20th May 2011 Archive

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  • Apple to support reps: Don't confirm Mac infections

    Secret memo outed as OS X attacks spike

    Security 20 May 00:23

  • Stargazers spot dark energy

    Still real, we think

    Science 20 May 01:00

  • Firefox add-on with 7m downloads can invade privacy

    Ant Video secretly tracks every website visited

    Security 20 May 04:00

  • Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma gaming headset

    Spatial delivery

    Hardware 20 May 06:00

  • Blighty's first touch-to-pay phone goes on sale today

    Orange-led axis wins UK mobe tapcash race

    Mobile 20 May 06:00

  • Symantec buys Clearwell tech that makes lawyers poorer

    eDiscovery: Will probably turn out to be illegal

    CIO 20 May 08:03

  • Playboy sneaks NAKED LADIES onto iPad

    Entire back catalogue in fondleslab format

    Media 20 May 08:30

  • Sharp: Aquos phone to go global

    Well, if your definition of 'global' is limited to Asia...

    Phones 20 May 08:54

  • LinkedIn goes ballistic following IPO

    Stockbrokers get stuck in door in rush to buy

    Financial News 20 May 08:56

  • Sony's Thai website pwned by phisher scoundrels

    Wrong week to be a Sony security type

    Security 20 May 09:07

  • German salesmen rewarded with meticulously organised orgy

    Good work this year, Hans – have a prostitute

    Bootnotes 20 May 09:32

  • Big Brother man: TV viewers will swap privacy for content

    Hideous two-way reality-TV/Facebook panopticon foreseen

    Media 20 May 10:01

  • Ricoh reveals paper-bright colour e-paper

    Hue well done?

    Hardware 20 May 10:02

  • Mobile operators argue with Ofcom over termination rates

    They're too high! No, you fool, they're too low!

    Mobile 20 May 10:25

  • Government hires Guardianista as digital chief

    'Prize on offer too great to ignore'

    CIO 20 May 10:34

  • Videogames give kids the munchies

    Super eatboy

    Games 20 May 10:41

  • BOFH: Attack of the Global Corporate Overlords

    Chaos at Mission Central

    BOFH 20 May 11:00

  • New Mac fake-defenders similar to Windows scareware

    Added feature: Porn, drug sites opened at random

    Security 20 May 11:13

  • LA Noire

    Looking for clues

    Games 20 May 11:33

  • Desktop Linux: the final frontier

    Strange new worlds

    Open Source 20 May 11:35

  • Gov urged to extend rural mobe, broadband coverage

    Tory: My primitive string-belted constituents need these things

    Broadband 20 May 11:36

  • Science fiction beams up into the British Library

    Worlds: Alien, Future, Parallel, Virtual, Perfect and End Of

    Media 20 May 11:40

  • Remastered 4K, 3D Titanic steams towards cinemas

    Difficult - if not impossible - to master it any more

    Media 20 May 12:00

  • Down and dirty in a monster data centre

    El Reg goes on tour with Rackspace

    Enterprise Tech 20 May 12:15

  • Using the internet in the People's Republic of China

    Our man reports from inside the Great Firewall

    Networks 20 May 12:30

  • Twitter revamps privacy controls, 3rd-party app access

    'Just say no' to uncomfortable intrusions

    Networks 20 May 12:38

  • Google gets ready to crush quote-comparison websites

    And prepares to hoover up even more of your information

    Financial News 20 May 12:59

  • El Reg iPhone app rated a flaccid 12+

    Bootnotes bureau protests 'Mild Sexual Content' slur

    Bootnotes 20 May 13:24

  • Nintendo Wii price plummets below £100

    RRP cut, retailers slash it further

    Games 20 May 13:53

  • £1.1bn Royal Navy warship finally armed, sort of

    HMS Daring's third captain 'very pleased'

    Government 20 May 14:22

  • Endeavour mission specialists wrap first ISS spacewalk

    'Nauts commence sorting out leaky station air-con

    Science 20 May 14:25

  • IT suppliers fear new GP consortia will 'create difficulties'

    HP bigwig: Suppliers need 'continuity of requirements'

    Policy 20 May 14:42

  • Who's nicked Vaz's fondleslab?

    Parliament really is awash with thieves

    Government 20 May 15:02

  • Arrays assaulted by acceleration appliances

    Waiting to be lunch

    Storage 20 May 15:14

  • Hollywood to 'retell' Carrie

    Brian DePalma's 1976 effort evidently not up to scratch

    Bootnotes 20 May 15:28

  • Google euthanizes newspaper archive scan plan

    We will organize the world's information. Except the old newspapers

    Media 20 May 16:25

  • Apple, Amazon trademark spat turns surreal

    'Our app stores aren't app stores'

    Mobile 20 May 17:10

  • Explosion in iPad factory kills two, injures more

    More pain for Foxconn workers

    Business 20 May 17:39

  • Google nabs patents from defunct mini-phone maker

    Pays $4.9 million for Modu shell

    Mobile 20 May 18:50

  • Massachusetts PCs infected by data-hungry worm

    How nasty was it? Let us count the ways

    Security 20 May 19:50

  • Will Red Hat come back to haunt the Open Virtualization Alliance?

    IBM and friends RHEV anti-VMware crusade

    Virtualization 20 May 20:12

  • Norway's military computers targeted in serious attack

    Hack followed Libya bombing

    Security 20 May 20:14

  • Twitter and unnamed Twitterers sued by anonymous man

    'CTB' in bid to muzzle microblog

    Media 20 May 22:05