25th March 2011 Archive

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  • RIM's PlayBook to run Android apps

    Our love knows no bounds

    Tablets 25 02:36

  • Red Hat rolls up RHEL 6.1 beta

    Tweaks and tech previews

    Operating Systems 25 03:00

  • Ubuntu board rejects slippery Flash installs

    YouTube sensations no justification

    Operating Systems 25 04:00

  • Newbie's virtual appliance stores up trouble for EMC

    Tintri's dilemma: When (not if) to get bought

    Storage 25 05:00

  • UK is a closed source 'stronghold'

    Proprietary software is the opiate of the people

    Open Source 25 07:00

  • Nintendo 3DS FAQ

    Your questions answered

    Games 25 07:02

  • Nintendo 3DS games release schedule

    What to look out for

    Games 25 07:04

  • Nintendo 3DS

    Raise your glasses?

    Games 25 07:06

  • Nintendo 3DS launch games

    We rate the first batch

    Games 25 07:08

  • Acer locates 'missing' tablet strategy

    Date, price set for Android 3.0 fondleslabs

    Tablets 25 08:00

  • Productivity: IT pros to the rescue

    Proving ground

    Desktop Strategy 25 08:00

  • Marshall Islands prez 'legalises cocaine'

    Government surprised by 'CBS' nose Ajax announcement

    Bootnotes 25 10:02

  • EU strengthens online shopper protection

    And time for a chat about online gambling

    The Channel 25 10:03

  • Chain Reaction finds and plugs security hole that led to fraud

    Bike site gets back on track

    Security 25 10:29

  • Sales, meet Finance

    Building cross-functional teams

    Doing Better Business 25 10:30

  • Android gets in-app billing

    Insert coin to continue

    Mobile 25 10:54

  • PARIS pops up in Ripley's Believe It or Not!

    Space paper plane honoured with fetching cartoon

    SPB 25 10:57

  • Plane or train? Tape or disk?

    The dividing line is not easy to find

    Storage 25 11:00

  • Why and when choose PaaS?

    Reg reader spills beans...cleans up

    Cloud 25 11:00

  • Spotify splattered with malware-tainted ads

    Sounds dodgy

    Security 25 11:15

  • Your census data will be kept secret - except from MI5, police, courts etc

    New Labour attitudes buried in the fine print

    Law 25 11:38

  • Santander blames Firefox 4 for website fail

    Downgrade yourself

    Applications 25 11:40

  • Brand owners could stop reputation-benefitting keyword triggers

    No vicarious benefits, suggests ECJ advisor

    Law 25 11:45

  • Online world maps rub jubs against todgers

    Just how big, and how long?

    Bootnotes 25 11:53

  • The workload challenge

    Have mainframes still got a job?

    Reg Technology Panel 25 12:00

  • Libya fighting shows just how idiotic the Defence Review was

    Vast fleet of RAF planes delivers just 3 crap missiles

    Government 25 12:12

  • Where are the cheapest 3DS deals?

    Prices compared

    Games 25 12:25

  • Stardust comet hunter drifts off into space

    Veteran spacecraft burns to depletion and shuts itself down

    Science 25 12:27

  • Yakuza 4

    Gangster wrap

    Games 25 13:00

  • Early demand knocks back UK iPad 2 delivery dates

    Lots to go round, say retailers

    Tablets 25 13:09

  • Gabrielle Giffords may wave Endeavour off

    'Good chance' she'll see launch, says husband Mark Kelly

    Science 25 13:11

  • UK.gov uses purple-panted-berk to get 'young men' to do census

    XY gamers urged to fill in some lovely forms

    Government 25 13:26

  • Which 10in Tab for Blighty, Samsung?

    February's model, or March's skinnier one?

    Tablets 25 13:27

  • Fuel foolery, merger warnings and Budgetary boons

    New Budget makes some sensible changes...and some mad ones too

    Small Biz 25 13:47

  • Scarface blows onto Blu-ray

    Say hello to my little remastered friend

    Hardware 25 13:58

  • A deluge of diagramming add-ons

    The third men

    Data Visualisation 25 14:00

  • Avanti's bird plumps up feathers

    Just needs a few more customers

    Broadband 25 14:45

  • Chinese firm accused of mobile malware ruse

    Users pay to remove unrequested app

    Security 25 14:50

  • Sizing a server to support desktop virtualisation

    Savvy scripting and baselining

    Desktop Virtualisation 25 16:00

  • Software bugs block O2 PlayStation phone release

    Other networks seemingly glitch free

    Mobile 25 16:08

  • HDS private cloud storage product is 'beautiful'

    KIller HCP+HDI product

    Storage 25 16:11

  • Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

    Dead horse long ago flogged down to a mere red stain

    Science 25 16:22

  • Man Utd sues supporter over corporate client 'data theft'

    Prawn sandwich crowd suffer intimidation

    Security 25 16:51

  • Apple iPad 2

    Tablet two-point-oh

    Tablets 25 17:01

  • Apple iPad 2 demo'd on camera

    Fondleslab stroked for your pleasure

    Tablets 25 17:15

  • Why US antitrust regulators should probe Google search

    To boldly know where no one has known before

    Government 25 20:34

  • FCC official: AT&T deal faces 'steep climb' for approval

    'There's no way the chairman rubber-stamps this'

    Business 25 22:57