4th April 2011 Archive

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  • Australians can’t read or count

    Opinion: The stupid, it burns

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 01:42

  • AMD gases up Bulldozers for Intel push back

    Can Intel match 16 cores at 3.5GHz?

    Servers 04 Apr 03:00

  • Australia, give up your fixed broadband!

    You have nothing to lose but your twisted pairs!

    Networks 04 Apr 03:29

  • AMD rejigs fab pact with GlobalFoundries

    32nm conjuring act

    Financial News 04 Apr 04:25

  • The Osborne 1: 30 years old this month

    We remember the first commercial portable PC

    Laptops 04 Apr 07:00

  • John Barnes and Ian Rush: technology scores

    Footie giants on the gadgets that top the league

    Hardware 04 Apr 08:00

  • Small business denounces extra red tape

    Paternity and retirement changes not helping

    Small Biz 04 Apr 08:10

  • Pacific island in royal wedding philatelic outrage

    The island of Niue perforates Wills and Kate

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 09:04

  • Online car-buying firm agrees to more transparent pricing

    OFT found webuyanycar.com staff got bonuses for undervaluing cars

    Law 04 Apr 09:25

  • French mayor busts overly busty bust

    Embodiment of Republic boasted too much body

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 09:26

  • Telefonica creates NFC District in Madrid

    Employees to enjoy taste of own dog food

    Mobile 04 Apr 09:47

  • Acer Android tablets priced

    Pre-orders taken too

    Tablets 04 Apr 10:10

  • Sony CEO signals summer of tablets

    Android Honeycomb on the menu

    Tablets 04 Apr 10:27

  • Be smart with your smartphones

    Data on the hoof

    Doing Better Business 04 Apr 10:29

  • UK's oldest working telly up for sale

    Picture perfect

    Hardware 04 Apr 10:41

  • Vodafone grabs £7bn, leaves France

    Sells off French assets to Vivendi

    Mobile 04 Apr 10:42

  • RSA explains how attackers breached its systems

    Howdunnit explained but depth of hack or what was taken remain a mystery

    Security 04 Apr 10:50

  • BT expands reach of ≤20Mbps broadband

    But real-world speeds still low

    Broadband 04 Apr 10:55

  • Making desktop virt an easier pill to swallow

    Building the business case

    Desktop Virtualisation 04 Apr 11:09

  • Supply ships used to push ISS clear of sat-smash debris

    2009 Russian wipeout of Iridium bird still causing snags

    Science 04 Apr 11:15

  • Photoshopped image scam used in rogue Facebook app trap

    Spreading across social network at 90,000 clicks an hour

    Security 04 Apr 11:16

  • Judge hits police with massive bill over false Operation Ore charges

    Cop had 'no honest belief' in charges

    Law 04 Apr 11:37

  • Blighty's official Space Agency starts up on 1 April

    Glorious, insignificant future begins today

    Science 04 Apr 11:57

  • Eminent iTrio EM7100 HDMI wireless video sender

    Room with a view

    Hardware 04 Apr 12:00

  • CTIA cites First Amendment protection of radiation levels

    Demand the right not to speak freely

    Mobile 04 Apr 12:16

  • Nintendo notches up record sales for 3DS

    But fails to meet own expectations

    Games 04 Apr 12:17

  • Baby Googles: The answer to the Chocolate Factory dominance?

    There are alternatives. We discuss a few...

    Applications 04 Apr 12:21

  • Operation Ore was based on flawed evidence from the start

    Cops raised concerns ahead of national meeting in 2003

    Law 04 Apr 12:36

  • Wanted: Nude female web coders

    Bucks firm offers 'warm and private' naturist environment

    Bootnotes 04 Apr 12:58

  • SGI Virident catches up with Fusion-io

    Two cards instead of eight

    Cloud 04 Apr 13:18

  • Hydrogen powered hybrid stratocraft prangs during test flight

    Special-ops comms bird built for a week 12 miles up

    Science 04 Apr 13:23

  • Attacker grabs gaming tag of Xbox Live policy director

    'Predator' reveals own IM list, Facebook account, on YouTube boastvid

    Security 04 Apr 13:47

  • Season of TV shows blown out of cloud... for good

    Someone forget to tick the back-up box

    Cloud 04 Apr 13:57

  • UK tax system takes a little break from the interwebs

    Planned outage, don't panic

    Government 04 Apr 15:22

  • Google honks Segway horn back at Viacom

    Copyright law is terribly complicated – can't we just ignore it?

    Media 04 Apr 15:35

  • Net boffins plot password alternatives

    CAPTCHAS, split slogans and authenticated tokens

    Security 04 Apr 15:59

  • Marvell builds gateway to the clouds

    DragonFly caching HBA

    Cloud 04 Apr 16:04

  • Back to the Future game is now free

    Only the first part, though

    Games 04 Apr 16:16

  • Commodore 64 revivalist posts prototype PC pics

    Closer to production, seemingly

    Hardware 04 Apr 16:42

  • Apps chomp for Student Cluster Comp

    Sisyphus had it easy

    SC 2011 04 Apr 17:06

  • Penguin Computing overclocks Opterons for Wall Street

    Shifts Linux into extra gear

    HPC 04 Apr 17:56

  • Microsoft wraps Windows 8 in Ribbon UI?

    Web sync and sharing sneak in

    The Channel 04 Apr 19:19

  • Endeavour's swansong delayed ten days

    NASA knocks back shuttle launch

    Science 04 Apr 19:22

  • Google bids $900m for Android and Chrome patent shield

    The Nortel stalking horse

    Software 04 Apr 19:24

  • Attack hijacks sensitive data using newer Windows features

    Mac OS X probably vulnerable too

    Security 04 Apr 20:02

  • TI acquires National Semiconductor for $6.5bn

    Analog chips ahoy!

    Hardware 04 Apr 21:55

  • Pandora subpoenaed over privacy of iPhone, Android apps

    Part of industry-wide dragnet

    Security 04 Apr 23:56