15th March 2011 Archive

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  • Apple handcuffs 'open' web apps on iPhone home screen

    Three bugs? Or three-headed App Store conspiracy?

    Developer 15 01:26

  • HP promises App Store and Microsoft love in webOS world

    'Our software is a thing of magic'

    Applications 15 01:57

  • Data-mining technique outs authors of anonymous email

    Unmasking trolls, one 'write-print' at a time

    Security 15 04:00

  • Microsoft releases IE9 for chip happy Windows world

    Windows XP not included

    Applications 15 06:40

  • Catch Notes

    Your thoughts on all your devices

    Phones 15 07:00

  • Black Ops is the best selling videogame EVER

    Battlefield devs bitch-slap Activision

    Games 15 08:37

  • TorrentFreak seeking copyright report’s mysterious author

    Update: Sphere Analysis report now published

    Media 15 08:48

  • Renault security boss arrested as spying claims fall apart

    J'accuse. Pas

    Bootnotes 15 09:55

  • At the sharp end

    How far should CRM customisation go?

    Doing Better Business 15 10:23

  • Avon and Somerset police launch online crime tracker

    Site allows victims of crime to follow the progress of investigations

    Law 15 10:27

  • BT Openreach's founding father quits job

    Steve Robertson out as Olivia Garfield takes on CEO role

    Broadband 15 10:29

  • Bogus BBC Fukushima radiation texts panic the Philippines

    Thanks for that

    Security 15 10:34

  • Ofcom stamps out mobile termination fees

    Down to a ha'penny by 2014

    Mobile 15 11:30

  • Microsoft calls time on Zune media player hardware

    Even Nokia wouldn't want it

    Hardware 15 11:35

  • European parliament loves the Tobin tax

    But if it becomes law, it's us plebs who'll be paying

    Small Biz 15 11:51

  • Can telephony and IT work together?

    West Yorkshire Fire Service says 'yes

    Reg Technology Panel 15 12:03

  • Asus Eee Pad Slider

    Tablet meets netbook - becomes smartbook

    Tablets 15 12:24

  • Fukushima update: No chance cooling fuel can breach vessels

    Still nothing to get in a flap about

    Science 15 12:25

  • Facebook preps Groupon-like service

    Let the coupon clone wars begin

    Applications 15 12:41

  • DWP ditches Fujitsu and reappoints HP

    U-turns on multi-million pound desktop deal

    The Channel 15 12:48

  • Russian republic in sex bomb alert

    Petrozavodsk plastic pecker palaver

    Bootnotes 15 13:04

  • The 64-bit question

    Maybe the future of the desktop, but should you care yet?

    Desktop Strategy 15 13:10

  • WTF is... cloud gaming?

    Look, ma, no console!

    Games 15 13:11

  • Facebook poaches Google exec to go on M&A hunt

    Engineer that, Mountain View!

    Financial News 15 13:15

  • Disney torpedoes Yellow Submarine

    Robert Zemekis 3D remake of 1968 classic canned

    Bootnotes 15 13:21

  • HP will grow future on clouds and analytics

    Apotheker ain't gonna buy legacy software

    Cloud 15 13:48

  • Network mapping: you know it makes sense

    Diagramming tools to the rescue

    Data Visualisation 15 13:57

  • The stick, the carrot and the desktop virt project

    Winning hearts and minds

    Desktop Virtualisation 15 14:07

  • EU copyright database could help reform the laws on orphan works

    Steely Neelie wants pan-European searchable legal copyright database

    Government 15 14:11

  • Defence talks to forge EU cyberwar strategy

    What are we defending against exactly?

    Security 15 14:14

  • Ten scatological jokes about storage

    InfoSmack Time!

    Infosmack 15 14:36

  • Measuring loyalty 101: know what your customers bought

    What, when, how much

    Doing Better Business 15 14:49

  • Amazon tweaks virtual private clouds

    Public and private subnets

    Cloud 15 15:05

  • Ubisoft reveals rock game with REAL guitars

    Plucking brilliant

    Games 15 15:13

  • Seagate extends enterprise disk and SSD lines

    Three in one: Pulsar, Savvio and Constellation

    Storage 15 15:14

  • Avere extends FXT box for virtual stuffing

    Virtualises filers, adds global name space

    Virtualization 15 15:29

  • Three ponders big squeeze: City, duopoly, Ofcom have little sympathy

    And then there were ... 3

    Mobile 15 15:39

  • Google wires up for wireless payments

    NFC hits NY & SF in alphabet soup

    Mobile 15 15:53

  • Buy two tablets, stop a laptop from being shipped

    Big biz to go ape for fondleslabs

    Tablets 15 15:54

  • F-Secure Mac security scanner bug bins benign files

    Whoops! Hope that wasn't a system file

    Security 15 15:58

  • London's Olympic clock claps out

    Marathon countdown ends after less than a day

    Bootnotes 15 16:19

  • MS flicks the LightSwitch for Silverlight on Azure

    VisualStudio expansion gets second beta

    Cloud 15 16:47

  • Google splits Google Apps suite in two

    Get new stuff now. Or get it when you're good and ready

    Cloud 15 17:28

  • EA coughs to Dragon Age II user ban 'mistake'

    Restoration comedy

    Games 15 17:49

  • Assange ambushes Australian Prime Minister on live TV

    Asks if she should be tried for treason

    Government 15 18:41

  • iPad 2, A5 chip, and Smart Cover strip-searched

    Samsung processor and 31 magnets

    Tablets 15 19:44

  • Google teaches Microsoft's IE9 to love open video codec

    WebM for Internet Explorer

    Applications 15 19:48

  • First Facebook Hacker Cup lifted by ... Google genius

    That's the way the colored ball bounces

    Developer 15 20:49

  • ISP proposes independent body to police copyright

    iiNet's modest proposal

    Law 15 22:04

  • Aussie TV production house takes on Apple

    Lend me your ears, I’ll sing you a lawsuit

    Law 15 22:15

  • Fukushima reactor shell ruptured?

    'What the hell is going on?' fumes Japanese PM

    Science 15 22:30

  • Twitter ad play chokes third-party devs

    Money rules. Not freedom

    Developer 15 22:44

  • Intel: 'We ate McAfee to slip security into silicon'

    Down below the kernel where it belongs

    Security 15 23:30