5th May 2011 Archive

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  • Oracle subpoenas Apache in search of Google smoking gun

    Trawls for Android Java violations

    Developer 05 00:27

  • Red Hat revenues pumped by partners

    Getting by with a little help from the channel

    Financial News 05 01:30

  • Want an untracked Android? Here’s how

    Marlinspike firewall manages device connections

    Security 05 02:00

  • Oracle U-turns on Hudson open source control

    Hudson can't have Hudson. But Eclipse can

    Developer 05 02:53

  • CNET sued for giving kids LimeWire

    Downloads equal piracy, says film producer

    Media 05 03:00

  • IE is tough on Flash cookies but ignores homegrown threat

    Dear Microsoft: There's a Silverlight log in your eye

    Security 05 03:03

  • Sccope best price finder

    Consume with confidence

    Phones 05 07:00

  • Facebook fails webmail tests

    Nearly as bad as Hushmail

    Applications 05 07:50

  • Janet 3G to go live in June

    Academics wired up to higher education resources

    Data Networking 05 09:04

  • HP's new EVA: The big reveal

    The P6000 could look like ...

    Storage 05 09:07

  • iOS 5 said to sport over-the-air update facility

    Patches pushed

    Software 05 09:10

  • Fraud charges for 3 former Torex execs

    Former chairman, accountant and legal director accused of dodgy dealings

    Applications 05 09:29

  • Apple iPad 3 to sport 3D screen a 'dead cert'

    Studios gagging for it, insists movie biz mole

    Tablets 05 09:39

  • Sony flicks to B-side with Walkman refresh

    Same bits, different case

    Hardware 05 10:09

  • Surrey voted tops for tits in birdwatching poll

    It's the most wooded county in England after all

    Bootnotes 05 10:10

  • X Factor hack exposes personal data of fame-seeking contestants

    Tales of security breaches and Cowell's chest-high britches

    Security 05 10:13

  • Bradley Manning now in nicer Army prison

    'We'll do what we like', Marines reportedly told doc

    Law 05 10:16

  • Dear Mr Beefy ex-soldier: Your BT needs you

    A land fingered by heroes

    Broadband 05 10:24

  • Rethinking desktop virtualisation

    It’s not just thick versus thin

    Enterprise Tech 05 10:30

  • Three unlimited data plan gets no tie-in option

    Now available on one-month rolling contract

    Mobile 05 10:31

  • Harman Kardon SB 16 soundbar

    Fat sound for thin tellies

    Hardware 05 10:45

  • Boffins herald end of stiff screens

    Your iPhone will be obsolete in five years

    Hardware 05 10:46

  • Be.ez Le Reporter Air 11 MacBook Air bag

    Case in point

    Laptops 05 10:48

  • Reg reader lost for words over blank HP keyboard

    Wireless ... and letter-less too

    Hardware 05 11:28

  • O2 revises PlayStation phone release date

    Out early June, if Sony Ericsson splats last few bugs

    Mobile 05 11:31

  • LastPass resets passwords following possible hack

    Precautionary change-up

    Security 05 11:34

  • DARPA, NASA look to spawn STARSHIP enterprise

    Self-building interstellar shipbuilder sought

    Science 05 11:49

  • Nokia touted Meego to rivals, but nobody wanted to know

    One Linux too many

    Mobile 05 11:53

  • SOCOM 4

    Another banger?

    Games 05 12:00

  • Adobe, Apple, Google hit by wage-fixing case

    Class action for secret poaching deals

    Law 05 12:00

  • Skype mulls going online with offline Facebook, Google contacts

    Report points at chats 'n' that

    VoIP 05 12:27

  • Let the Cloud Developer Wars begin

    Damn right it's better than yours

    Cloud Developer 05 12:52

  • IBM preps Power7+ server chip rev

    Ponders Power8

    Servers 05 13:59

  • Cell site data sinks into black hole of local bureaucracy

    The perfect solution... for the network operators

    Mobile 05 14:11

  • Virgin space rocketship trials 'feather' re-entry system

    Plummets toward Mojave with tail pointing straight up

    Science 05 14:15

  • Francis Maude outlines Public Data Corporation plans

    Policy framework for new open gov data org ready by autumn 2011

    Government 05 14:44

  • Slack bank practice creates opportunity for phone phishing scams

    A question of authentication

    Security 05 14:46

  • EU pay-by-tap accepts operator independence

    GSMA not involved this time around

    Mobile 05 15:13

  • Intel brings protected DVD, BD playback to WiDi

    Wirelessly stream content - if you have the right kit

    Hardware 05 15:21

  • Cisco trims bloat

    Engineering turnaround

    Data Networking 05 16:09

  • Domain security comes to .co.uk

    Will DNSSEC ever be sexy?

    Hosting 05 18:19

  • iOS lauded as top moneymaker

    iPad, iPhone rake in 'freemium' cash

    Mobile 05 18:20

  • Google Go boldly goes where no code has gone before

    How to build all the Google stuff Google won't talk about

    Developer 05 19:18

  • Google joins California Do-Not-Track opposition lobby

    Opt-in, opt-out bait and switch

    Security 05 20:09

  • Mozilla refuses US request to ban Firefox add-on

    Stiff-arms feds over seized domains

    Applications 05 20:47

  • Big Data pumps up Teradata in Q1

    The Petabyte Club

    Financial News 05 20:51

  • Australian Privacy Act feels revamp pressure

    Sony breaches may force hand

    Security 05 21:20

  • Google dumps Aussie Wi-Fi data tracking

    Wipes StreetView data, takes kit from cars, says 'sorry'

    Law 05 21:23

  • Westpac data centre feels heat

    Network melts down

    Business 05 21:58

  • TIO has record complaints quarter

    Vodafail strikes again

    Broadband 05 21:59

  • Court rejects Google call to end 'Android not open' suit

    Skyhook gathers evidence on Google 'interference'

    Mobile 05 22:17

  • Intel PC hegemony facing ARMy attack

    ARM set for '13% share by 2015'

    The Channel 05 22:41