9th May 2011 Archive

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  • Intel's Tri-Gate gamble: It's now or never

    Deep dive into Chipzilla's last chance at the low end

    Hardware 09 03:00

  • Dell sharpens four-socket Opteron blade

    More cores, less bucks

    Servers 09 04:00

  • Communication aid sends CU team to New York

    ‘Brain Speller’ wins Imagine Cup in Oz

    Science 09 05:00

  • Ten... fantasy gadgets you wish you owned

    Look to the future

    Top Ten 09 07:00

  • Choosing a desktop OS

    How do you do it correctly?

    Reg Technology Panel 09 08:15

  • Shoden Data CEO dies suddenly

    John Taffinder was veteran of HDS, 3PAR

    The Channel 09 09:09

  • The object of Dell's exercise

    Adds file access to object box

    Storage 09 09:10

  • Pippa Middleton in $5m grumble flick offer

    Smut fame beckons princess's sis

    Bootnotes 09 09:12

  • Apple ousts Google in brand value

    Perception versus reality

    Hardware 09 09:21

  • Nude gardener's arse hauled into court

    'Distressed' neighbours protest 'indecent' horticulture

    Bootnotes 09 09:33

  • Huawei celebrates UK win with Everything Everywhere

    Today: a 2G refurb. Tomorrow: the world

    Broadband 09 10:11

  • Queen to get an iPad (the Queen, not a queen)

    Has a liking for things with shiny tops

    Bootnotes 09 10:12

  • HP shows off laptop revamp

    Notebooks and netbook

    Laptops 09 10:22

  • Bletchley Park opens U-110 Enigma exhibit

    Today marks 70th anniversary of code-cruncher-carrying U-boat's capture

    Bootnotes 09 10:30

  • Microsoft coughs to wobbly Office Live problems

    Week-long account access frustration for some small biz customers

    Small Biz 09 10:45

  • Dell fashions (more of) its own network switches

    With a little help from Brocade and Aruba

    Data Networking 09 11:00

  • Twitterer 'outs' alleged superinjunction celebs


    Law 09 11:11

  • HTC Facebook branded, buttoned phones appear online

    Amazon spills dancing beans

    Phones 09 11:12

  • Big Blue tapes up big data

    IBM's 4TB format

    Storage 09 11:16

  • Climate Change 'wise men' recommend more nukes, power cuts

    Some things don't just add up

    Science 09 11:50

  • Motorola Xoom

    A slab of 10in Honeycomb goodness

    Tablets 09 12:02

  • IBM doubles up Storwize V7000

    Cluster fluster

    Storage 09 12:14

  • ICO issues half-baked cookies guidance

    Advice for websites - consumers, not yet

    Government 09 12:19

  • Computers taught to sing using autotuning talent show

    Avoids need for 'fictionalised family tragedies'

    Applications 09 12:51

  • MobileMe drove Steve Jobs to foul-mouthed fury

    If Steve Jobs were an App he'd ban himself from the App Store

    Applications 09 12:54

  • TalkTalk serves up website blocking to users

    First we stalk, then you walk the limited interwebs walk

    Broadband 09 13:21

  • Sony mulls hacker bounty offer

    Cash for Anonymous heads on platters

    Security 09 13:22

  • Las Vegas EMC Confidential

    Off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush

    Storage 09 13:29

  • LinkedIn sets float price

    Social networks for suits

    Financial News 09 13:55

  • Entrants called for 80s-era games coding contest

    Write your own Speccy/C64/Model B hit

    Games 09 14:18

  • OpenID warns of 'psychic paper' authentication attack

    Baddies can modify cross-site personal data ... though no one has yet

    Security 09 16:04

  • CEOP to retain ops control under National Crime Agency

    UK.gov says 'vital work' will continue, despite criticism

    Law 09 16:17

  • Shhh! HP's cloud is called, er, Scalene

    'Our cloud is like a wompus triangle'

    Cloud 09 17:46

  • Feds raid home of teen fingered in DDoS on Gene Simmons

    Attack followed tongue-lashing against file-sharers

    Security 09 19:35

  • HP unveils biz laptops with pay-as-you-go 3G

    Wireless DataPass

    Hardware 09 19:40

  • Microsoft's iOS and Android love deepens

    While WinPhone fans get abused

    Phones 09 21:00

  • HP flexes fabrics to flatten campus networks

    And maybe Cisco, too

    Data Networking 09 21:02

  • Optus, IPstar win A$300m NBN deal

    Gilat to supply the kit

    Broadband 09 21:04

  • Optus finally plays Fetch

    Set to launch Krishnan’s IPTV service in Q2

    Broadband 09 21:18

  • WikiLeaks: East Timor knocked back high-tech Chinese spy base

    Beijing offered free radar to 'monitor shipping'

    Government 09 21:22

  • Aussie synchrotron in doubt after Victoria pulls funding

    Spiked by price tag and politics

    Science 09 21:58

  • Whitehats break out of Google Chrome sandbox

    ASLR and DEP, too

    Security 09 22:00

  • Defence thin client trial gets OK

    Government also rubber-stamps "networked soldier" project

    Government 09 22:28

  • HP lands handy half-billion taxman deal

    Corrected: Hosting ATO data centres

    Government 09 22:44

  • Man sentenced to 3 years for ATM hack scheme

    Attempted heist worth $200,000

    Security 09 23:26

  • SnapLogic demos 'Hadoop for humans'

    It's a SnapReduce. Apparently

    Cloud 09 23:37

  • Judge approves handover of BitTorrent IP addresses

    Sly Stallone freetard fans to be outed

    Media 09 23:40

  • Google says Android 'club' makes phone makers 'do what we want'

    Lawsuit outs email from Android open source man

    Developer 09 23:41