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Sixth Japanese nuclear reactor loses cooling

Updated Yet another reactor in Japan's Fukushima nuclear-power complexes has lost its cooling, bringing the total number of problematic reactors in northeastern Japan after Friday afternoon's megaquake to six.
Rik Myslewski, 13 Mar 2011
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Facebook moves towards more video-social networking tie-ups

Now that Warner Brothers has made a number of its films available on Facebook, it is just a matter of time before every other film-maker on the planet jumps on the same bandwagon, and Facebook becomes a credible video alternative, certainly to YouTube, definitely to Amazon, but even more scarily, to Netflix.
Wireless Watch, 13 Mar 2011
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Operation Twitstorm: Devs as friends or foes

Opiate-of-the-masses Twitter has sparked an uproar by announcing new expectations and rules for third-party application developers.
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Customers clobber Clearwire as execs jump ship

American “4G*” wireless carrier Clearwire has been hit with a customer class action over speeds that don’t meet its marketing, and over the weekend, found three new empty offices in the “C-suite” with the departure of its CEO Bill Morrow. Chief commercial officer Mike Sievert, and CIO Kevin Hart, also announced their resignations.