17th March 2011 Archive

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  • Alcatel-Lucent touts bit-blazing 100Gbps for Kiwi NBN

    Phantastically Phast Phrench Photonics

    Data Networking 17 Mar 01:07

  • Phishers dodge fraud protections in Firefox, Chrome

    Outmaneuver blacklists

    Security 17 Mar 03:00

  • MS embraces/shuns Google's open video codec

    Redmond lawyers redefine 'the open web'

    Media 17 Mar 03:45

  • Java daddy: 'Aggressively stupid' won't work for Oracle

    Gosling says self interest rules

    Developer 17 Mar 04:13

  • US CIOs: IT hires on the rise

    Nowhere close to lawyer hires

    Financial News 17 Mar 04:30

  • Apple iMovie 1.2

    Shoot happens

    Phones 17 Mar 07:00

  • Visualisation into action

    See your data, make better decisions

    Data Visualisation 17 Mar 08:50

  • Overland gets $15m tide-us-over cash

    Is this the last fundraising exercise?

    Storage 17 Mar 09:54

  • The more you know about your customers ...

    Those walking wallets have names

    Doing Better Business 17 Mar 10:00

  • Judge mulls 'wasted costs' as ACS:Law cases close

    'Out of norm conduct' could mean payout for anti-piracy lawyers

    Law 17 Mar 10:41

  • Police just rubber-stamping US data slurp

    Failing to follow the law

    Government 17 Mar 10:42

  • Altec Lansing inMotion Air wireless speaker

    Dock-free zone

    Hardware 17 Mar 11:00

  • A cacophony of clients

    Virtual desktops can run on tablets and phones - but should they?

    Desktop Virtualisation 17 Mar 11:00

  • UK cyclists hit by fraud after online purchase at website

    Caught in the middle of a chain reaction

    Security 17 Mar 11:09

  • Asus to take fight to tablets with cheap Google netbook


    Laptops 17 Mar 11:16

  • Visa goes all P2P in US

    Pay anyone, anywhere

    Mobile 17 Mar 11:21

  • Texas bank robber asked for ID

    Sure, here's my Wells Fargo debit card

    Bootnotes 17 Mar 11:27

  • Spectrum-guzzling operators will TAKE TV off THE AIR

    The scramble for more radio spectrum

    Mobile 17 Mar 11:44

  • Video in the workplace

    Watching you, watching me

    Site News 17 Mar 12:00

  • Spam levels plummet as Rustock botnet taken down... for now

    815,000 zombies with no master...

    Security 17 Mar 12:12

  • Child abuse cop slams ICANN

    'Accurate Whois is a joke. It just doesn't happen,' says Interpol kid protector

    Security 17 Mar 12:18

  • Boffins build copper-crunching laptop cooler

    Kettle chips?

    Hardware 17 Mar 12:33

  • Broadband minister asks ISPs to better 'regulate' industry

    UK.gov enlists Sir Tim Berners-Lee to make noises about 'open web'

    Broadband 17 Mar 12:56

  • Accolades and anguish at the Baftas

    Games get gongs

    Games 17 Mar 12:58

  • Dell Inspiron Duo

    Flip your lid

    Laptops 17 Mar 13:00

  • Police, Google and Facebook warned on data protection

    Reding details plans for stronger privacy rights

    Government 17 Mar 13:02

  • Virgin turns on third Tivo tuner

    One box, three pick-ups

    Hardware 17 Mar 13:17

  • Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good

    'Worst probably over' says Australian prof

    Science 17 Mar 13:48

  • Google copyright purge leaves Android developers exposed

    Could be forced to hand over source code

    Mobile 17 Mar 13:56

  • New cheap gas, not nature, is nuclear's biggest worry

    Nuke CEO says nuclear reactors just aren't economical

    Science 17 Mar 14:27

  • Pervasive encryption: Just say yes

    Never mind the performance penalty

    Enterprise Tech 17 Mar 14:30

  • Seeing the answer

    Diagramming boosts your (business) intelligence

    Data Visualisation 17 Mar 14:30

  • IBM tunes up Java for z196 mainframes

    64-bit and 31-bit JVMs

    Servers 17 Mar 15:45

  • Intel buys Silicon Hive for SoC smarts

    Philips Electronics spinout caught

    Hardware 17 Mar 16:01

  • New York Times tucks skirt behind stilted paywall

    Gray Lady asks regular readers to cough up $15 a month

    Media 17 Mar 16:12

  • WD outs 6TB monster drive

    External HDD gets Raid treatment

    Hardware 17 Mar 16:23

  • Nintendo 3DS smashes advance order record

    Unusually high demand, claims Amazon - but won't say how many

    Games 17 Mar 16:24

  • Prof debuts miniature laser diode for fast networking

    And even faster hair removal

    Data Networking 17 Mar 16:37

  • HBGary's nemesis is a '16-year-old schoolgirl'

    Tales of mystery and imagination

    Security 17 Mar 16:53

  • ChinaNet bestows free Wi-Fi upon lucky Android few

    Shanghai phone booths get souped up

    Broadband 17 Mar 17:04

  • Dell brings 2G Core i, swappable covers to Inspiron laptops

    A kick up the R series

    Laptops 17 Mar 17:25

  • Apple: Yes, Safari outperforms embedded iOS web viewer

    iPhone web API lacks optimizations, Apple tells El Reg

    Developer 17 Mar 20:58

  • Patent-pimping pair attacks Apple, PayPal, Victoria's Secret

    Amazon '1-Click' imbroglio redux

    Media 17 Mar 21:25

  • IE9: Downloads beat Angry Birds, lag Firefox and Opera

    2.3 million hits in perspective

    Applications 17 Mar 21:47

  • Download data versus piracy claims: the figures don’t add up

    Debunking the content industry's scare campaign

    Law 17 Mar 22:55