5th April 2011 Archive

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  • Google exec announces departure as Page takes reins

    Once and future CEO 'demands long-term commitment'

    Media 05 00:07

  • NBN Co construction chief resigns

    Was the contract negotiation bungled?

    Networks 05 02:39

  • Facebook Comments kill web freedom

    Bring back the trolls!

    Media 05 04:00

  • Google relocates Australian AdWords customers

    We’re 'upgrading' you from Ireland to Singapore

    Business 05 04:40

  • Virally spreading scam spreads over Twitter

    Twitosphere overtaken by 'Profile Spy' tweets

    Security 05 05:00

  • Marantz Melody Media music combo

    AirPlay savvy stream machine

    Hardware 05 06:00

  • Ofcom finalises ambitious annual plan

    A little less allocation, a little more action

    Mobile 05 07:04

  • Google may face 'broad US antitrust probe'

    FTC will pounce if DoJ doesn't, says report

    Government 05 07:21

  • Server workload challenges

    Where to go for the next generation of data centers

    Reg Technology Panel 05 07:41

  • Floating Image

    I wandered lonely as a JPEG

    Phones 05 08:00

  • Anonymous hacks Sony PS3 sites

    Remove your penis from this hornets' nest

    Security 05 08:13

  • SugarCRM in Jobsian Flash rewrite

    HTML5 for the iPad

    Applications 05 09:00

  • EMC buys NetWitness after its impressive hack smackdown

    Like Viktor Kiam, so impressed with tech that it bought firm

    Security 05 09:06

  • Seagate ships slim slab of storage

    As CEO succumbs to China syndrome

    Storage 05 09:10

  • 'Yuri Gagarin' blasts off to ISS

    Soyuz launch honours first man in space

    Science 05 09:13

  • Teens who listen to music a lot are at high risk of depression

    Put down the iPod, kid, and pick up a book

    Science 05 09:20

  • VMware 'buys' Mozy for its cloudy goodness

    Will operate it for EMC

    Cloud 05 09:47

  • iPhone 4: Now with added jailbreaky fun

    Windows Phone too

    Mobile 05 10:11

  • Real Time Information trial to begin April 2012

    HMRC invites software developers, employers to take part

    Business 05 10:15

  • Desktop virt roll-outs: Upfront pain for long-term gain

    How to crank up the ROI

    Desktop Virtualisation 05 10:30

  • Quick CEO change for Quantum

    Cabinet reshuffle

    Storage 05 10:31

  • SpyEye mobile banking Trojan uses same tactics as ZeuS

    Give us your number, mate, we'll send you a 'digital certificate' ...

    Mobile 05 10:34

  • ICO wags finger at York council after data breach

    Have you ever left personal info lying around near the printer?

    Management 05 11:06

  • Watchdog backs Top Gear in war with Mexico

    Ofcom rules 'lazy, feckless' jibes 'justified by the context'

    Bootnotes 05 11:09

  • Japan 'quake hits PSP2 launch?

    Sony stocks suffer

    Games 05 11:31

  • UK's Reaper flying hunter-killer fleet 'to double'

    Will remain tiny compared to inventory of obsolete crap

    Science 05 11:38

  • Coalition fails business on banks, says survey


    Small Biz 05 11:46

  • Mozilla ditches Messaging wing, eyes social webby sweetshop

    Thunderbird engine drops off

    Applications 05 12:00

  • Hacks arrested in phone hacking probe

    NOTW phone hack probe creeps on

    Law 05 12:09

  • Get shirty with Doctor Who

    Gear for groupies

    Hardware 05 12:10

  • Ofcom refuses to interfere on powerline networking interference

    Our hands are tied, thankfully

    Broadband 05 12:15

  • Steven Moffat promises 'darker' Doctor Who

    Kids definitely behind sofa for new season

    Hardware 05 12:17

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone

    Ahead of the curve?

    Phones 05 12:33

  • Russia, NASA to hold talks on nuclear-powered spacecraft

    Muscovites have the balls but not the money

    Science 05 12:38

  • VDI down under with Infosmack

    VMware in the guest chair

    Infosmack 05 12:40

  • Nintendo trades blows with The Sun over 3DS returns

    My eyes adore thee (not)

    Games 05 12:57

  • UK gov 'draws US attention' to Bradley Manning concerns

    Imprisoned Wikileaks soldier insists he's not a Brit

    Government 05 12:58

  • Fired Gucci IT worker accused of tearing up network

    Suits you, Sir

    Security 05 13:29

  • Wannabe baby-kisser lies on political honesty phone-in

    Derby council candidate assumes false identity

    Government 05 13:36

  • iPhone morphs into pinball machine

    Flippin' iOS

    Hardware 05 14:13

  • Facebook, Google et al grapple with France in privacy row

    Complaint to hit State Council tomorrow

    Government 05 14:41

  • Dig deep! Radio asks taxpayers for blank cheque

    You'll have to pay for more DAB - we can't afford it

    Media 05 14:49

  • Money mule scam offers CAPTCHA-protected malware

    Small biz owners targeted by 2in1 scam

    Small Biz 05 15:11

  • Spanish cops rush to cuff 'webcam killer'

    Suspect allegedly showed wife's body to father in Romania

    Law 05 15:16

  • Riverbed speeds backups to Nirvanix storage cloud

    Fast lane to the heavens

    Cloud 05 17:14

  • The Microsoft mobile reboot needs rebooting

    Windows Phone 7 just isn't working

    Microbite 05 17:20

  • Toshiba readies 'cinema specs' 3D TVs

    Preps 40in glasses-less set too

    Hardware 05 18:02

  • US court boots and moots Verizon net neut suit

    Open internet squabble postponed. Again

    Networks 05 18:05

  • Intel charges premium for Xeon E7 scalability

    Socket to me, Westmere

    Servers 05 19:29

  • Microsoft's first Window 8 tablet app spotted

    Modern Reader's AppX layer stripped

    Operating Systems 05 19:37

  • MythBusters: Savage and Hyneman detonate truthiness

    El Reg interviews lead balloon floaters

    Media 05 20:54

  • Google Chrome to warn of malicious Windows executables

    Social engineering put on notice

    Security 05 21:21

  • Intel expands 'Sandy Bridge' Xeon E3 lineup

    Workstation incarnation

    Servers 05 21:26

  • Burnout Crash gets PG rating

    But it hasn’t been announced yet…

    Games 05 21:51

  • Facebook Data Center: If it won't run ARM, what will it run?

    Zuckerberg to unmask shiny new backend

    Cloud 05 21:59

  • HP whips out 6 ILM products

    Info lifecycle management update

    Applications 05 22:44

  • Canonical kills free Ubuntu CD program

    Try-before-you-don't-buy moves to cloud

    Operating Systems 05 22:53

  • Pac Fibre invites tenders for Au-NZ-US cable

    Build our network, [insert name here]

    Broadband 05 23:29

  • US House votes to bar FCC net neut rules

    The circus never ends

    Networks 05 23:39