28th April 2011 Archive

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  • Middleware hotshot to bake biz-friendly apps

    Magnet Systems exits stealth with big backers

    Applications 28 00:48

  • PlayStation Network credit cards protected by encryption

    User passwords? Not so much

    Games 28 01:10

  • Yahoo! Finds! Buyer! For! Doomed! Delicious!

    YouTube founders grab a tasty morsel

    Media 28 04:00

  • YouTube to launch paid video-on-demand service

    Studios on board, reports claim

    Media 28 04:00

  • Open source Hadoop engineers may spin off from Yahoo!

    Hooligans could birth stuffed elephant startup

    Cloud 28 04:38

  • US Supremes deal death blow to class action lawsuits

    States' rights turned on their head

    Law 28 04:42

  • XSysInfo memory manager

    Peek under the iOS bonnet with this diagnostic app

    Phones 28 06:00

  • PSN hack triggers lawsuit

    Sony sued over data loss

    Games 28 06:00

  • Footy coming to mobiles next year

    Telstra to broadcast Aussie rules on mobiles, T-Box, maybe even on broadband

    Networks 28 06:49

  • Farewell, Novell

    $2.2bn Attachmate buy done and dusted

    Software 28 07:00

  • Online PVR goes live in Australia

    Beem ends beta

    Networks 28 07:08

  • PayPal pushes eBay earnings

    Sticking to its knitting

    Financial News 28 09:03

  • Royal guests free to tweet and hang out with Facebook friends

    Ain't no jammin' goin' on

    Mobile 28 09:08

  • More than one way to build a cloud (and there always will be)

    Feel the fabrics

    Enterprise Tech 28 09:28

  • Nikon image authentication system cracked

    So obviously Photoshopped

    Security 28 09:44

  • Departments reveal mobile device spending

    Defence splurged £6.6m on 45,000 'devices' and data services in 2009-10

    Government 28 09:46

  • Latvian hack's hack story leads to hack-hacking

    'Don't try jumping higher than your own...'

    Security 28 10:00

  • Targeted phish frags XBox gamers

    Microsoft warns Modern Warfare 2 players not to eat the 'subtle' phish

    Games 28 10:06

  • Beyoncé sued over aborted videogame deal

    Crazy in litigation

    Games 28 10:45

  • Desktop Virtualisation beyond VDI

    Decisions, decisions

    Enterprise Tech 28 11:00

  • The Sandy Bridge Hackintosh

    Run Mac OS X on Intel's new Core i

    Software 28 11:00

  • Panasonic pledges big job cuts

    35,000 fewer staff

    Financial News 28 11:02

  • Alcatel gets free and easy with OpenPlug

    New parent less protective of dev platform revenue stream

    Mobile 28 11:11

  • Revealed: Secret security plan should Kate leave Wills at the altar

    'Operation Pumpkin' prepped for royal runaway bride scenario

    Bootnotes 28 11:15

  • Apple bags iCloud.com domain for $4.5m, says report

    iRain down data centre sleet on you

    Cloud 28 11:18

  • Sony brings Skype to Bravia HD TVs

    Remote interest

    Hardware 28 11:37

  • Guardian shuts local blogs

    Future's not so local after all

    Media 28 11:38

  • Atlantis promises to flush out VDI I/O bottlenecks

    Says ILIO will stop your virtual desktop sinking

    Storage 28 12:50

  • Huawei smacks ZTE with patent and trademark lawsuits

    Chinese whispers on foreign turf

    Mobile 28 13:09

  • Robot moon lander airship test enhanced by iPhone app

    In Mountain View. Organised by a search guru, actually ...

    Applications 28 13:46

  • Rackspace backtracks over toff-proof sign-up process

    Royals, aristos excluded by double-barrel discrimination

    Cloud 28 14:08

  • Pads propel PC market growth

    Q1 shipments jump matched by tablet numbers

    Tablets 28 14:58

  • Russian security start-up kits up 30,000 state bank ATMs, terminals

    Creating cash from chaos

    Security 28 15:08

  • Japanese quake flattens Fujitsu's homeland sales

    Chip, system sales up thanks to Kei supercomputer

    Servers 28 15:24

  • Ubuntu 'Natty Narwhal' breaks the surface

    Canonical goes live with 11.04

    Operating Systems 28 17:10

  • Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking

    Like Apple. But not like Apple

    Security 28 21:56

  • Aus convergence review kicks off

    Ex-'Project Kangaroo' guru joins team

    Government 28 22:18

  • Mobile Active stung for Bieber fraud fever

    Fined $225k for dodgy ads

    Mobile 28 22:19

  • Microsoft profits soar 31% on Office, Xbox

    Windows on the wane

    Financial News 28 22:41

  • Australians believe good things about the Internet

    Net users describe themselves as left-leaning law-breakers ... or not

    Policy 28 23:23

  • Foxconn staffers cuffed for leaking iPad 2 design in 2010

    Don’t mess with Apple’s IP

    Tablets 28 23:24