13th May 2011 Archive

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  • Nvidia dollars lifted by Intel's Sandy Bridge ramp, payola

    Tesla GPUs disappoint

    Financial News 13 May 00:40

  • Easier cookie deleting comes to Adobe Flash

    Privacy menace finally becomes manageable

    Security 13 May 04:23

  • Google Chromebook: Will the revolution be subscribed?

    An idea years ahead of its prime

    The Channel 13 May 05:50

  • Darkspore

    DNA match

    Games 13 May 06:00

  • Renault readies sub-£7000 e-car for Blighty

    Battery, doors even, are extra

    Science 13 May 07:48

  • Microsoft, Nokia, HTC fight Apple's 'App store' trademark

    'Merely a definition of a thing'

    Business 13 May 08:40

  • Reg ed rattles the Red-Headed League

    He's one o'them self-hatin' gingers

    Letters 13 May 08:57

  • Tape sucks, sniffs EMC

    Steady on now

    Storage 13 May 09:17

  • Jupiter's Io a hotbed of lava

    Moon's OCEAN of MAGMA drives spectacular volcanism

    Science 13 May 09:19

  • Check Point boss looks beyond 'weapons' for security defence

    Right said Shwed

    Security 13 May 09:36

  • Brazilians slap health warnings on knickers

    Undies to warn of cancer peril

    Bootnotes 13 May 10:11

  • Android Market goes commercial in 131 countries

    No more excuses for free Angry Birds

    Broadband 13 May 10:25

  • Microsoft ID expert confirms departure from Redmond

    Kim Cameron worries about industry trends on privacy, security

    Security 13 May 10:45

  • Glass aeroplanes and iPads on the way, say boffins

    New metalglass wondro-stuff 'tougher than titanium'

    Hardware 13 May 10:48

  • Agency worker rights should be set in comparison with staff, says gov

    Should get roughly same dosh and conditions as comparable permies

    Small Biz 13 May 10:52

  • Microsoft pledges Kinect games explosion

    Moving forward

    Games 13 May 10:55

  • Europe promises immigration action as North Africa moves

    Keeping Schengen safe from 'Southern Mediterranean'

    Government 13 May 10:57

  • Impatient punters trade PS3s for Xbox 360s

    I want network now!

    Games 13 May 10:58

  • BOFH: Every silver lining has a cloud

    Tout, tout, through and about, your callow life in dismay...

    BOFH 13 May 11:00

  • Haumea: Mysterious radioactive rugby-ball world

    Boffins probe secrets of bizarro Kuiper belt denizen

    Science 13 May 11:41

  • Software pirates should offer up more booty, says BSA

    Damages for unlawful software use not high enough, says industry body

    Applications 13 May 12:04

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 micro four thirds camera

    EVIL compact gets the 3D treatment

    Hardware 13 May 12:07

  • Would putting all the climate scientists in a room solve global warming...

    Skeptics meet Warmists at Cambridge

    Science 13 May 12:18

  • Win7 machines harder hit by infection as VXers change tactics

    Java-based exploits and phishing on social networks dominate

    Security 13 May 12:29

  • LimeWire settles with record labels, to pay $105m for copyright hurt

    Bitter aftertaste for P2P outfit

    Media 13 May 12:30

  • Samsung shows screen that folds seamlessly

    Ironed out the creases

    Hardware 13 May 13:05

  • Peugeot compo cam aids amateur espionage

    I now know what you did last summer

    Science 13 May 13:06

  • Italian bus driver goes completely hands-free

    Mad mook manipulates multiple mobes while steering with elbows

    Bootnotes 13 May 13:57

  • YouView confirms Technicolor exit

    Fade to black

    Media 13 May 14:18

  • Facebook 'smear' shock: Journos aghast!

    Why didn't they call us first?

    Media 13 May 14:27

  • Newly spunky Tandberg grapples RDX

    Removable disk rescue road

    Storage 13 May 14:36

  • Ubisoft whispers the wonder of Wii 2

    Easy to develop for, apparently

    Games 13 May 15:00

  • 164XXX jubs shake Middle England

    Chelsea Charms' charms fail to charm This Morning viewers

    Bootnotes 13 May 15:06

  • One thumb up for Facebook security improvements

    Outstandingly mediocre

    Security 13 May 15:28

  • Google 'close to $500m settlement' over illegal drug ads

    Payment would be among largest penalties in US history

    Law 13 May 16:30

  • Is Skype Microsoft's PowerPoint part deux?

    Verb envy doesn't come cheap

    Microbite 13 May 17:23

  • Kodak wins round in Apple patent brawl

    One down, $1 billion to go

    Media 13 May 17:42

  • Hackers turn Cisco phones into remote bugging devices

    Confidential communications tapped by default

    Broadband 13 May 18:33

  • Cloud Sherpas lead climb into Google heavens

    Apps for Google Apps

    Cloud 13 May 18:51

  • Google and Microsoft in trading places shocker

    One goes closed. The other goes open

    Software 13 May 19:39

  • Porn found in Osama bin Laden compound

    Huge smut cache stashed in bedroom

    Media 13 May 22:03

  • Facebook absolved for exposing user info to advertisers

    No harm, no foul, etc.

    Security 13 May 22:16

  • Security watchers unpick PlayStation hack

    How it might have been hacked

    Security 13 May 22:19

  • Microsoft BPOS cloud outage burns Exchange converts

    'All in' now looking for a 'way out'

    Hardware 13 May 23:43