22nd March 2011 Archive

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  • Protect online retail, says eBay

    Calls to regulate 'restrictive' e-commerce

    Business 22 01:31

  • Apple sues Amazon over 'App Store' name

    The inevitable arrives

    Mobile 22 02:59

  • Dozens of exploits released for popular SCADA programs

    Giant bullseyes painted on industrial control software

    Security 22 03:00

  • Canonical's Dell and Lenovo love lets Ubuntu down

    Think small to beat the Apple experience

    Operating Systems 22 04:00

  • Thrutu

    Push me

    Phones 22 07:00

  • NHS to share foreigners' data with border agency

    Nothing clinical included

    Government 22 09:01

  • Testers show MacBook Pro Turbo Boost oddness

    It works! Oh no it doesn't! Oh yes it does! etc, etc.

    Laptops 22 09:16

  • 4G über-auction coming next year

    Ofcom pledges high speed access for all, maybe

    Mobile 22 09:36

  • RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet release slips

    Nudged back out of iPad 2's shadow?

    Tablets 22 09:47

  • Texan charged over multimillion pump-and-dump spam scam

    Really Rad badman's Russian hacking stock shock

    Security 22 10:02

  • Play.com spam points to malware downloads

    Breach blamed on marketing company

    Security 22 10:06

  • Pliant puts shiny new CEO to work

    Hot swap at the top for flash start-up

    Storage 22 10:30

  • Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker

    Plays music, takes calls

    Hardware 22 11:00

  • China rejects Google snoop claims

    Hot blame potato goes to and fro

    Business 22 11:01

  • Dell takes x64 micro servers mainstream

    Vikings to conquer dedicated hosting, content streaming

    Servers 22 11:20

  • Duke Nuke goes misogynistic for multiplayer

    Gaffes for slaps

    Games 22 11:39

  • HP revs NonStop blades with Tukwila Itaniums

    More fault tolerant bang, fewer bucks

    Servers 22 11:45

  • Cutting the cost of innovation

    Open source gears up to re-enter the fray

    Open Source 22 11:49

  • BA jihadist relied on Jesus-era encryption

    30 years for airline bomb plot

    Security 22 11:52

  • Southampton Uni shows way to a truly open web

    Making Berners-Lee's vision a reality

    Business 22 11:53

  • Beeb reworks Wuthering Frikkin' Heights

    'FFS, Heathcliff! It is for God to punish scumbags'

    Bootnotes 22 12:15

  • Fujitsu wins £15m Welsh supercomputer bid

    Distributed grid in four years

    HPC 22 12:17

  • Behind the Ofcom plan: four LTE networks, and not a lot else

    Defining technology, without defining technology

    Mobile 22 12:21

  • Vodafone takes orders for PlayStation phone

    Xperia Play can be yours... soon

    Mobile 22 12:41

  • Motorstorm Apocalypse

    Hit the quakes

    Games 22 13:00

  • Virtual Facebook thief jailed for two years

    British hacker gets very real sentence

    Security 22 13:03

  • MeeGo or MS? Nokia ponders tablet OS

    Phone giant seemingly unsure which one to pick

    Tablets 22 13:04

  • Desktop options today

    A checkpoint on delivering desktops

    Desktop Strategy 22 13:07

  • Steve Jobs must face the music in court

    Two hours' questioning for Apple boss

    Media 22 13:39

  • Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear

    Hysteria rages unchecked as minor incident winds down

    Science 22 13:49

  • Hosted Apps: the risks and management challenges

    Reg readers join in

    Hosted Apps 22 13:52

  • USB key to 4,000 vulnerable people's front doors lost

    Leicester council rushes to reset staff access codes

    Government 22 13:57

  • Cloud says 'no'

    Internal challenges for the public cloud

    Cloud 22 14:00

  • UK iPad 2 to cost under £400

    Will go on sale on Friday, Apple insists

    Tablets 22 14:13

  • 'R' is for Revolution Analytics

    Statistical significance

    HPC 22 15:00

  • Sensitive data easily swiped from eBayed mobiles

    Smut, logins and bank card PINs - oh my!

    Mobile 22 15:08

  • DataCore adds NAS head, high-availability

    More tunes for SANsymphony-V

    Storage 22 15:09

  • Play.com: Only customer emails lost in data breach

    Mailshotter Silverpop blamed for malwarey kerfuffle

    Security 22 15:42

  • BlackBerry users get free remote wipe, backup and location

    Be your own BOFH

    Mobile 22 15:57

  • Converting between backup formats is possible after all

    Our storage man sustains moderate gast to the flabber

    Storage 22 16:17

  • WRONG kind of WIND blamed for renewable red-ink FAIL

    It doesn't blow, it sucks

    Science 22 16:46

  • Samsung intros 'skinnier than iPad 2' tablets

    Android 3.0 and low, low prices

    Tablets 22 16:50

  • NUDE WOMEN rally for imprisoned soldier Bradley Manning

    Unclad Frisco Wilileaks brouhaha

    Government 22 17:18

  • Firefox 4 debuts: The last kitchen sink release

    Everything in. One last time

    Applications 22 18:06

  • Pat Gelsinger gets the Infosmack treatment

    EMC man talks cloud

    Infosmack 22 18:20

  • How Microsoft uses Visio

    case study

    Data Visualisation 22 18:21

  • The price of the average foaming tankard - in pictures

    Here for the beer

    Data Visualisation 22 18:32

  • US gov opposes Microsoft in i4i patent spat

    Juries get confused. And this is complicated

    The Channel 22 19:16

  • Apple showers love on Mac malware protection

    Feeds Snow Leopard's neglected Xprotect

    Software 22 20:35

  • Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 debut

    Pinch it to zoom it

    Applications 22 20:47

  • Judgment stalls Google book settlement

    Judge declines to reward mass unauthorised scanning

    Law 22 20:47

  • Interview: Unisys on the cybercrime treaty

    Why Australia should sign up

    Security 22 21:10

  • Facebook snaps up Snaptu

    Gets democratic with mobile apps

    Financial News 22 21:16

  • Googlebooks pact rejected by federal judge

    'De facto monopoly' feared

    Media 22 21:25

  • Japanese quake shakes semiconductor biz

    Boards and chip packages hit too

    The Channel 22 21:50