4th May 2011 Archive

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  • Google Oz slips A$600 million through tax loophole

    The old Irish jig

    Business 04 01:00

  • Apple thinks Intel is fab?

    Rumor says foundry switch on cards

    Business 04 02:00

  • Vividwireless expands 4G footprint

    Everybody, move close to a university

    Software 04 03:00

  • There is no big Silicon Valley tech bubble, says VC king

    Just hundreds of small ones

    Financial News 04 03:00

  • FreeNAS 8.0 hits the street

    Bitten by the enterprise bug: home user features missing

    Storage 04 04:00

  • Apple ex-evangelist Kawasaki pans, praises Jobs

    'Apple's existence proves there is a god'

    Software 04 04:00

  • Is there anything to find on bin Laden's hard drive?

    Mining the 'mother lode' of intelligence

    Security 04 05:00

  • Platform embiggens Symphony financial grids

    Piggybacks Hadoop

    HPC 04 06:00

  • Elgato Tivizen iOS Wi-Fi TV tuner

    Freeview on your fondleslab

    Hardware 04 07:00

  • Google Shopping hits Oz, still in beta (surprise)

    Fetid Froogle lurches into the sunlight, again

    Media 04 07:32

  • Can two small startups solve big storage pains?

    Scality and Nasuni should work together

    Cloud 04 07:58

  • Logica ups revs and orders

    Rest of the world saves UK

    Government 04 08:12

  • Spotify denies movie deals (not very convincingly)

    P2P is still the killer app

    Hardware 04 08:19

  • Parliamentary committee suspends intellectual property rights inquiry

    Hargreaves review out soon, will suggest freeing up 'orphan' works

    Law 04 08:35

  • Nintendo to whack Wii price by 28%

    'Wii 2' groundwork begins

    Games 04 08:59

  • Sage butters up SMEs in fiscal first half

    But US wing of biz still flagging

    Small Biz 04 08:59

  • Bin Laden corpse pics will be malware, says FBI

    Team Six headshot headshots unlikely to appear in email

    Security 04 09:11

  • Brocade puffs CloudPlex and Virtual Compute Blocks

    Data centres without walls

    Cloud 04 09:35

  • Spotify's new desktop client cuts off iTunes

    While Apple stomps on less-legit alternatives

    Media 04 09:46

  • Go forth and deduplicate

    Will it benefit my data centre?

    Storage 04 10:00

  • NetApp duplicates deduplication

    Two much of a good thing

    Storage 04 10:07

  • NHS Barnet reveals 187 breaches of personal data

    Most leaky of 30 London NHS orgs that responded to data breach FoI request

    Government 04 10:21

  • Motorola's laptop-dock Android phone out on Orange

    Get tapped into the Atrix

    Mobile 04 10:34

  • Samsung quietly lowers tablet graphics chip spec

    Not only 3G that the Wi-Fi-only Tab lacks

    Tablets 04 10:40

  • New top-secret stealth choppers used on bin Laden raid

    Wreckage shows whisper silencing, IR, radar pimpage

    Science 04 10:54

  • Novell bags anti-trust appeal against Microsoft

    'Reversed and remanded'

    Applications 04 10:56

  • Star Wars: From dream sci-fi bride to perfect Blu-ray wife

    A new hope to sell even more Skywalker tat

    Hardware 04 10:58

  • Sensible security strategies for SMBs

    Mind the gap!

    Small Biz 04 11:00

  • Amazon tablet, touchscreen Kindle on course for H2, say moles

    And a quad-core fondleslab from Asus

    Tablets 04 11:04

  • US operators shelve banking plan for Isis

    Isis will be a wallet, not a bank card

    Mobile 04 11:23

  • Amazon jumps on time-limited sales

    Next big thing, or late to the 'alternative' online retail party?

    Financial News 04 11:46

  • Panasonic DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray player

    Image is everything?

    Hardware 04 12:00

  • Books biz talks up Kindle effect

    Paper down slightly, but digital is still tiny

    Tablets 04 12:07

  • California Do-Not-Track web privacy law moves forward

    Browser alone isn't tough enough

    Law 04 12:08

  • 'Boil the ocean' data loss prevention needs to change

    Check Point slams security so complex you never get around to turning it on

    Security 04 12:15

  • Lewisham Services move to the cloud

    Love them clean streets, baby

    Cloud 04 12:25

  • Powerline networking pops up in Parliament

    But the song remains the same

    Hardware 04 12:45

  • Panasonic refreshes 3D Blu-ray recorder range

    Changing dimensions

    Hardware 04 12:47

  • Cross-dresser kills goat while high on bath salts

    Multi-day high ends in caprine tragedy

    Bootnotes 04 12:57

  • Goodyear blimps to be replaced by German Zeppelins

    Revival of 1930s flying Cloudbase partnership

    Science 04 13:14

  • Freeman Dyson: Shale gas is 'cheap and effective'

    Carbon reduction without the dodgy renewables?

    Science 04 13:37

  • US spooks to build 60 megawatt data center

    What Federal budget crisis?

    HPC 04 14:33

  • Fierce tablet fight to be rough for Apple's rivals

    Less successful to exit market by year's end?

    Tablets 04 14:39

  • uDraw goes HD with PS3 and Xbox 360


    Games 04 14:41

  • Sony calls in data Sherlocks to unpick megahack disaster

    Plus Inspector Lestrade of the FBI

    Security 04 15:54

  • Virgin outsources techies, pulls plug on Trowbridge call centre

    80 tech jobs cut immediately - sources

    Management 04 16:21

  • Intel debuts '3D transistors' with 22nm chip recipe

    How do ya like them, Apple?

    Hardware 04 17:16

  • Amazon and PSN outages won't halt cloud revolution

    You wanna go back to Windows?

    Cloud 04 17:27

  • Seagate to unveil 'perfect iPad companion'

    Takes the tablets

    Tablets 04 17:58

  • Sony implicates Anonymous in PlayStation Network hack

    Legions 'duped,' company says

    Games 04 18:52

  • Apple squashes location tracking 'bugs' with iOS update

    Cell tower and Wi-Fi database cache shrunk

    Security 04 20:18

  • Red Hat answers Microsoft Azure with OpenShift dev cloud

    PaaS master speaks

    Cloud 04 20:57

  • End of the tether: Google plays nice with carriers

    ‘Free ride’ apps disappear from Android Market

    Mobile 04 22:42

  • Groupon starts buying Australian rivals

    Crowdmass gets critical mass

    Financial News 04 23:04

  • EA buys Aussie game studio

    Firemint founder becomes instant millionaire

    Financial News 04 23:04

  • Oz boffins in quantum computing breakthrough


    Science 04 23:07

  • Voda stops worrying, learns to love the NBN

    Joins mainland retail services trials

    Broadband 04 23:10