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Comcast 'Tweetgate' apology thrown back in face

In a corporate cock-up with more angles than an anorexic runway model, Comcast has splattered mud on itself in its attempt to silence a critic, and that critic's organization has cast itself as a holier-than-thou prig.
Rik Myslewski, 21 May 2011

Google was 'warned repeatedly' about rogue drug ads

Google was warned repeatedly by US state and Canadian regulators and independent watchdogs that it was running ads from online pharmacies that were breaking US laws, according to a report citing interviews with those involved in the situation, as well as public documents.
Cade Metz, 21 May 2011

Hack on Sony-owned ISP steals $1,220 in virtual cash

Sony's So-Net Entertainment subsidiary was hacked by intruders who made off with about $1,200 worth of virtual points, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.
Dan Goodin, 21 May 2011
Sony Bravia KDL-EX524

Sony Bravia KDL-EX524 40in LED TV

ReviewSony’s KDL-EX524 is a well-equipped flatscreen for those of us with scant regard for the third dimension. Resolutely 2D, this Freeview HD 40-incher with 32- and 37-inch alternatives, instead tempts with features like Internet connectivity, media streaming and USB HDD recording. It’s also relatively affordable.
Steve May, 21 May 2011

Making a storage mountain out of a molecule

Nottingham university boffins have devised a depleted uranium molecule that keeps a constant magnetic state and is many times smaller than bits on hard disk drives, promising 1,000-fold increases in hard drive capacity - if it can be turned into a product before solid state storage takes over.
Chris Mellor, 21 May 2011

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