29th April 2011 Archive

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  • Apple tops Microsoft market cap, revenue, and profits

    Redmond still wins on crap phone updates

    Financial News 29 00:12

  • Natty Narwahl: Ubuntu marine mammal not fully evolved

    One day, Unity will grow legs

    Operating Systems 29 00:14

  • Problems with primary data cloud storage

    Something doesn't add up

    Storage 29 06:00

  • Fujifilm Finepix X100 APS-C camera

    Old school values revisited

    Hardware 29 07:00

  • Royal Weddings, PCs and Cameron's brass balls

    Putting public service at the mercy of the market

    Government 29 08:00

  • Fairlight: The Rolls Royce of synthesizers

    We salute the big beige monster of the 80s

    Hardware 29 09:00

  • Mortal Kombat


    Games 29 11:00

  • Yahoo! Hadoop! brain! spin-off! doomed! to! fail!

    The brains already left

    Software 29 12:00

  • Yandex seeks kopeks in Nasdaq IPO

    Roubles good, Greenbacks better

    Financial News 29 13:00

  • Amazon cloud fell from sky after botched network upgrade

    'Catholic penance' awards 10 days of credit

    Cloud 29 18:42

  • Did PlayStation Network hackers plan supercomputer botnet?

    Sony 'arrogance' fuels Doomsday scenario

    Security 29 18:58

  • NASA scrubs final space shuttle Endeavour launch

    At least 72 hour delay

    Science 29 19:27

  • Mozilla ships first security update for Firefox 4

    ASLR compilation cockup uncocked

    Security 29 21:30

  • Oracle wins round one in bare-knuckle Android patent suit

    Judge shuns Google on Java patent terms

    Developer 29 21:50

  • Apple floats iCloud for 'email, music, and beyond'

    iTools .Mac MobileMe iCloud

    Media 29 23:03

  • Legal goons threaten researcher for reporting security bug

    When vuln disclosures are outlawed...

    Security 29 23:12