17th May 2011 Archive

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  • Internode boss details NBN interconnect complaint

    We’re without peer: that’s the problem

    Broadband 17 00:30

  • AT&T moots consumer mobile security service

    A problem so urgent we'll tackle it next year

    Broadband 17 02:00

  • Amazon-Android rumor: A family of devices

    From tablets to TV, if you believe the leak

    Media 17 03:00

  • Winklevoss twins aim Zuckerberg case at Supreme Court

    Identical malcontents spy Facebook 'securities fraud'

    Media 17 03:08

  • HP tightens financial belt for 'tough' Q3

    No stomach for 'profitless revenue'

    Financial News 17 04:00

  • Netgear XAV5001 500Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor

    The mains event?

    Hardware 17 06:00

  • Geek.com visitors attacked by DIY exploit kit

    Researchers blame 'poor coding practices'

    Security 17 06:00

  • Carbonite moves to IPO

    Can the 'personal cloud' bring the rain of gold?

    Business 17 07:54

  • My Tracks travel tracker

    Every journey begins with a single app?

    Phones 17 08:00

  • TMS launches RamSan-70 Gorilla

    PCIe ape beats chest, roars. Who will challenge Kong?

    Storage 17 08:07

  • Israeli couple dub sprog 'Like'

    Luckless nipper joins siblings 'Pie' and 'Vash'

    Bootnotes 17 08:18

  • Vodafone chuffed with pleasing figures

    Emerging markets, smartphone data were their friends

    Management 17 08:43

  • Ofcom: Luvvies, TV signals can share spectrum

    Who would use wireless mikes outdoors? Er, TV people

    Broadband 17 08:56

  • So many users, so many devices, so many problems

    Meeting desktop needs

    Desktop Strategy 17 09:00

  • CATS to be saved by BLASPHEMERS after the RAPTURE

    Godly? Book a moggy-rescue heathen ONLINE before 21 May!

    Bootnotes 17 09:20

  • BlackBerry PlayBook Blighty debut date announced

    Retail world Tweets like crazy

    Tablets 17 09:22

  • BAE coughs another $79m over US war-tech violations

    Accepts 'enhanced US review' of UK programmes

    Business 17 09:38

  • O2 struggles for breath in widespread outages

    London, Sussex and Kent knocked out

    Mobile 17 09:46

  • Microsoft volume licensing to let you swap iron for clouds

    And back again should you so desire

    Management 17 10:01

  • BMW tests laser-guided car junction buddy

    Prang-free lane crossing promised

    Science 17 10:01

  • Firmware sings of second HTC tablet

    LTE-connected Puccini to run Android 3.0.1

    Tablets 17 10:28

  • Google enters bond market, flogs $3bn-worth

    Mmm, lovely shiny Mountain View paper

    Business 17 10:33

  • Counter-Strike gamers explore bin Laden bag site

    Compound fractured

    Games 17 10:36

  • Border Agency monitors migrant ITers with inadequate IT

    42,000 intra-company techies brought in - report

    Management 17 10:44

  • HP pets network-connected mouse

    Bluetooth not good enough for you?

    Hardware 17 10:52

  • Phone, slab location data 'is personal' - EU watchdogs

    Don't slurp my snail-trail

    Government 17 11:01

  • CA antivirus unit sold: Will become 'Total Defense'

    VCs fixin' to sharpen up the toolset

    Management 17 11:14

  • Popular gamers 'should play for free' – Valve boss

    But MMO pains in the arse to pay $100 extra for voice

    Games 17 11:27

  • Aussie cops grab journo for reporting Facebook vuln demo

    Eat lead, messenger

    Security 17 11:41

  • Death of laptop reports greatly exaggerated

    Reader survey results are in

    Enterprise Tech 17 12:00

  • VMware boots up Horizon cloudy app manager

    One app to bind them all

    Cloud 17 12:00

  • GCHQ man: Powerline networks do interfere with radio

    Spook not a beardy radio ham, but is moustachioed

    Broadband 17 12:02

  • Crooks haul Vodafone NZ's ENTIRE Xperia Play stock

    Pickpockets pick 'PlayStation in your pocket'

    Mobile 17 12:14

  • Brink

    Edge of existence

    Games 17 12:15

  • Clouds and biz intel are top CIO priorities

    Big Blue gets inside the C-suite's headspace

    Management 17 12:19

  • Public: Whack freetards harder (most 'pirates' agree)

    Angry mobs besiege garden sheds, comic book stores?

    Law 17 12:26

  • Tumblr bloggrs ensnared in chain-spam scam

    Bumblrs duped by 'blog deletion' curse

    Security 17 12:38

  • Nvidia snaps out snappier Tesla GPU coprocessors

    All fired up on all 512 cores

    Servers 17 13:00

  • O2's southeastern crash caused by 'well-organised theft'

    Work of an international gang, seemingly

    Broadband 17 13:11

  • Getting data in and out of a cloud service

    Check those pre-nups

    Cloud 17 13:27

  • EXPLODING MELONS terrify Chinese

    'Growth promoter' artificial engorgement fingered

    Bootnotes 17 13:29

  • Council of Europe wants to maintain net neutrality

    'Maximum rights, minimum regulations'

    Law 17 13:48

  • When is a database not so relational?

    Storage in the cloud

    Cloud Developer 17 14:00

  • Bing to offer Facebook-slurping 'friend search'

    Facts? Links? Boring! Have some mobcrowdthought instead

    Networks 17 14:12

  • Boffin quests for, finds 'earphone Holy Grail'

    Earphones inflate for perfect fit, lower listening volumes

    Hardware 17 14:39

  • Chinese telly to get iPlayer technology

    Auntie's streamer chases the dragon

    Media 17 14:45

  • Think carefully before you chuck out your desktops

    Planning for desktop virtualisation

    Enterprise Tech 17 15:00

  • Planet with British weather found 20 light years away

    Cold, rainy, inhabitants likely to be hostile

    Science 17 15:11

  • DARPA wants weapons-grade military cloud computing

    The clouds of war gather over the Pentagon

    Cloud 17 15:52

  • HP's Q2 beats targets, but Q3 and Q4 look tight

    Services biz restructured

    Financial News 17 16:45

  • Sky-high web app performance gauge reaches into browsers

    New Relic monitors from back to front

    Cloud 17 17:12

  • Otellini: 'Intel won't build ARM chips'

    It's all about the lean, mean green

    Tablets 17 18:04

  • France's official P2P monitoring firm hacked

    Hadopi suspends service after leak

    Security 17 18:26

  • Hack attacks on US could spark military action

    White House draws line in the silicon

    Security 17 20:53

  • Facebook simulated entire data center prior to launch

    Zuckerberg's Project Triforce

    Servers 17 20:57

  • Intel, IBM, and HP back open source against VMware

    The KVM Open Virtualization Alliance

    Virtualization 17 21:54

  • Infosmack and geeks on film

    Also, that Amazon crash

    The Channel 17 21:57

  • Dell carves profit from slim revenue growth

    HP it's not

    Financial News 17 22:33

  • Microsoft waves CentOS club at Red Hat

    The open source enemy of my open source enemy is my friend

    Software 17 22:51