16th May 2011 Archive

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  • Desktop OS revenue and growth outpace servers

    The fastest growing OS maker is... Red Hat

    Operating Systems 16 03:00

  • HP unveils stylin' new desktop line

    WebOS? 'Not yet'

    Hardware 16 04:00

  • Bin Laden's porn stash: Too good to be true?

    The shadow of black propaganda

    Media 16 05:00

  • AMD chases servers with fanless FirePro GPU

    One driver, three different workloads

    Servers 16 06:00

  • Turks take to the streets against web filters

    How censored do you want your web?

    Government 16 07:49

  • Evil flash cookies easier to delete with new Adobe player

    Scrub data barnacles from your browser's keel

    Applications 16 08:39

  • Seagate intros Wi-Fi hard drive for iKit

    Extra storage minus the cables

    Hardware 16 08:48

  • Sun attempts to ID entire FA Cup Final crowd

    Spot yourself in 360° hi-res snap

    Media 16 09:01

  • EMC's all-flash benediction: Turbulence ahead

    Who's ready, who's going to have to buy in?

    Storage 16 09:24

  • Autonomy engulfs 5-petabyte Iron Mountain cloud

    It's an iron, mountainous cloud. Deal with it

    Cloud 16 09:40

  • In-app payment patent scattergun fired at small devs

    Will Apple step in to protect its ecosystem?

    Applications 16 09:58

  • Sony restores PlayStation Network parts

    Kill each other again

    Games 16 10:13

  • RM reports first-half loss, nasty sales dip

    But ups its divvy, forecasts goodness ahead

    Business 16 10:17

  • Yahoo! boo-hoo over Alibaba boo-boo

    We (finally) know what you did last summer

    Business 16 10:29

  • Square Enix confirms data lifted in website raids

    Hackers grab 350 jobseeker resumes, 25k email addresses

    Games 16 10:38

  • Vodafone touts 'new concept' smartphone

    Smartphone with the smarts removed?

    Mobile 16 10:41

  • Rambus litigation imperilled by document shredding

    Up to nine tons of paper minced

    Law 16 10:56

  • Hargreaves review 'to bring in digital rights clearing house'

    But drops fair use, apparently

    Law 16 11:10

  • Freecom looks to leather for drive dress

    Tan your hide

    Hardware 16 11:13

  • Boy George plonks tech centre onto Silicon Roundabout

    White House 'Wiki government' expert to revamp UK.gov

    Government 16 11:18

  • RIM confirms 'limited' BlackBerry Playbook recall

    OS woe

    Tablets 16 11:23

  • Nokia finally gives Ovi brand a mercy bullet

    Services are still there for now

    Applications 16 11:33

  • Dropbox 'insecure and misleading' – crypto researcher

    Soghoian, PGP founder say no bargepole is long enough

    Security 16 11:39

  • Sony Ericsson walks away from Clearwire logo fight

    Losing 4G contender looking too poorly to be a threat

    Mobile 16 12:07

  • RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 7in tablet

    A blank slate?

    Tablets 16 12:17

  • McKinnon battles renewed Obama-era extradition push

    Gary's mum briefs the Reg on latest manoeuvres

    Law 16 12:28

  • Comet owner boosted by closure rumours

    May flee UK in pursuit of Darty French love

    Business 16 12:51

  • Endeavour heads off on final mission

    Successful launch of veteran shuttle

    Science 16 13:10

  • Digital Music: a collective failure of imagination

    Google's whinges don't wash

    Media 16 14:07

  • Cisco, Microsoft, NetApp chum up against VMware

    The Blockening

    Virtualization 16 14:08

  • Brussels opens ears on cloud computing

    Steely Neelie wants to hear from the cloudbase

    Cloud 16 14:19

  • SanDisk gobbles Pliant in $327m deal

    Trousers with reinforced wallet pockets for VCs

    Storage 16 14:37

  • UK public-sector union DDoS'd

    You don't get me, I'm part of the <bzzt>

    Security 16 14:48

  • Designer punts ultimate customisable keyboard

    Your keys, exactly where you want 'em

    Hardware 16 15:00

  • Mozilla to shift 12m surfers off 2-year-old Firefox 3.5

    Forced upgrade incoming

    Applications 16 15:03

  • Obama gov wants 3 yrs porridge for infrastructure hackers

    Plans to slap cybercrooks with RICO gangbuster laws

    Law 16 15:18

  • Up to $650 for a .xxx domain - or to keep your name off one

    Prices for what wheresalltheporngone.com will point at

    Hosting 16 15:32

  • Adobe lets audio and video onto SendNow file transfer cloud

    Desktop client in works

    Cloud 16 17:14

  • Win free tickets to Hadoop Summit

    Open source Big Data confab calling

    Site News 16 17:39

  • VMware gets Go-ing with Shavlik buy

    Network, patch, and VM management play

    Virtualization 16 17:40

  • VIA double stuffs x64 clone chips

    Two Nano X2s, one package

    Hardware 16 18:48

  • Teenage duo sentenced over credit card Ghostmarket

    'I will never get a job in IT,' laments hacker

    Security 16 18:54

  • HP breakthrough to hasten flash memory's demise?

    Memristor secrets revealed

    Storage 16 19:52

  • Russian rumor: Microsoft to buy Nokia for $30bn

    Elop conspiracy theories thicken

    Mobile 16 21:06

  • 99% of Android phones leak secret account credentials

    'Impersonation attacks' target Google services

    Security 16 21:44

  • Microsoft welcomes CentOS Linux onto virtualized Windows

    Red Hat support hurdles lowered for Hyper-V

    Virtualization 16 21:57

  • NBN looks for more wireless spectrum

    In other news, Quigley apologises for misplacing Costa Rica

    Broadband 16 22:30

  • Open source .NET mimic rises from Novell ashes

    On the fourteenth day, there was Xamarin

    Developer 16 22:54

  • Kiwi virtual world creators get $2.5m

    TradeMe founder bets on social gaming

    Bootnotes 16 23:30