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Feds indict poker sites, seize domains

The founders of three of the internet's largest gambling sites have been indicted and charged with bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offenses by US authorities.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Apr 2011
Arcam FMJ AVR400

Arcam FMJ AVR400 AV receiver

ReviewA new AV receiver from British stalwart Arcam is always worthy of note, as the brand has an enviable reputation for creating audio electronics that are uniquely musical.
Steve May, 16 Apr 2011

How to find the next Google. Or at least a free taco

Outside a nondescript warehouse under a San Francisco freeway was a roach coach serving free tacos to an assembled mass of geeks, entrepreneurs, and dressed-down corporate types, all of whom were hoping that in the next few hours they'd witness the unveiling of the next Facebook or Google or Skype.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Apr 2011
Cat 5 cable

Servers, networks and storage sold as monoblocs

Building a data centre has traditionally been a long process, with one of the major tasks being to equip it with computing devices. Specifying these, testing the various configurations and ensuring that they meet the specifications and perform the required tasks is time-consuming.
Manek Dubash, 16 Apr 2011
SGI logo hardware close-up

Server vendors and the dead hand of commoditisation

CommentThe leading server vendors have known about the inhibiting effect of slow disk drive performance on their users for years, yet have done nothing about it. It's been left to companies like Fusion-io and Virident to solve that problem by inventing and popularising PCIe flash.
Chris Mellor, 16 Apr 2011

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