15th April 2011 Archive

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  • Intel to pay OEMs to build Atom-Android tablets?

    Ten bucks here, ten bucks there...

    Mobile 15 00:03

  • FCC launches AT&T T-Mobile review

    Gentlemen, start your lawyers, lobbyists, spinmeisters, arm-twisters...

    Networks 15 01:10

  • Sonim XP3300 Force rugged mobile phone

    Tougher than a Newcastle nightclub bouncer

    Phones 15 06:00

  • Brazilian fingers wife in venomous vagina murder plot

    Intended victim smelled something fishy

    Bootnotes 15 08:56

  • Gmail mystery solved: Google went to Sun for backup

    Oracle tape and IBM LTO drives saved the day, says insider

    Storage 15 09:24

  • Menorcan politician flashes substantial chesticles

    'Two great arguments' back would-be mayor's election bid

    Bootnotes 15 09:28

  • White iPhone 4 'in production'

    More moles speak out

    Phones 15 09:37

  • Intel and Micron reach flash frontier

    20nm dies on the way

    Storage 15 09:41

  • Microsoft data centre guru skips over to cloud-flirty Apple

    Running up and down the stairs

    Servers 15 09:46

  • 1000s of websites vanish as TalkTalk lets domain slip


    Small Biz 15 09:48

  • Wii 2 announcement in June

    Definitely maybe, say sources

    Games 15 09:53

  • Measuring the basics of supplier management

    Down to brass tacks

    Doing Better Business 15 10:00

  • New tech lets you drink exhaust fumes

    Handy in Afghanistan – or in an airship

    Science 15 10:14

  • Got a buck to send M Night Shyamalan to film school?

    It turns out his talent was dead all along!

    Bootnotes 15 10:20

  • Emerging nations built bit bypass round Europe

    BRICS countries plunge deep into the Atlantic to build a fast lane

    Broadband 15 10:36

  • EU and US agree to run joint cyberwar exercise in 2011

    Global thermo-botnet warfare

    Security 15 10:39

  • FTP celebrates ruby anniversary

    Many happy RETRs

    Data Networking 15 10:52

  • Reviewers slam BlackBerry PlayBook software

    No BB messages without your smartphone attached

    Tablets 15 10:54

  • Wading through the software licensing minefield

    Sweat those assets

    Desktop Strategy 15 11:00

  • YouView mandates Linux, HD content encryption

    Set-top box spec published

    Hardware 15 11:38

  • Apple spits out increment iOS version

    Another chance to lock up jailbroken handsets

    Phones 15 11:39

  • Gaddafi's missus joins Lads from Lagos

    'I need HELP to get out of this marriage'

    Bootnotes 15 11:50

  • Creative set to follow Cisco out of camcorders

    No more Vado launches in the pipeline

    Hardware 15 11:55

  • Plane or train? Tape or disk? Reg readers speak

    Disk speed versus tape economy and removabiity

    Storage 15 12:00

  • Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

    Geared up for action

    Games 15 12:00

  • RAF Eurofighters make devastating attack – on Parliament

    Should have called it Operation Guy Fawkes, not Ellamy

    Government 15 12:00

  • Optimising IT isn’t all about the cloud

    Have you had enough of the rhetoric?

    Business 15 12:05

  • UK.gov signals weary welcome to Brussels' web cookies law

    Browser buddies with GSOH sought by communications minister

    Media 15 12:18

  • Google counterattacks MS in US.gov cloud contract row

    It's MS that doesn't have security certification, says Google in court papers

    Applications 15 13:09

  • So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

    You decide...

    Hardware 15 13:14

  • Ericsson to offshore hundreds of contract positions

    A quarter of support roles to go overseas

    Management 15 13:27

  • Google whacked with another monopoly moan

    Another day, another nation

    Mobile 15 13:50

  • Stitch in time saves 900 support calls

    Rewiring support for VDI shops

    Desktop Virtualisation 15 14:00

  • Sony ships 50m PS3s

    Not all of them into punters' hands, but still more than Microsoft

    Games 15 14:16

  • Google donates a billion cores to boffins

    Hundreds of teraflops for the taking

    Servers 15 14:17

  • New Obama-style missile defence scores test goal

    Sat-nab navy missile picks off target above Pacific

    Science 15 14:37

  • Hertz offers Londoners e-cars for hire

    iMiEV now, Nissan Leaf soon

    Science 15 14:43

  • Google unleashes toon squirrel on freetard uploaders

    Stop. We mean it. Honest

    Media 15 15:17

  • NFC Forum touts phone-sniffable poster ploy

    Mysterious whitepaper hints at hidden revenue

    Mobile 15 15:34

  • OpenStack 'floating Linux kernel' rides VMware hypervisor

    With no help from VMware

    Cloud 15 16:00

  • Firefox needs heavy hitter Linux power

    Big boys' browser blind spot

    Applications 15 17:31

  • Wireless devices to break one-billion barrier in 2011

    Tiny ticking time bombs?

    Broadband 15 17:42

  • Perverted Justice vigilante sentenced for DDoS attacks

    Two years for taking out sites chronicling steamy affair

    Security 15 17:43

  • Red Hat muscles in on Ellison's Java fluffing gig

    Linux company claims middleware cred

    Developer 15 17:44

  • Ellison's Oracle washes hands of OpenOffice

    Community return promised, Oracle cloud suite MIA

    Applications 15 19:36

  • IP registry goes to Defcon 1 as IPv4 doomsday nears

    APNIC activates draconian rationing

    Networks 15 20:31

  • Forget China and India, Sweden is tech's superpower

    Primed for take off

    Financial News 15 21:14

  • Skype for Android is vulnerable

    User data exposed

    VoIP 15 23:10