1st April 2011 Archive

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  • HP taps Google's print server in the sky

    Print jobs via interwebs

    Cloud 01 Apr 04:00

  • Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats

    Multi-touch or bust?

    Operating Systems 01 Apr 05:43

  • Ten... tech treats for mum

    Ready for Mother's Day, lads?

    Top Ten 01 Apr 06:00

  • W**k-O-Meter

    Onan the Barbarian

    Phones 01 Apr 07:00

  • The Cisco Borg in your TV

    An overview of Videoscape

    Networks 01 Apr 08:00

  • The X-Factor goes virtually mobile, expands voting

    We're not just a TV show now

    Mobile 01 Apr 08:00

  • Prevention is better than cure

    Ensuring IT services stay fit and healthy with proactive monitoring

    Reg Technology Panel 01 Apr 08:15

  • Seagate triples up heads/platter ratio

    Determined to break out of HDD I/O trap

    Storage 01 Apr 09:08

  • Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does

    Installed bases compared

    Games 01 Apr 09:32

  • Labour MP says police should clamp down on online incitement

    Shadow Treasury Minister David Hanson has tips for Theresa

    Government 01 Apr 09:42

  • Mobile operators ditch Tube plans

    Sing hosanna!

    Mobile 01 Apr 10:00

  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer

    Honeycomb hybrid with docking done right?

    Laptops and Tablets 01 Apr 10:01

  • Stock-trading teen hacker jailed again over 2nd scam

    Back inside for $100k swindle attempt

    Security 01 Apr 10:13

  • London Olympics get pay-by-wave

    Visa and Samsung are in, but it takes three to tango

    Mobile 01 Apr 10:30

  • The Register Guide to London's Silicon Roundabout Tech Startups

    The cream of the crap crop

    Bootnotes 01 Apr 10:31

  • Rikki don't lose (sight of) that number

    Navigating Sales through the morass

    Doing Better Business 01 Apr 11:00

  • US gov 'transparency' websites targeted for big, fat budget cuts

    Oh Mr President, you shouldn't have

    Government 01 Apr 11:18

  • Amazon Payments heads into meat space

    The NFC gate swings both ways

    Mobile 01 Apr 11:41

  • Misty Martian volcano caught on camera

    Nice postcard from ESA's Mars Express

    Science 01 Apr 11:47

  • Fight global warming with Asimov-style Psychohistory - profs

    'Social decision sciences' to adjust dwindling public concern

    Science 01 Apr 11:49

  • StoneFly flies faster with Fusion-io

    Flashy OEM deal

    Storage 01 Apr 11:55

  • DNSSEC finally goes mainstream

    VeriSign enables more secure tech on .com top-level domain

    Security 01 Apr 11:59

  • BlackBerry Torch 9800 Super App Compo: the winners

    Applause for app ideas

    Phones 01 Apr 12:00

  • Total War: Shogun 2

    The seven thousand samurai

    Games 01 Apr 12:32

  • US Army inks $66m deal for Judge Dredd smart-rifles

    'Airburst stun bomb!' 'Armour piercing!'

    Science 01 Apr 13:24

  • Sony reveals DAB+ radio range

    Retro receivers

    Hardware 01 Apr 13:33

  • Computacenter buys into the clouds

    Minority stake in collaboration firm

    Cloud 01 Apr 13:43

  • LG cries foul over rival's rank language

    And your TVs are !!#@!!@#:# too

    Hardware 01 Apr 13:50

  • Oxfordshire cops switch speed cameras back on

    Seventh speedy sense prompts three-point turn - but will it work?

    Law 01 Apr 14:24

  • Apple plays cloud catch-up

    May delay iOS 5 to ensure it can compete

    Cloud 01 Apr 14:57

  • Arkansas governor spanks arse cleavage

    Baggy trousers madness

    Bootnotes 01 Apr 14:59

  • Nigeria fails to enact cyber crime laws

    Continue to fill your boots, miscreants!

    Security 01 Apr 15:04

  • April Fools Day's Finest

    Trick or... trick

    Hardware 01 Apr 15:37

  • Privacy group downplays Google Buzz cash grab

    Unfair that outfits against Mountain View got nada, says EPIC boss

    Applications 01 Apr 15:38

  • DARPA: Send limbless troops back to war with robo-arms

    Brainplug cyborgs to get superhuman reaction times

    Science 01 Apr 15:53

  • Oracle and life after Larry Ellison

    He has to retire some time, doesn't he?

    Storage 01 Apr 16:39

  • Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM's wasted R&D billions

    Put the lab coats away

    Developer 01 Apr 16:47

  • Google drops Schmidt for Elop, Android for WinPho 7

    Page bypassed for 'good of market'

    Mobile 01 Apr 18:52

  • Natty Narwhal with Unity: Worst Ubuntu beta ever

    Nightmare KDE 4 scenario replayed

    Operating Systems 01 Apr 20:09

  • Single-patent lawsuit hits Apple, Google, Amazon, Priceline...

    ...Hotels.com, Expedia, Sony, Motorola, Kayak, Microsoft, Verizon...

    Mobile 01 Apr 21:10

  • Firefox 'Do Not Track' header wins first convert

    Ad biz, er, mulls things over

    Security 01 Apr 23:11