29th March 2011 Archive

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  • Surprise! Sprint denounces AT&T-Mobile deal

    Still no word from Verizon

    Financial News 29 Mar 00:42

  • South Brisbane residents to get FTTP ahead of NBN

    Telstra exchange upgrade

    Networks 29 Mar 01:00

  • IBM in A$200M broadband network win

    BSS / OSS for NBN Co

    Broadband 29 Mar 01:00

  • Google's 'clean' Linux headers: Are they really that dirty?

    When lawyers and Linus collide

    Developer 29 Mar 01:07

  • My Taptu

    Man is only 70 per cent water, but this app is 100 per cent news

    Phones 29 Mar 07:00

  • Amazon jumps the gun on free clouds

    5GB free music storage that plays on anything

    Cloud 29 Mar 08:23

  • Antarctic ice breakup makes ocean absorb more CO2

    'Global implications for climate research', says US gov

    Science 29 Mar 08:39

  • Apple iPad 2

    Tablet two-point-oh

    Tablets 29 Mar 08:54

  • Pay-by-mobile plan taps up UK consumers

    Turning every high street store into a showroom

    Phones 29 Mar 09:22

  • Three strikes ID fraudster jailed for 16 years

    Record sentence for recidivist crook

    Security 29 Mar 09:28

  • Sony Ericsson sanctions smartphone boot loader unlocking

    Pledges to provide the tools

    Phones 29 Mar 09:35

  • Microsoft man riles update-hungry Windows Phone 7 users

    Boo-hoos over NoDo

    Mobile 29 Mar 09:51

  • ViewSonic tempts with buy-to-try tablet deal

    Free lunch? No such thing

    Tablets 29 Mar 09:57

  • Junk mail down 1/3 since Rustock botnet takedown

    But Bagle does brisk business

    Security 29 Mar 09:59

  • McAfee site crawling with scripting bugs say researchers

    XSS marks the spot

    Security 29 Mar 10:09

  • O2 tariff rejig bundles tethering with data

    Re-introduces 12-month contract too

    Mobile 29 Mar 10:22

  • Judge hands BlueBeat.com $1m bill for Beatles downloads

    Hits 'psycho-acoustic simulation' tech with silver hammer

    Media 29 Mar 10:47

  • Council loses £2.5m claim against Big Blue

    Good money after bad

    The Channel 29 Mar 10:49

  • Take-Two talent call betrays Grand Theft Auto V

    Sequel server

    Games 29 Mar 11:02

  • Handy radiation checker comes to iPhone


    Phones 29 Mar 11:12

  • HTC Incredible S Android smartphone

    Talked up?

    Phones 29 Mar 11:17

  • Back to the nano-mechanical future

    Nano-cantilever memory solving flash conundrum

    Storage 29 Mar 11:33

  • US Navy to field full-on robot war-jets as soon as 2018

    Would be the first droids to match manned fighters

    Science 29 Mar 11:35

  • Exploiting the mainframe for new workload requirements

    Fully exploiting that valuable asset

    HPC 29 Mar 11:46

  • Europe rules against general passenger data slurp

    Why do we hand over data on every passenger?

    Government 29 Mar 11:54

  • Platform wants to out-map, out-reduce Hadoop

    Teaching financial grids to dance like stuffed elephants

    HPC 29 Mar 12:06

  • Praying for meltdown: The media and the nukes

    Science and the public lose out with TV's Hollywood disaster film obsession

    Science 29 Mar 12:22

  • Yes, there is life after storage virtualisation

    Infosmack gets down and dirty with HDS

    Infosmack 29 Mar 13:14

  • Chilean clock-cooking could cause computer chaos

    Millennium Bug 2: Daylight saving time apocalypse

    Developer 29 Mar 13:22

  • Nokia lobs more patent claims at Apple


    Mobile 29 Mar 13:50

  • Making the decision on hosted apps

    Reg reader tell you how he did it

    Hosted Apps 29 Mar 14:06

  • Controlling the desktop through user scenarios

    Give 'em enough slack?

    Desktop Strategy 29 Mar 14:07

  • Europe to get space radiation-storm warning service

    Solar particle-gasms expected from 2013

    Science 29 Mar 14:34

  • Citrix sprinkles apps magic on SQL, NoSQL data

    Native data performance boost

    Cloud 29 Mar 15:00

  • Artificial leaf produces electricity through photosynthesis

    Growth industry?

    Hardware 29 Mar 15:27

  • Google suffers further Chinese setback

    Loses largest portal

    Applications 29 Mar 15:31

  • Mystery hack pwns Australian government

    Email cache apparently flashed

    Security 29 Mar 15:35

  • Apple plays whack-a-dev after WWDC sellout

    Tickets surface on eBay, Craigslist

    Developer 29 Mar 15:37

  • Cisco eats newScale for cloud control

    Chambers to help those who help themselves

    Cloud 29 Mar 15:58

  • Google goes Instant with Commerce Search

    Retailer search-as-you-type

    Media 29 Mar 16:00

  • Nintendo 3DS contains £60 in bits

    Cheap as chips

    Games 29 Mar 16:42

  • Mozilla debuts Firefox 4 for Android

    And Maemo too. If you care

    Mobile 29 Mar 17:33

  • Amazon offers dedicated servers on EC2

    A cloud on the ground is fog

    Cloud 29 Mar 17:59

  • Beyond $1bn: Why Red Hat is a one off

    Open source as a business. Not a business model

    Software 29 Mar 18:10

  • Oracle to munch ERP competitor?

    Today's menu: Lawson small potatoes

    Financial News 29 Mar 19:12

  • New York vows review of AT&T deal

    'They last thing we need is higher wireless prices'

    Mobile 29 Mar 20:04

  • Firefox 4 for Android shuns ARMv6 phones

    And Adobe Flash too

    Mobile 29 Mar 20:48

  • Foxtel calls on wisdom of the clouds

    New box to win back eyeballs

    Media 29 Mar 22:50

  • Sensis plans digital come back

    Telstra's zombie is awake and hungry

    Business 29 Mar 22:51

  • Carriers vs cops: Australia's spectrum conundrum

    New services or emergency services?

    Mobile 29 Mar 23:09

  • Apple's 'App Store trademark': A farce of Jobsian proportions

    Only Microsoft can save us

    Media 29 Mar 23:18