12th April 2011 Archive

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  • Adobe warns of attacks exploiting critical Flash flaw

    Patch coming, but you'll have to wait

    Security 12 00:37

  • IBM juices Power7 chips for midrange workhorse server

    Intel counterpunch

    Servers 12 04:00

  • Panasonic beefs up 3D video camera

    Older brother set for space shot

    Media 12 04:00

  • HP opens app fluffing school

    Cloud lessons for the enterprise

    Cloud 12 05:00

  • Nissan Leaf electric car

    The e-car for the rest of us?

    Science 12 06:00

  • Gov won't force publishers to hand paywalled content to libraries

    Paid-for online content to be exempt from public archive

    Media 12 07:00

  • Can Bing ride IE and WinPho to Google triumph?

    Microsoft's mobile hope

    Media 12 07:20

  • Facebook photo-tagging trick used to lure emo kids to survey scam

    Clickjack ruse targets melancholy Twihard teens

    Security 12 08:48

  • US lawyer's email not creative enough for copyright protection

    Judge Dolly Gee says man sought lawsuit in bad faith

    Law 12 08:50

  • Some Windows tools to manage the desktop estate

    Operating framework

    Desktop Strategy 12 08:52

  • Space flutes salute Yuri Gagarin

    Jethro Tull meets the ISS

    Science 12 08:53

  • PowerAmp

    Cum on feel the noize...

    Phones 12 09:00

  • Second Call of Duty: Black Ops mission pack out next month

    PS3 players will have to wait, though

    Games 12 09:28

  • Mind the gap!

    Step by step security

    Reg Technology Panel 12 09:38

  • Facebook twins lose court case

    Porn-loving judge says no

    Law 12 09:40

  • HPC SAN whiz moves into files

    DDN's NAS Scaler

    Storage 12 09:43

  • Cloudera cranks out fresh Hadoop distro

    All stuffed elephants in one

    Cloud 12 10:00

  • Ozaki iCoat Bubble iPhone 4 case

    Fly's eyes style protection

    Phones 12 10:00

  • Nvidia: 'old' tablet development kit won't get Android 3.0

    No Honeycomb for Harmony

    Tablets 12 10:06

  • Amazon splatters ads to cut Kindle price

    It's what the Whispernet was built for

    Mobile 12 10:10

  • Security researcher warns over Dropbox authentication security flaw

    Knitted in insecurity

    Cloud 12 10:20

  • NASA hangs bunting for shuttle anniversary

    30 years since Columbia first took to the skies

    Science 12 10:22

  • Upgrade-hungry office drones ponder PC prangs

    Shame they never actually start smashing...

    Hardware 12 10:48

  • Nokia gets touchy-feely with two new Symbians

    A brilliant business QWERTY, and a Gothic nightmare...

    Phones 12 11:10

  • Wacom joins the iPad pen party

    Turns your fondleslab into a scribble pad thing

    Hardware 12 11:18

  • UK PC sales plunged in Q1

    Tablets, yes; netbooks and notebooks, no

    Hardware 12 11:18

  • Indonesian anti-smut MP caught ogling filth

    Parliamentary sex vid outrage

    Bootnotes 12 11:20

  • 'I own half of Facebook', says New York fuel salesman

    It's my book of face too... bitch!

    Law 12 11:30

  • Ten... 40-42in net connected HD TVs

    Next gen tellies you’ll want to own

    Hardware 12 12:00

  • App streaming vs installation: what's best when

    Only one way to find out. Fight!

    Desktop Strategy 12 12:07

  • iPhone 5? You might be waiting till 2012

    Apple might slide latest fondleslab into anno altero

    Phones 12 12:08

  • Avast alert finds WHOLE WEB malign

    Evil is everywhere!

    Security 12 12:23

  • Air cooled data centres are hot!

    Taking the temperature

    Data Centre 12 12:37

  • Red Dwarf to blast off on new adventure

    Original cast on board for fresh series

    Hardware 12 12:39

  • Indie music scores class action victory

    Trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate

    Media 12 13:02

  • Quantum automates tape media checking

    Will use LTFS in future

    Storage 12 13:10

  • Virgin preps step-down Tivo box

    Cheaper, 500GB DVR in-bound

    Hardware 12 13:37

  • Mummy, mummy, there's a nuclear monster!

    Go back to BED! No more stories from Auntie Fear for you

    Science 12 13:53

  • Cisco shuts Flip

    Popular camcorder line canned

    Hardware 12 14:14

  • Cisco Flips consumer unit out with trash

    John Q Public is an adjacency too far

    Data Networking 12 14:42

  • HDS boss submits to Infosmack grilling

    Information ubiquity. Oh yes!

    Infosmack 12 15:15

  • World pays tribute to Yuri Gagarin

    Let's go!

    Science 12 15:23

  • Microsoft promises not-quite-as-much Street View


    Applications 12 15:28

  • PARIS team raises pint to Yuri Gagarin

    Heroic Playmonaut toasts fellow space pioneer

    SPB 12 15:31

  • VMware open sources Microsoft Azure killer

    'Development cloud' kit set free

    Cloud 12 16:00

  • Android, Steve Jobs, and Apple's '90%' tablet share

    Xoom and gloom in Android land

    Mobile 12 17:00

  • Opera embraces Google's open source JPEG killer

    GPEG speeds Turbo engine

    Applications 12 17:18

  • Oracle vs HP+Intel: Wassup?

    Dead Parrot or Living CPU?

    HPC 12 17:37

  • Microsoft cranks out Internet Explorer 10 preview

    IE9 still warm

    Applications 12 17:53

  • Oracle, Fujitsu goose Sparc M3000 entry box

    Sparc64-VII+ on the down-low

    Servers 12 18:15

  • Office workers: 'The best way to upgrade a PC is to smash it'

    One in four desk jockeys prefer upgrade by sledgehammer

    Business 12 18:18

  • HP juices desktop and mobile workstations

    1 billion colors, no waiting

    The Channel 12 20:13

  • Exploit-wielding boffins go on free online shopping binge

    World's biggest e-commerce sites wide open

    Security 12 20:57

  • Microsoft floats fresh code for Azure

    .NET and open source faithful called to cloud

    Cloud 12 21:20

  • Novell rolls up last service pack for SUSE Linux 10

    Extends security, critical patch support to a decade

    Servers 12 21:22

  • Google admits Android 'both open and closed'

    Roll over Gene Amdahl

    Developer 12 21:55

  • Embrace chaos, beat pirates... buy my book, says Mason

    Freetards will save the future, claims author

    Media 12 21:56

  • Writers sue Huffington Post for back pay

    Arianna Huffington, the 'robber baron'

    Law 12 22:04

  • AdBlock Plus man disputes Mozilla add-on tests

    Slow Firefox startup list pared

    Developer 12 22:43

  • Ex-Microsoft man charged with scamming Ballmer and Co

    Redmond Binged for $450,000, feds say

    Security 12 23:00

  • Equinix to host new traders’ exchange

    Chi-X bound for Botany Mascot

    Cloud 12 23:11

  • Updates galore in Microsoft's biggest ever Patch Tuesday

    Relief for critical 0day bugs

    Security 12 23:27

  • AMD backs USB 3.0 on desktop and laptop chipsets

    First wafer baker on board

    The Channel 12 23:54