11th March 2011 Archive

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  • Google contradicts own counsel in face of antitrust probe

    Admits existence of search algorithm whitelists

    Media 11 Mar 00:16

  • iPhone and BlackBerry brought down in hacker competition

    Attack of the killer drive-bys

    Security 11 Mar 01:54

  • Apple patent foresees ultra-svelte iDevices

    Skinnier than a 2.5mm phone plug

    Hardware 11 Mar 04:00

  • Intel and server buddies forge micro boxes

    Tiny Xeon blade-rack hybrids

    Servers 11 Mar 05:00

  • US Trans-Pacific Partnership proposal leaked

    NGO publishes Washington wish-list

    Law 11 Mar 06:49

  • Marshall Major over-ear headphones

    Can cans

    Hardware 11 Mar 07:00

  • Automating the data centre

    Orchestrating the systems

    Data Centre 11 Mar 08:38

  • Sony starts PS3 imports again

    Dutch courts lifts import ban

    Hardware 11 Mar 09:35

  • BMI taken out by Anonymous

    Payback is a bitch

    Security 11 Mar 09:53

  • Lords vote for electronic devices in their chambers

    Says no to clicks, Google and 'e-mission creep'

    Government 11 Mar 10:04

  • Apple iOS 4.3 cracked

    Jailbreak is reboot ready

    Phones 11 Mar 10:10

  • World's bees face multiple threats

    Time to get busy, warns UN report

    Science 11 Mar 10:12

  • iLuv iEP515 in-ear earphones

    Low-cost cans for phone fans

    Hardware 11 Mar 10:15

  • W3C squeezes XML into portability

    Is that a schema in your pocket...

    Mobile 11 Mar 10:35

  • Mind mapping for IT pros

    Draw something meaningful on those whiteboards

    Data Visualisation 11 Mar 10:45

  • Analyst says white iPhone 4 out next month

    From vapour to solid reality at last?

    Phones 11 Mar 11:08

  • Giant 5-year-mission aerial wing-ship to fly in 2011

    Solar stratoplane set for New Mexico takeoff

    Science 11 Mar 11:16

  • Endeavour crawls to Kennedy launch pad

    Leisurely prelude to ISS mission to plonk down antimatter-detection kit

    Science 11 Mar 11:22

  • Lenovo offers schools Intel Classmate PC

    Nice-looking netbook for nippers

    Laptops and Tablets 11 Mar 11:32

  • XBox promo code exploit set Microsoft back $1.2m

    Points make prizes

    Security 11 Mar 11:33

  • Should IT departments tackle desktop virtualisation on their own?

    A helping hand?

    Desktop Virtualisation 11 Mar 11:42

  • AOL waves goodbye to 900 staffers

    Jobs contract off back of content spending spree

    Financial News 11 Mar 11:46

  • Google adds tool to block shabby, dirty, vulgar sites from search results

    It's not you, it's me: Self-censorship in action

    Applications 11 Mar 12:16

  • Balanced, neutral journalism is RUBBISH and that's a FACT

    Not just boring but unhealthy to read

    Media 11 Mar 12:18

  • Microsoft pushes back cut 'n' paste update

    On its way, later this month

    Phones 11 Mar 12:25

  • Disabled gamers get place to play

    Help for the handicapped

    Games 11 Mar 12:27

  • Oracle accused of stifling HP TPC benchmark

    Too good to show

    Servers 11 Mar 12:41

  • iPhone 5 design drawings spied on web

    iPhone 4 lookalike

    Phones 11 Mar 12:51

  • Dragon Age II

    Hit and myth

    Games 11 Mar 13:00

  • The reality of SaaS security and privacy

    Reg readers speak

    Hosted Apps 11 Mar 13:02

  • Iron Mountain hit by hedge fund attack

    Stop digital and international growth

    Cloud 11 Mar 13:03

  • Hated contractor tax might disappear

    Tax changes could do for IR35

    Small Biz 11 Mar 13:05

  • YouTube seeks workers for fun times, cosy chats and ... political unrest

    You're hired. Put the kettle on

    Media 11 Mar 13:12

  • InterWorx admits password security FAIL led to attack on users

    Change up

    Cloud 11 Mar 13:14

  • Dim Brits think TARDIS IS REAL

    Time travel, teleportation, lightsabres all true, innit?

    Hardware 11 Mar 13:41

  • TVonics intros 'durable' DVR

    Freeview HD recorder launched

    Hardware 11 Mar 14:11

  • Scareware slingers exploit Japan tsunami disaster

    Aftershock, not

    Security 11 Mar 14:20

  • Xperia Play gets UK debut date

    PlayStation phone availability announced

    Phones 11 Mar 14:44

  • Average Brit has three mysterious keys

    More than 2,000 tonnes of useless metal

    Hardware 11 Mar 15:09

  • Stephen Fry explains... how TV works

    Where you get to be a National Treasure™ (again)

    Bootnotes 11 Mar 15:13

  • How do you find the skills needed in the virtualised data centre?

    Calling all-rounders

    Data Centre 11 Mar 15:19

  • EU ministers give approval to patent scheme

    Commission to make detailed plans

    Law 11 Mar 15:31

  • Betfair promises problems are behind it

    Betting on uptime

    Business 11 Mar 15:39

  • Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum

    Policy talk is off limits, sunshine

    Mobile 11 Mar 15:59

  • Managing and supporting the flexible desktop

    What, where and how?

    Desktop Strategy 11 Mar 16:21

  • SGI buys back spun-out Japanese unit

    A homecoming

    The Channel 11 Mar 16:34

  • Google man opens curtain on cloud apps firewall glitch

    Reveals stealth Chrome SPDY boost

    Cloud 11 Mar 18:00

  • Japanese earthquake sparks nuclear emergency

    Meltdown feared

    Science 11 Mar 18:48

  • Cray strides past another $12m DARPA milestone

    Climbing towards the 'Cascade' range

    HPC 11 Mar 19:02

  • Megaquake cuts Japan phone lines

    Data centers successfully fail over

    Networks 11 Mar 19:38

  • App Store not invited to web's date with destiny

    HTML and URL all the way

    Software 11 Mar 20:40

  • iPad slaps Acer, pumps Dell's number two PC maker rank

    'Thanks, Steve – we owe you one'

    Laptops and Tablets 11 Mar 21:12

  • HP squeaks past IBM into number one server seller spot

    Just in Europe, Middle East, and Africa – but still...

    Servers 11 Mar 22:00