8th May 2011 Archive

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  • Think file-hosting sites guard your private data? Think again

    Attacks already under way

    Security 08 06:00

  • Microsoft adds RIM to its anti-Google axis

    Both RIM and MS need to cut cords with their mobile OS and soar into cloud

    Mobile 08 08:00

  • The next Microsoft in the cloud computing era is ...

    Peering into an Azure yonder

    Cloud Developer 08 11:00

  • AAPT boss gets gov gig

    Set to head Infrastructure NSW

    Policy 08 21:51

  • TomTom Oz to repeat Netherlands data sale

    ‘Sorry’ in Dutch means ‘do it’ in English

    Law 08 21:52

  • The Great Reg Cloud Survey

    Cloud and Proud?

    Cloud 08 23:00

  • Taxpayers were beta testers for ATO IT project

    Report tells government ‘avoid single-vendor big bang projects’

    Government 08 23:23

  • Sony’s sorry saga snowballs

    PSN back This week Next week sometime

    Games 08 23:24

  • Chinese iPad 2 fanboiz in frenzied fight

    Scalpers turn shiny toy shortage into i-Riot

    The Channel 08 23:25