27th April 2011 Archive

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  • VMware inhales SlideRocket for its cloudy presentationware

    Next, a heavenly word processor and spreadsheet?

    Business 27 Apr 00:04

  • Windows phones send user location to Microsoft

    All there in the fine print

    Security 27 Apr 00:19

  • Google moves to extract more from Apps

    Free isn’t forever

    Applications 27 Apr 04:00

  • Sony hack revives Oz disclosure debate

    Calls for disclosure laws and security guidelines

    Security 27 Apr 04:11

  • Smartfish Whirl Laser Mouse

    Rocking rodent

    Hardware 27 Apr 06:00

  • Teens who spend time online not dorks after all – study

    Get more sex, drink more. Don't wear seatbelts either

    Science 27 Apr 08:32

  • Council forks out £160m: The last of the schools deal cash

    Last BSF dosh doled out to construction and ICT supplier

    Government 27 Apr 08:38

  • MySpace bids expected this week

    Six line up for knackered social network

    Financial News 27 Apr 08:39

  • Sky to show FA Cup match in 3D

    Man C, Man C, Man C vs Stoke, Stoke, Stoke

    Hardware 27 Apr 08:48

  • Sony shows MacBook Air-like Vaio notebook

    Eee Pad Slider-style netbook-cum-tablet too

    Laptops 27 Apr 09:13

  • London Olympics ticket grab ends with website wobbles

    'Darling, what's this £926 on my Visa card?'

    Networks 27 Apr 09:21

  • Toshiba readies über-thin 7in touchscreen

    Tap tech integrated into LCD

    Hardware 27 Apr 09:31

  • Silver Lake and SMART Modular: The Privening

    Hefty Flash'n'RAM firm to vanish off stock market

    Storage 27 Apr 09:39

  • ARM jingling with cash as its chips get everywhere

    Fondle-slabs, jabber-slablets, TVs - just not computers

    Hardware 27 Apr 09:58

  • Accounting software gets better at languages

    Found in translation

    Doing Better Business 27 Apr 10:00

  • Memo gives full details of Nokia staff cull and closures

    7,000 axed, many closures in Elopocalypse

    Financial News 27 Apr 10:17

  • Love Bug malware-inspired film gets big screen premiere

    Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy writes virus ...

    Bootnotes 27 Apr 10:21

  • Nintendo blames puzzled public for 3DS sales shortfall

    Punters not getting it, apparently

    Games 27 Apr 10:43

  • Save the planet: Stop the Greens

    Climate change is a serious problem, but the solutions are a joke

    Science 27 Apr 11:23

  • US Senate weighs in on phone tracking

    Stern letters dispatched

    Mobile 27 Apr 11:29

  • Cops hunt man who befouled drugstore's cough drop stash

    P*ss artist leaves foul taste in cops' mouths

    Bootnotes 27 Apr 11:35

  • Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made

    50 classics vie for cinematic glory

    Hardware 27 Apr 11:39

  • China sets out space-station plan, asks public to name it

    Orbital heavenly palace to get ISS-style robo supply pods

    Science 27 Apr 11:40

  • Free and subdomain hosting lets phishing sites live longer

    Chinese now cop flak as well as PayPal, Western banks

    Security 27 Apr 11:59

  • Acer Iconia Tab W500

    Function-before-form fondleslab

    Tablets 27 Apr 12:00

  • Sky in surprise duct-and-pole-sharing trial with BT

    'Price only indicative', so watch this space

    Broadband 27 Apr 12:46

  • Apple confirms white iPhone 4 on sale tomorrow

    Fanboys all a-quiver

    Phones 27 Apr 12:48

  • VMware takes a new direction

    Promises PPT presentations everywhere...

    Cloud 27 Apr 13:19

  • OCZ shares trashed by short seller's research note

    I did bad stuff, but I also built a company with no venture capital, says CEO...

    Storage 27 Apr 13:31

  • MIT Media Lab appoints college drop-out, socialite

    Can you learn physics by intuition?

    Media 27 Apr 13:46

  • Supermarkets trounce telcos on mobile services

    Happy shoppers

    Mobile 27 Apr 14:07

  • Apple breaks location-storing silence

    Admits underestimating stupidity of its users*

    Mobile 27 Apr 14:15

  • CenturyLink borgs Savvis for $3.2bn

    Rural telco morphs to cloudy IT provider

    Business 27 Apr 15:13

  • Duke celebrates royal nuptials with pugnacious portrait

    Hail to the King - and not the next but one

    Games 27 Apr 15:41

  • Amazon fine print limits potential credits for cloud outage

    Rackspace CTO talks EC2 failure

    Cloud 27 Apr 18:36

  • Barnes & Noble answers Microsoft's anti-Android suit

    Cites 'exorbitant' fees, 'absurd' restrictions

    Media 27 Apr 19:08

  • Friendster wipes data slate clean

    Rebirth or slow friendless death?

    Media 27 Apr 19:33

  • Feds move to uninstall bot that hit banks, airports, cops

    Drainage of Coreflood continues

    Security 27 Apr 19:57

  • Dell borgs CIT financing partnerships in Canada, Europe

    Dude, you're going to get a Dell ... banker

    Business 27 Apr 20:11

  • Google Docs app lands on Android

    Offline access not included

    Applications 27 Apr 21:42

  • Citrix profits fluffed by XenDesktop, NetScaler

    Q1 better than expected, 2011 targets raised

    Financial News 27 Apr 22:25

  • TomTom sorry for giving customer driving data to cops

    'Anonymous' info used to set speed traps

    Science 27 Apr 23:02

  • Cisco aims network code at 'Linux kernel for the cloud'

    Ex-Sun man goes OpenStack

    Cloud 27 Apr 23:11