28th March 2011 Archive

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  • Steve Jobs screws my wife (out of $944)

    What do you do with an iPad 2?

    Laptops and Tablets 28 Mar 00:00

  • Quanta crams 512 cores into pizza box server

    Tilera chips spotted in wild

    HPC 28 Mar 01:00

  • Windows Server pushed to the super limit

    SGI puts Microsoft on 256 cores

    HPC 28 Mar 02:00

  • Oracle's Itanium gambit: A play for HP's checkbook

    One way or another, Apotheker will pay

    Servers 28 Mar 03:00

  • Dell's storage vision: From reseller to innovator

    Fluid Data goes external

    Storage 28 Mar 04:00

  • 120 Underground Wi-Fi hotspots will erupt in 2012

    Spewing LOLcats all over 19th century caverns ...

    Broadband 28 Mar 08:00

  • iPad 2 3G price-plans compared

    Three are the best

    Laptops and Tablets 28 Mar 08:56

  • MPs now free to surf and tweet

    Warned not to take debate from the Chamber to the interwebs

    Government 28 Mar 08:59

  • MoJ goes cloudy

    Savvis picks up £14m

    Cloud 28 Mar 09:03

  • Asus prices up netbook-convertible Android tablet

    Qwerty will cost you

    Laptops and Tablets 28 Mar 09:30

  • Curiosity kills 3D Cameron cams

    No Avatar remake for NASA's new Mars rover

    Science 28 Mar 09:32

  • Osborne tosses £3bn gift to the green elite

    We're all in it together. But some are more together than others ...

    Government 28 Mar 09:46

  • Sony Ericsson preps Gingerbread for Xperia X10

    One last Android upgrade pipelined

    Phones 28 Mar 10:06

  • MySQL.com hacked via... SQL injection vuln


    Security 28 Mar 10:15

  • Internet pioneer Paul Baran dies

    Packet switching? It'll never catch on

    Broadband 28 Mar 10:16

  • Have you thought about using a mainframe for that?

    Managing Enterprise Workloads in large environments

    HPC 28 Mar 10:45

  • iPad 2 tougher than iPad 1. True

    Smashing revelation

    Laptops and Tablets 28 Mar 10:50

  • Apple lands patent blow, but the slugfest continues

    iPhone ban looking less likely

    Phones 28 Mar 10:59

  • Nintendo 3DS console and games

    The hardware and the software reviewed and rated

    Games 28 Mar 10:59

  • Visio 2010: strengths and weaknesses

    The gleaned wisdom of two visualisation experts

    Data Visualisation 28 Mar 11:02

  • EU bodies schooled on ethical data-gathering

    You should find out before giving up your data that it might be released

    Government 28 Mar 11:06

  • Fire-quenching electric forcefield backpack invented

    Conflag stifler to replace sprinkler systems, fire hoses

    Science 28 Mar 11:08

  • Nokia talks Pure typographic cobblers

    Whalesong heralds new 'seamless, fluid' font

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 11:09

  • El Reg is recruiting reporters

    Think of it as journalism with benefits

    Site News 28 Mar 11:21

  • Sales, meet Finance (redux)

    Business process re-tweaking

    Doing Better Business 28 Mar 11:25

  • The challenges of desktop configuration

    Firing at moving targets

    Desktop Strategy 28 Mar 11:28

  • Nvidia flexes Tesla muscles

    Opens kimono, talks strategy

    HPC 28 Mar 11:51

  • Google in mobile payments ménage à trois

    MasterCard and Citigroup slip into bed with search giant

    Mobile 28 Mar 11:52

  • Zomm wireless leash

    For your dog and bone

    Hardware 28 Mar 11:58

  • Lindsay Lohan ditches her surname

    Serious blow to El Reg space plane bureau

    SPB 28 Mar 12:09

  • Making the decision on hosted apps

    What’s the risk and reward?

    Hosted Apps 28 Mar 12:19

  • The Professionals set to abseil into cinema

    Big screen outing for Bodie and Doyle

    Hardware 28 Mar 12:30

  • Mobile phones immobilise bones

    Not just your brain you have to worry about

    Phones 28 Mar 12:41

  • Comodo-gate hacker brags about forged certificate exploit

    Tiger-blooded Persian cracker boasts of mighty exploits

    Security 28 Mar 12:46

  • The Reg Guide to server virtualisation scale-up

    Removing barriers to entry

    Servers 28 Mar 13:26

  • Airship 'Sky Tugs' ordered from Lockheed for Canadian oilfields

    P-791 military hover suck-blimp gets civil application

    Science 28 Mar 13:56

  • Facebook friends Obama's ex-press rep

    Ready to fight regulators

    Government 28 Mar 13:57

  • Spotify apologises for tainted ad kerfuffle

    Can't stop the music

    Security 28 Mar 14:38

  • HMS Ark Royal goes under the hammer

    Get your bids in for some serious kit

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 14:39

  • iOS 5 falls back to autumn, say moles

    Sensational September iStuff revamp? Yes please

    Phones 28 Mar 14:47

  • Hosts with the mosts: Getting to grips with SLAs for the cloud

    Hey baby, I’m your telephone man

    Cloud 28 Mar 14:48

  • eBay splashes $2.4bn for ecommerce services firm

    It's entirely complementary

    Financial News 28 Mar 14:56

  • Composers, songwriters feel squeeze from disappearing CD

    While miserable tight-fisted internet giants won't pay up

    Media 28 Mar 14:57

  • Apple confirms dev conference, but not much else

    Fanboys head to San Francisco

    Developer 28 Mar 15:20

  • Intel gets spanking new SSD

    X25-M replacement

    Storage 28 Mar 15:55

  • Kaminario drops DRAM SSD pricing drawers

    Raises capacity knickers

    Storage 28 Mar 16:05

  • Java daddy borged by Google

    Gosling succumbs to 'road more travelled'

    Developer 28 Mar 17:26

  • Apple limits Design Awards to App Store residents

    You're either on the bus, or you're off the bus

    Developer 28 Mar 18:52

  • Bomb threat forces Apple campus evacuation

    Disgruntled fanboi phone fun?

    Bootnotes 28 Mar 21:14

  • Arista punts 10/40 GbE juice-sipper

    Swift switch joins jitterless, low-latency 10GbE sibling

    Data Networking 28 Mar 22:03

  • Oz parliamentary network breached

    Unidentified finger points uncertainly at China

    Security 28 Mar 22:44

  • Vocus buys Perth data centre

    Acquisition hunger mounts

    Financial News 28 Mar 22:45