgs fledgling price comparison site

    SparkBuy bought

    Financial News 24 02:33

  • Citrix nabs Kaviza for skinny VDI

    VMware View in rear view mirror

    Virtualization 24 02:39

  • Exploited Hotmail bug stole email without warning

    Attacks targeted email contents and contacts

    Security 24 03:00

  • Platform gets graphic with HPC cluster manager

    Supercomputing for Linux noobs

    HPC 24 04:00

  • PlayStation Network breach will cost Sony $171m

    And counting

    Financial News 24 05:00

  • Digital Stream DPS-1000 BBC iPlayer set-top box

    IPTV and DLNA for sub-par tellies

    Hardware 24 06:00

  • Catch of the Day hauls A$80m

    Dotcom millionaire renaissance alert

    The Channel 24 06:11

  • SendSpace

    Fling files from your phone

    Phones 24 08:00

  • Twitter buys Tweetdeck for $40m – report

    The Tweetening continues

    Financial News 24 08:14

  • Judgment Day prophet resets doomsday clock

    Rapture now 21 October, insists unapologetic Harold Camping

    Bootnotes 24 08:43

  • Steve Ballmer window-dresses Windows 8

    'A variety of different form factors' coming in 2012

    Software 24 09:00

  • Isilon and a question of Big Data

    Or was that ingestion?

    The Channel 24 09:00

  • Service Birmingham offshores IT jobs

    Joint venture firm moves back-office positions to India

    Management 24 09:04

  • ExaGrid stuffs dedupe boost into hot new box

    Thirty per cent better performance

    Storage 24 09:10

  • 3D fad fades for Yanks

    Jack Sparrow x 3 != $$$

    Hardware 24 09:13

  • Data General's Tom West dies

    The man who put the soul into a new machine

    Management 24 09:26

  • Making English injunctions apply in Scotland will be easy – expert

    Bad news for Scottish publishers

    Law 24 09:30

  • ISS 'nauts touch down in Kazakhstan

    Cady Coleman's hair back under full gravitational control

    Science 24 09:52

  • Windows on the Desktop? There's a group policy for that

    Managing by the book

    Desktop Strategy 24 10:00

  • Fracking fears are 'hot air': MPs

    Just keep an eye on it

    Science 24 10:04

  • Foxconn closes iPad factory after explosion deaths

    Investigation underway, Wall Street shrugs

    Hardware 24 10:13

  • Osama alive scam snowballs on Twitter

    Elvis-style bunkum entraps clueless tweeps

    Security 24 10:31

  • Ofcom pricks Shard's 'biggest erection' boast

    Regulator engages in vigorous mast-urbation

    Hardware 24 10:32

  • Sony brings multi-gadget gaming to PSP and PS3

    Carry on at your convenience

    Games 24 10:43

  • Much better wireless power transmission possible - boffins

    Cars yes, Heinlein broadcast-juice 'broomsticks' not yet

    Science 24 10:44

  • Euro report slates wireless comms, recommends smoke and mirrors

    Listening to our inner magnet

    Mobile 24 11:05

  • BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs

    For the good of the customers, of course

    Data Networking 24 11:23

  • Ofnuke: UK is not Japan

    Nuke inspectors rebuff Chicken Littles

    Science 24 11:49

  • Modern Warfare 3 teaser trailer reveals terror on the tube

    London's burning

    Games 24 11:51

  • WTF is... 4G

    Not LTE, for starters...

    Mobile 24 12:02

  • LinkedIn slashes cookie lifespan after research exposes security flaws

    Token gesture

    Security 24 12:29

  • ESA: British Skylon spaceplane seems perfectly possible

    Wizzo robot runway rocketplane cleared to proceed

    Science 24 12:50

  • Infosmack is 100!

    The Really Epic Show

    Infosmack 24 13:00

  • €1bn handout from the EU targets ambient nagware and robot pets

    'Hello. I am your cyborg buddy. You look fat'

    Government 24 13:09

  • SNIA specifies SSD performance test

    Fresh out of the box plus steady state

    Storage 24 13:35

  • Sarko to Schmidt & co: 'You can't escape' net regulation

    G8 presidency gives France platform to sound off on net rules

    Government 24 13:39

  • Freebie Blackhole exploit kit appears on file-sharing websites

    Good news for cybercriminals: their costs are going down

    Security 24 13:56

  • Student books Vegas trip with Twitter mood detection app

    PHP on Azure prize winner

    Cloud Developer 24 14:15

  • MS announces Windows Phone 7.1

    Mango out in the autumn

    Phones 24 14:42

  • Microsoft to up stereo 3D rendering on Xbox 360

    A little spec-ulation

    Games 24 14:49

  • Dell intros world's thinnest 15in laptop PC

    You-know-who's version is thinner

    Laptops 24 15:21

  • US and Russian smallpox stocks spared the chop

    Another three years for vital vaccine research

    Science 24 15:28

  • Competition Czar weighs into copyright, trademarks

    Barnier BREINstorms on IPR

    Government 24 15:33

  • Super Micro whiteboxes Ethernet switches

    Well, they're grey boxes, actually

    Data Networking 24 15:41

  • Engineering student cracks major riddle of the universe

    Aussie undergrad, 22, finds the 'missing mass'

    Science 24 15:45

  • Microsoft squeezes out Windows Phone Mango details

    Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE sign up

    Mobile 24 17:03

  • Cray XK6 super mates Opterons with Nvidia GPU workhorses

    Ceepie-geepies all around

    HPC 24 17:28

  • Opera rolls new Mini onto iPhone and iPad

    Pan and zoom juiced

    Applications 24 17:57

  • New hack on Comodo reseller exposes private data

    And then there were four

    Security 24 19:58

  • Dear Dell and Microsoft: You're not Apple

    DNA transplant not an option

    Management 24 20:27

  • Apple iPhone police approve 500,000th app

    Farts, birds, and billions of bucks

    Phones 24 20:51

  • Fedora 15: More than just a pretty interface

    GNOME emerges from last century

    Operating Systems 24 20:52

  • Google opens tiny window onto Baltic Sea-cooled data center

    Inside the newspaper destruction metaphor

    Servers 24 21:03

  • Researcher blasts Siemens for downplaying SCADA bug

    Threats 'affect every industrialized nation'

    Security 24 23:06