13th April 2011 Archive

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  • Microsoft struck by HTML5 commitment phobia

    Silverlight, I wish I could quit you

    Developer 13 00:34

  • H2O water-powered shower radio

    Pump out the volume

    Hardware 13 06:00

  • Report reveals patchy ICT provision in schools

    Most schools have made their own decisions on tech spending

    The Channel 13 06:00

  • Vodafone, Three to offer hyped-up HTC handset

    'Multimedia superphone', apparently

    Phones 13 08:01

  • iPad maker goes Brazilian

    Cost-trimming for Taiwanese giant

    Mobile 13 08:52

  • On VDI and storage architectures

    Envisioning provisioning

    Desktop Virtualisation 13 09:00

  • NASA hands out second-hand shuttles

    Orbiters' final homes announced

    Science 13 09:06

  • Paramount to recount The Martian Chronicles

    Eyes film version of Ray Bradbury's Red Planet tales

    Hardware 13 09:17

  • DARPA aims to make renewable power practical at last

    At Afghanistan combat bases, anyway

    Science 13 10:09

  • Libyan network hijacked for rebel cause

    Dial 'R' for Rebel

    Mobile 13 10:16

  • Russian Vostok capsule sells for $2.9m

    Big bucks for big piece of space history

    Science 13 10:39

  • The Royal Mail moves to the cloud

    And tells us how they did it

    Cloud 13 11:00

  • UK still to ratify Euro Cybercrime pact ten years on

    A decade of European cybercrime sort-of cooperation

    Security 13 11:27

  • Fujitsu promises rural UK 1Gbit/s - if it gets 'fair deal' from BT

    Show us your cash, not public funds, sniffs telco giant

    Broadband 13 11:42

  • Wii price cut coming

    Quarter off, it's claimed

    Games 13 11:52

  • M&S whips out carbon-neutral bra

    Hugs your jubs and the planet

    Science 13 11:56

  • Open source and the sluggish UK public sector

    Chicken and egg

    Open Source 13 12:00

  • LG Optimus 2X dual core Android smartphone

    Talkin' fast

    Phones 13 12:00

  • UK is 15th best place in the world to do IT

    Still better than France, though. And Australia

    Management 13 12:16

  • BBC engineers see PLT knocking out DAB

    Radios go silent as the data flows

    Hardware 13 12:25

  • TrustDefender debuts web-page fingerprinting in bank fraud fight

    First dabs

    Security 13 12:33

  • Facebook fixes Hotmail reset bug

    Mystery flaw is repaired

    Security 13 12:35

  • RadioShack gun giveaway: A clarification

    Nothing to do with us, say satellite TV outfit

    Bootnotes 13 12:47

  • Elgato outs Wi-Fi TV tuner for iDevices

    Freeview on the move

    Hardware 13 12:50

  • Video in the workplace: stuff that works

    No more false dawns

    Site News 13 13:00

  • Cloud on a chip: Sometimes the best hypervisor is none at all  

    Déjà vu all over again

    Enterprise Tech 13 13:40


    Marijuana causes, uh, climate change

    Science 13 14:16

  • Framework flotilla tackles VDI

    Desktop management by the book

    Desktop Virtualisation 13 14:27

  • MYSTERY of huge Canadian chicken-shed EXPLOSION

    NO CHICKENS were present, Mounties rule out fowl play

    Bootnotes 13 14:28

  • Motorola and Huawei hug and make up

    Multiple hatchet-burial

    Data Networking 13 14:47

  • Web2.0rhea browser axed

    Flock user distraught

    Applications 13 15:18

  • Help! I'm in an abusive relationship with my supplier

    Let's talk about it

    Doing Better Business 13 16:00

  • Project Ceylon – Red Hat builds Java killer replacement

    Coder says Java crap at user interfaces

    Developer 13 16:09

  • Schooner beefs MySQL appliance with active clusters

    Replication timing is everything

    Servers 13 17:36

  • Microsoft breaks own world record for IE nonsense

    'Native HTML' pitch sets new standard for online balderdash

    Applications 13 17:54

  • WordPress.com hack exposes confidential code

    Multiple servers rooted

    Security 13 19:12

  • Microsoft Phone man offers guarantee-free glitch pledge

    Phones are harder than PCs - who'da thunk?

    Phones 13 19:53

  • Middle East questions get under RIM boss’s skin

    Interview ends when talk turns from products to security

    Security 13 21:24

  • Earthquake emergency drives Kiwi copyright bill

    Three strikes and your city gets reconstructed?

    Law 13 21:49

  • Microsoft reveals WinPhone 7 'Mango' details

    Faster, more open, less battery suckage

    Phones 13 22:15

  • Intel on Itanium: 'It's all about the OS'

    'Poulson' in 2012. For sure

    Servers 13 22:21

  • Feds commandeer botnet, issue 'stop' command

    Notorious Coreflood gets dose of own medicine

    Security 13 23:55